Month: April 2023


A month ago we added two new pocket options: The first was one pocket in front. The other was two pockets, one in front and one in back.

We got some great feedback on the update, and many of you immediately ordered planners with two pockets. We also received feedback asking a very reasonable question: Can we also offer two pockets in back?

Of course we can and we did! We just added that option for you on both printed cover/spiral-bound and wrap cover/wire-o-bound agendios.


Our recent addition of orange as a highlight color was a big success. We received some great feedback and we’re seeing a lot of text with orange highlights.

We also received a lot of feedback to our question if you thought five highlight colors was enough. The overwhelming response was no! followed by requests for one more color: lavender / violet / purple.

So now we’re up to six highlight colors, including violet. We’re looking forward to seeing all the ways you’ll use those colors.


We often see interesting Extra pages created in our Builder, and I wanted to share a recent one with you: Stuff I usually forget.

The idea is to include one or two pages in your agendio on which you write all the little things that you often forget, because there isn’t a good place to keep track of them.

For example:

  • Who is on your home alarm contact list and when you last updated it
  • Where the house water shut off valve is
  • Where the passports are
  • Who you have lent things to and when

What have you forgotten that you wished you had written down? Tell us and we’ll see if we can assemble a page to help remember those details.


We know it’s not the new year, but we wanted to tell you that you can now order planners starting in January 2024.

We will add additional 2024 starting months during the summer.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.


You can now add two pockets to your agendio when you customize it.

Choose between one pocket in back, one pocket in front, or two pockets, one in front and one in back.

The two pockets option is available on both printed cover/spiral-bound and wrap cover/wire-o-bound agendios.

Please note that if your agendio is at or near the maximum thickness/number of pages, and you try to add a second pocket, you may receive a warning to remove some pages first, to make room for the pocket.

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