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We’re already December and many of you are still working on your new agendios. Time is getting very tight to get your new agendio delivered by or close to year end, considering that it takes us time to manufacture your planner

So we’ve added UPS as a shipping option for deliveries to the US and Canada. We offer three services, with the following estimated durations: Standard (2-5 days), Expedited (2-day shipping) and Saver (1-day shipping).

Please note that selecting UPS Expedited or Saver does not change the day your agendio is ready to ship, but it does provide for faster shipping once your planner has been manufactured. You can see the specific shipping and delivery estimates for your agendio on the checkout screen before you order.


Do you keep many loose sheets of paper in your agendio? Do you glue stickers in your planner?

If you do, then we have good news for you: We’ve improved our spiral upsizing options: We now offer three sizes of upsizing, from +1/8” to +3/16”. They are available in the Builder, on the accessories screen.

If you prefer having your agendio bound with a bigger diameter spiral, you can now add even more space. In particular, if you add stickers to all or most of your pages, we strongly suggest that you upsize, since your planner will become much thicker as you add your stickers.

Please note that spiral binding upsizing is not available with wrap covers.

Please note also that if your planner is already at the maximum spiral diameter, it will not be possible to increase the size of your spiral.


We have added a new color of elastic for wrap covers: Champagne‑Gold!

It’s a pale-gold elastic with threads of yellow sparkly gold and it’s available on all wrap covers.

You can add yours on the Builder accessories page, in the “Elastic closures” section.


You can now add highlights to your events and activities!

You can highlight birthdays, paydays, garbage day, practice, or any other event or activity you don’t want to miss.

Do you forget to pay credit card or utility bills? Did you forget your last anniversary? Highlights might help.


We have created four highlight colours (yellow, blue, green and pink) so you can find one you like best, or assign different highlight colours to different labels.


To try out the highlights feature, start another agendio or edit an existing one, and go to the events or activities screens, and you’ll see the option in the first column.


It’s the time of year when agendios are being customized for 2023, so we have now added all months and all days in 2023 as possible start dates.


You can now make your 2023 agendio, starting on any day on 2023, or if you prefer, split your agendio into multiple thinner and lighter agendios, also starting on whatever days you choose.


We’re pleased to announce that undated agendios are now available!

You can now choose any agendio model and order it as an undated planner. It can be a monthly, weekly or daily, as you wish. The pages will remain mostly the same, especially your schedule, list pagelets and divisible. The difference will be that the date pagelet will be empty, leaving room for you to add the date when you choose to.

Please note that your events, activities and holidays will not be printed in your agendio, since there won’t be any dates to connect them to. Tabs will also not be available, since there won’t be any months to show us where to place them.


If you want your agendio to be undated, follow the same steps you have always followed, but when you get to the Builder, look on the left side of the Info page and you will see a dropdown that allows you to select Undated.


This year we’ve received many requests to allow more characters on our covers, to be able to write longer labels. So a few weeks ago we more than doubled the maximum length. How much of a difference does it make? A big difference.

Before you could write “To be or not to be”. Now you can write “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Sounds much better, doesn’t it?


What will you come up with for your next agendio cover?


Over the years we’ve been asked about double weekly planners – Planners that include two dated spreads for each week. We don’t offer them, but we’d like to share with you examples of double weeklies that customers have been making on their own. Agendios are so customizable that you can not only personalize the content of pages, but also create fundamentally different planners, and what wonderfully creative planners we are seeing.

Why would you want a double weekly? The big benefit is that you create much more space per day than a weekly, without switching to a daily format. Some customers are currently creating one spread for work and the other for home, or one as a regular dated weekly spread and the second as a place to add more detail to each day.

For example, here is a row weekly layout with a secondary weekly created out of divisible pages to add a schedule for each day. The primary row weekly planner pages can’t be used easily for scheduling an entire day, but the secondary pages can.


If you want to make a double weekly, select a configuration that includes at least one spread after each week. We show this as WWEE, the W’s being weekly pages and Es being Extra pages. Then in the Builder, on the Extra pages screen, near the top/right, you highlight your extra pages and customize them to include features that usually come with dated pages. The best pages to use as a base for this are divisibles, either one or two column, or Flex pages.

Here’s an example that includes four Extra pages (we’re showing only two). The primary weekly is made up mostly of a schedule for each day and the Secondary pages add space for todo lists and notes.


And here’s one that adds pages to track billable time by day. Similar to the first example, the primary is a row planner, and the secondary pages are used for schedule-related tracking.


If you’re thinking of making a double weekly, just remember that you need to start with the correct configuration, which includes a weekly followed by two Extra pages. If you forget, or if you want to convert an existing weekly into a double weekly, it’s easy to do: Go to the Builder Info page and at the top you will see a button to change your configuration.




We have been hearing of more issues with porch pirates as well as USPS delivery issues. So we have added a new option for our deliveries to the US and Canada.


When you are on the checkout page, you now have the option to check a small box under the shipping details, and your package will require signature for delivery. This should ensure that your agendio is not stolen or mis-delivered.


We recently redesigned all our gift e-cards. They’re now much more colorful and fun. We’ve also added one new one, for students.


You can see them on our gift e-card page, at

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