Month: May 2023


We’ve received more requests lately from customers asking how to reprint an agendio. We haven’t mentioned this in a while, so we decided to resend our how-to email. It’s very simple:

  • Go to your account, scroll down to the Products section and look for the agendio you wish to reprint;
  • Roll over Options and click on Update & Re‑order. This will bring you to the Builder and load your agendio automatically;
  • Review each section of the Builder to be sure that every part of your agendio is customized as you want it. In particular, check that your activities and events are still correct, that the dates are still valid and that your cover details are as you want them to be;
  • Once you’re sure that all is good, add to cart and checkout.

And while we’re showing you the rollover, it’s a good time to remind you of some of the other options we offer on the account page: 

  • Order details: See a summary of your order. Very useful if you think you made a mistake;
  • Preview planner: The same preview as on the review page;
  • Add to models library: Select this option to add every model in your agendio to your models library;
  • Modify my order: After you make a purchase, we allow you to make small modifications to your agendio, such as adding a forgotten event.


Did you know that Agendio stocks 17 different sizes of spirals in its inventory?

It’s more than other planner companies carry, but it’s important to us to know that no matter how you customize your agendio, your binding will always fit perfectly.

And if you want us to use a bigger size of spiral because you use stickers or you fill your planner pockets to bursting, you can ask for your spiral to be upsized by up to three sizes.


We’ve been really busy working on new features all these years, so we’ve been more focused on our website. But we’re finally on Instagram as well.

You can find us @agendioplanners.

If you’ve recently received a newsletter from us or seen our blog, you know about all the features we keep adding. If you want to hear a little more or more often, stick around for ideas, fun covers and other agendio updates.

Say hi and show us your planner using #myagendio.

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