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8.5 x 11.0 (in)
215.9 x 279.4 (mm)

17.0 x 11.0 (in)
431.8 x 279.4 (mm)


7.0 x 9.0 (in)
177 x 229 (mm)

14.0 x 9.0 (in)
355 x 229 (mm)


5.5 x 8.0 (in)
139.7 x 203.2 (mm)

11.0 x 8.0
279.4 x 203.2 (mm)

Learn more about Agendio Sizes at our Features page.

Eco-leather wrap cover

A hard cover that wraps around and hides the wire binding, covered with a soft eco/synthetic leather. Available in 9 colors. Can lay flat, but not designed to fold back completely on itself. Not refillable. Available only for planners with up to 168 pages.

Spiral cover

A flexible printed cover that you can personalize. Available in a multitude of patterns. Can lay flat and/or fold over. Bound with an additional clear plastic cover overlay.

See more pictures of our planner covers.

Weekly layout

Days are presented vertically, in columns. This format works well for busy schedules; it allows for separate "slices" for specific tasks, schedule pagelets of multiple sizes and individual personalized pagelets for notes.


Days are presented horizontally, in rows. A less structured layout. Days may be placed all on one side of page layouts, leaving the right side for notes, or placed on both sides


Days are presented in a grid, like a tic-tac-toe. Grid weeklies place all days on the left side page, leaving the right page completely open for your notes. Grid monthlies place days either on the left or on both sides.

Lean more about Agendio Layouts at our Features page.

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are pagelets that you can subdivide, label and detail as you wish. You can learn more about Divisibles on our Features page.

1 divisible

Most Agendio Planners feature one divisible, which is suitable for most people.

2 divisibles

You may prefer to use two divisible pagelets if you have two principal emphases in your life. For instance, you may choose to use one Divisible for home topics and the other for work, or one for school subjects and the other for everything else, each divided and labeled separately.


Agendio offers only a few planners with no divisibles and only when it is impractical to include them.


pagelets allow you to plan tasks spanning more than one day across many days. They are very useful either for tasks that span many days or to block space across multiple days when you are not sure exactly when you will have the time to do the work. Depending on the template, they may be taller or shorter. You can learn more about Span pagelets on our Features page.


are columns on the left side of a layout that is usually used to categorize space within layouts. You can learn more about Sidebars on our Features page.


Weekend pagelets are bigger than the weekday pagelets, for clients who require additional space on weekend to track large numbers of activities


Weekend pagelets are sized similar to weekday pagelets


Weekend pagelets are smaller, and on column layouts may be stacked one above the other, for clients who prefer less space for weekends to have more space for weekdays or divisibles.


Most Agendio layouts do not include large headers, so as to maximize usable space.


Agendio also offers layouts with headers for clients who prefer a bit more decoration on their planners.


How much space do you need for scheduling? Lean more about Agendio Sizes at our Features page.


If your meetings start early and end late, Agendio offers some layouts with large schedule pagelets that can track 12, 16 or even up to 24 hours per day.


Standard schedule pagelets span approximately 9-10 hours.


If you don’t have many meetings, you may benefit from choosing a smaller scheduling pagelet and using the leftover space for personalized note pagelets.


Agendio plans most of its layouts to allow 5 holidays and events per day. Some offer less and a few offer more.


Most Agendio layouts have room for up to 5 holidays and events per day, which is usually more than enough.


More than 5 holidays and events per day

Time from order to delivery

To US/Canada: 3-4 weeks
To International: 4 weeks

For shipments to most of the US and Canada, 97% of deliveries are made within three weeks from the receipt of an order. For most other destinations, 95% of deliveries are made within 17 business days after receipt of an order.

Please keep in mind that shipping times may be delayed by holidays, manufacturing issues and machinery problems, especially if service calls are required, as well as factors over which has no control, including incorrect delivery addresses, inclement weather and Post Office delivery restrictions. There can also be additional delays on international packages related to customs.

We recommend that you order early to avoid any potential delays in receipt of your purchase.

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