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The most customizable and practical notebook on the planet!

Agendio now offers you the option to build your own fully customizable notebook: Select the types of pages you want to add, customize them, choose the number of pages of each, adjust their order and then add up to seven optional customizable tabs to separate the sections.

As with Agendio planners, you can also select your print colours, including different colours for each sub-section, your font, cover and accessories.

In addition, as a bonus to go with the introduction of notebooks, we’ve added the category “Meetings”, with customizable pages you can use to note meeting dates, participants, key issues, action items and assorted other details that you want to note and remember.

Please, sir, I want some more (with apologies to Oliver Twist)

Since we launched Personal-year planners, we’ve noticed that if you want a Monthly-Weekly with Extra pages or Planning pages, you’re limited to only two pages. The only configurations you can use are MMWWNN or MMNNWW (or if you are building a Personal-year planner, MMWWPP or MMPPWW). Each allows only 2 non-layout pages in the layout section, which may not be enough:

If you use the pages for meal plans or budgets or notes, then you don’t have any left for planning. And if you use them for planning, then you don’t have any left as standard Extra pages.

So today we added some more configurations:


Now you can choose a planner or insert configuration with 4 Extra / Planning pages after each monthly, or 4 after each weekly, or split, 2 after each monthly and 2 after each weekly.

Our team favourite is the third one, since you can add some pages that work better as weeklies, such as meal plans, weekly trackers and weekly reviews, and also others that work better as monthlies, such as budget pages and monthly reviews.

To check them out, go to either planners or inserts, choose Standard or Personal-year and the next screen will be the configuration screen, where you can select them.


Why Customizable Planners?

We rely on our planners to organize our days and our weeks, highlight our tasks, assemble our to-do lists, track our progress and record important details. The more organized our planners are, the more organized we are. But how can we be optimally organized if the tool we use to stay efficient does not suit our individual needs?

That, in one paragraph, is why customizable planners.

Most planners have similar layouts, so you must adapt to your planner. That’s backwards! And that’s why Agendio was created, to create an ever-growing selection of customizable planners.

This blog will focus on all things planner and customizable, as well as some general planner/planning topics. We will look at how we plan and manage our planners and whether there are any more rewarding approaches. I hope it will be informative, entertaining, maybe a little educational. If we are even a little successful, we may shine a light on some new ways of thinking about planners and the planning process.

And if you have questions you would like the blog to address or suggestions for topics, please don’t be shy and send them in.

Finally, to everyone who has purchased an agendio since our launch, a sincere thank you for your trust and your kind comments.


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