Follow your own agenda.

Most planners have similar layouts, so you must adapt to your planner.
That's backwards.
At, you can customize your layout and personalize your content before
we print and assemble your individual planner.

Which one do you prefer?


Don’t settle for generic labels.
Add your own personalized labels that reflect your personal life, work, school, or interests.


Detail your planner to suit yourself, with lines, checkboxes and other elements.
Choose one look throughout your planner or customize each section differently

Divisible Lists

Divide the space for your lists into smaller ones, so you can track separate topics individually and more successfully.
Choose from different sizes and dozens of configurations.

Schedule Pagelets

Choose the starting time for your schedule, customize the time span and vary the line spacing.
Or divide your day into blocks of time and add your own labels.

Date Pagelets

Agendio offers many variations of Date pagelets with each planner.
What look will you choose for yours?


Span pagelets allow you to plan tasks across many days.
See in one view how many tasks require your attention at the same time.


Don’t settle for generic fonts.
Find one that suits you, from thin to thick, simple to complex, serious to fun.


Black goes with everything but color is funner.
That’s why we offer a selection of colors in all planners.


Do you need reminders to check your smoke detector batteries once a month? Would you like your planner to remind you about garbage day, bill payments or movie night, each following an individual schedule that you choose? Our planners can do that.


Add your events – Birthdays, Anniversaries and any other date you wish to highlight – to your planner. Whenever you order another planner from us, you won't need to add them again


Choose any holiday or set of holidays from any country or any religion worldwide. Even choose your state or provincial holidays that you don’t see in mass-produced planners.

First Day
of the Week

Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? We don’t know, which is why, at Agendio, you can choose any day to start your week.

Find out more about all our Features, including our selection of covers, elastics, detachable page corners, page markers and other accessories in the Features section.

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Size: Filofax A5 Size: Franklin Classic, Day-Timer Desk


Customize your refill pages and personalize your features the same way you customize Agendio planners. We will print on your specific paper size and punch the holes to match your binding rings.

Customer reviews

"I love Agendio"

It meets all my needs (because, hey, I created it!). I've recommended it to many people and I've created at least 4 other Agendio followers now too! Alaina Shoemaker, OH (US)

"Amazing planner possibilities"

I am thrilled with the quality of the product, and their website which makes designing your own planner refill so simple and fun. Suzanne Y. CA (US)

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Customizable Planning Pages

by Dan on October 12, 2017



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"I’m beyond excited about Agendio, and I’m sure you will be, too! Get your life under control, on your own terms, by heading over to"


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