You asked for more colors so now we’ve added a bunch more just for you!

We now have 23 colors in a rainbow-like range of blues, greens, browns, yellows, oranges, reds, purples and grays. We have added softer ones such as moss and brighter ones such as pink and violet.

Planner Colors

Our new colors also provide some additional options for you to use with our red and green covers, which had fewer matches before. So now you have more choice in how you mix and match your planner grids and your cover.

If you are wondering which colors match our covers best, we have named them in a way to make it easy for you: The colors with basic names that match cover colors (black, blue, green, lavender, red, turquoise) are the ones that are closest to our cover colors. For example, if you want a blue cover and blue print in your planner close to your cover color, then pick “blue” for your inside printing.

With all these conservative print colors and wilder ones and softer tints, which one will you choose?