Suppose you have five items to add to your planner:
– Your meeting with a senior manager.
– Calling to make a reservation for supper in two weeks;
– Preparing for your presentation for the quarterly meeting;
– The big yearly sale at your favourite store;
– Picking up your teenage daughter downtown at night.

Is there any difference in how you should write these in your planner? Are any of them similar or different? How would you list them?

Meeting with the manager of the company is at a specific time and you should be punctual, so it should be listed as a task at a specific time on that day and highlighted or emphasized.

Calling to make a reservation for supper in two weeks is not particularly specific as to time as long as it’s done soon, so it would be best placed in a more general task area.

The presentation for the quarterly meeting will require many days of work, so you should have a way to block off time on many days for this task.

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