Gift e-cards

Help your friends and family follow their own agenda with Agendio gift e-cards!

  • Use them to purchase any product at
  • The cards are digital. There is no physical card.
  • Agendio gift e-cards are available in many values, or you can input your specific amount.
  • The cards never expire and entail no fees.
  • The recipient does not need to be registered at Agendio to be given a gift e-card.

How does it work?

  • When you purchase an Agendio gift e-card, we send an email to the recipient, on the date you select. You can also write the message on the card.
  • If the recipient is registered at, we add the amount of the gift as a credit to their account at the time we mail the gift. If they are not registered, we hold the amount in a temporary account for them and add it to their account when they register.
  • We identify recipients by their email address, which you provide to us. The recipient must register or sign in using the same email address at which they received the gift e-Card. Please make sure that you provide us with their correct email address. There are no changes after you place your order.
Offer an agendio gift e-card

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