We offer hundreds of models and formats in three sizes, six frequencies and nineteen configurations, so to create your starting layout you'll need to make three selections, after which you can start customizing your agendio.

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Standard planners

The original agendio. Available in combinations of monthly, weekly and daily models with or without Extra pages after each month or week. Does not include customizable planning pages. (See examples of layouts).

"I've tried other planners and Agendio is the one I'm going to stick with. It gave me a ton of different layout options that perfectly suit my needs. Plus, I was able to add repeating tasks/items in addition to my special events, which is invaluable, and not something I found elsewhere. It came quickly and exactly as promised. I have no doubt I'll be ordering one every year going forward."

Celia Kyle, FL

Personal-year planners

Personal-Year planners are Agendio planners with all the features of a standard planner (see examples), but which also include pages after each week or month for customizable planning pages. Select from an assortment of both Planning and Extra pages, customize them, and then plan throughout the year with questions that matter to you, in a format you personalized. Learn more about our planning pages.

You can also start your Personal-Year Planner on your birthday ¹. Instead of following an impersonal calendar-year, wouldn’t it be more interesting to plan and track your life, growth and successes with an agendio that follows your next year from one birthday to the next?

¹ Or within a few days depending on how it falls within the week

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Do you prefer a hard eco-leather Wrap cover or a soft printed spiral cover?

Our hard covers are covered with a soft eco/synthetic leather that hides the wire binding. Available in 9 colors, it lays flat but is not designed to fold back completely on itself.

Our soft flexible printed covers are available in a multitude of patterns, from loud to plain, and can all be personalized. They are bound with either a clear or a lightly-frosted plastic overlay to protect the cover.

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Wire-bound hard wrap covers
Spiral-bound soft covers
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