General questions

What can I do at Agendio.com? You can build and fully customize and personalize your very own planner or refill. By customize, we don't mean putting your initials on the cover. We mean customizing the grid, adding your own labels, events, activities and holidays, adding accessories, selecting your cover and more.
What is unique about Agendio? The degree of customization and personalization. We allow you to change nearly everything about your planner, to make it your own.
What products do you sell? Planners, planner refills and related accessories.

Planners and Refills

Where can I see your planners? Go to our home page, Agendio.com, and click on Planners. This will bring you to a page where you can lean all about the different types of planners we sell.
Where can I see your refills? Go to our home page, Agendio.com, and click on Refills. This will bring you to a page where you can lean all about the different types of refills we sell.
Where can I learn about each of your features? Go to "Our Features". There is a link at the top of each page. It describes and explains dozens of features.
Why are your features different? Because at Agendio they are customizable.
How many months do the planners cover? All our products cover just over one year, so you get a year and a small buffer. We do not publish 16 or 18 month products.
What's included in/with your planners and refills? You can find out what's included with any planner or refill on the filter results page, which is the page your reach after choosing the configuration and size of your planner or refill, where you select your layout(s).
How do I care for my eco-leather wrap cover? Your agendio does not require much care. However, if there is a need, you can clean your wrap cover with a damp cloth. If your wire-o spine looks like it is opening up a little, you can tighten it by gently squeezing the tines tighter.

Your wrap cover eco-leather material may include a small mark or a slight imperfection. This happens naturally every so often and is simply part of the material.

The Agendio Builder

How do I get going / How do I customize my Planner or Refill? From the Agendio.com page, click on "Planners" or "Refills" and then use the selector to find a layout you like. Click to see the product details, choose your color and then click Customize. This will start the Builder.
What is the Agendio Builder? It is the application that you use to customize your planner layouts, select your colors, fonts, events, holidays, covers, accessories, etc..
What is Auto-saving? We automatically save your work on the Agendio Builder. If you lose power or you accidentally close your browser window, your planner will be saved and wating for you. Just log in, go to "My Account" and you will find it in "Planners" with the status "In Progress".
Can I enter my own events? Yes you can and you can reuse them the following year without reentering them.
What are pagelets, floaters, divisibles and schedule pagelets? They are some of our special customizable planner elements that we have created for you to be able to customize your planner to your liking. You can find out more at agendio.com/features.


What browser can I use with the Agendio Builder? We recommend that you use the latest versions of modern browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, we advise you to upgrade to Edge.
I get a message that I need to upgrade my browser. Why? Our service requires your browser to have specific capabilities. If your browser is too old, then it can't be used on Agendio.com.
I get a message that I need to allow Javascript. Why? Our Builder uses Javascript code for a variety of functions that are necessary for the data to be collected accurately. Without it, we can't build your planner.


What happens after I place an order? You will receive an email acknowledging your purchase and providing details. Once we ship your purchase, you will receive a second email providing tracking information.
What do I do if I am not receiving my emails? Please check your personal spam folder or "Junk email box" as well as any spam folders online. To prevent this from happening again in the future, you can add Agendio domain to your "safe" list. You can also check the status of your purchase by logging into your account.
Can I check the status of my order? You can track the status of your order by going to the "My Account" section.

Your order will show one of four status designations: "In builder" before purchase, "Production Pending" while we review and prepare it and assemble your specific materials, "In Production" which includes printing, assembly, accessorizing, packaging and labelling, and "Shipped".
Why does my order status show "In Production" for several days now? This is normal. Your order status will show "In Production" until printing and assembly are completed and your order ships. Production requires between one and two weeks, but can be longer during busy periods.
What happens if I have a problem with my order? Please click on the feedback link, give us the details of your issue and we will be pleased to help you
Can I reorder the same item? Yes, we save all your choices and inputs, so if you lose your planner or after a year, you can simply go to your account, select to reprint your existing planner and then all you have to do is confirm the choices on each page and you're done. Alternatively, you can click reprint, change your selections and then print a differently personalized planner.


Referral program The Agendio.com referral program rewards registered Agendio.com members who have already bought one of our planners and who refer new customers who then purchase a planner.
What are referral discount credits? Referral credits are discount credits that can be used to reduce the price of future purchases of planners at Agendio.com. The credits have no monetary value other than that declared by Agendio.com.
How much are they worth? Currently, referrers accumulate credits at a rate of five to ten dollars per successful referral. The rate can change at any time without notice.
How do I earn referral credits? You will receive a discount credit in your account for each first time customer who clicks on your link, registers at Agendio for the first time and purchases a planner.
What if the recipient clicks on the link, checks out the site, but doesn't buy anything? Sorry, no credit. The key is the recipient clicking the link and registering. The recipient must register after clicking a referral link so that his email address is associated with you.
What if the recipient registers using a different email address? Sorry, no credit. Your friends must register and order with the same email address you used to refer them. That's the only way we can keep track.
Can I get credits for referring friends who are already registered at Agendio.com? No, you will only receive credits for referring friends who are not and have not been registered.
What if I refer a friend who has already been referred by another member? The referral credit is given to the referrer whose link was used first by the recipient to register at Agendio.com, and after that bought and paid for an planner. If other people sent referrals before but the recipient uses your link, then the previous referrals don't matter.
  • Example 1: A recipient of a referral clicks on the email link from you, registers and buys a planner. You will receive a credit since the visit is linked to a referral email.
  • Example 2: A recipient clicks on the link from you, spends an hour on the site but does not register. On another day, she clicks on the referral link from a different friend, registers and buys a planner. The credit will go to friend 2.
  • Example 3: A recipient clicks on the email link from you, visits the site and registers but does not buy anything. A month later she visits the site, logs in using the same ID/email address but without clicking on the email link, and buys something. You will get the credit because her ID/email address is already linked to you from when she registered a month ago.
  • Example 4: A recipient clicks on the email link from you, spends time on the site but does not register. He returns to the site another day without clicking on the email link, registers and buys a planner. No credit will be given because the recipient did not register after clicking the link, so the second visit is not linked to the referral email or the referrer.
How many friends can I refer? You can refer as many friends as you like, and if they all qualify you will get a credit for each of them.
When will the credits be added to my account? Within a month after the recipient buys an planner.
How do I use my credits? The credits will be automatically applied to your next purchase. If your credit balance is greater than the cost of your next purchase, you will keep a credit equal to the unused amount. If the credits in your account are less than the value of your purchase, your credits will be applied to your purchase and you will then pay only the difference.
Can I give or lend credits to another member? Sorry, no. Credits are non-transferable.
How long are my credits valid? Your credits are valid until March 31, 2018.
How long will the referral program be in place? We hope forever. But, (warning: Legal text coming), Agendio.com reserves the right to cancel or suspend this program at any time. However, even if the program is cancelled or suspended, credits will remain valid as described in the previous question.
I received a referral email. What should I do? You should click on the link, which will take you to the website and will give you options to see your referrer’s planner as well as other planners. Feel free to check out our planners, refills and features, and, if you like what you see, buy something. But whatever you do, before you leave the site, make sure you register. Otherwise, if you make your purchase later, your referrer will not get their discount.
What if I receive more than one referral email? Then you should click on the link of the person that you want to get the credit.
Can I purchase at another time? You can purchase at any time that suits you.
If I purchase at another time, will my referrer get their credit? Yes, as long as you 1. Register after clicking the referral link and 2. Sign in next time using the same email and password.

Returns and Cancellations

Can I return an item? Not usually. All purchases made at Agendio.com are custom-built for the purchaser's unique needs, so it is not possible to accept returns or to provide refunds. Should your planner not meet your expectations, please go to our feedback page, provide us your order number and explain your situation briefly. If your point is reasonable and valid, Agendio.com will, at its sole discretion, provide a replacement copy if you return the unsatisfactory one. For more information, please refer to our Refunds policy in our Terms and Conditions.
Can I cancel an order and get a refund? Not usually. Work begins on orders very soon after receipt. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do.
If I have a problem with my order, what do I do? Please use our Feedback page to tell us about the problem. We usually respond within 24 hours.


How much does shipping cost? Our shipping costs vary by type of purchase, weight and distance. However, in order to simplify your shipping costs, we offer the following fixed price shipping options: US - $9.00, Canada - $9.00 All other destinations: Planners $20.00, Refills $14.
How long will it take until I receive my order? For shipments to most of the US and Canada, 97% of deliveries are made within three weeks from the receipt of an order. Please keep in mind that shipping times may be delayed by manufacturing issues and machinery problems, especially if service calls are required, as well as factors over which Agendio.com has no control, including incorrect delivery addresses, inclement weather and Post Office delivery restrictions. For most other destinations, 95% of deliveries are made within 17 business days after receipt of an order.

We recommend that you order early to avoid any potential delays in receipt of your purchase.
What carriers and shipping services do you use? We ship to the US via USPS Priority Mail, to Canadian destinations via Canada Post Expedited Package service and outside North America via USPS First Class Mail.
Do you offer expedited shipping? We do not offer expedited shipping, in part because a large part of the time between order and delivery is spent on preparation and production. As a result, the savings in time from using expedited service or often not material enough to interest our customers.
Do you offer same-day shipping or a rush delivery service? Agendio.com prints planners on-demand. After an order is received, it is reviewed, scheduled, printed and assembled. Only then can it be packaged and shipped. Since we have to print and assemble your purchase, there is no same-day or rush shipping.
Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska? Yes for the same price as anywhere else in the US.
Do you offer tracking? All shipments are tracked. We will send you tracking information with your shipment confirmation.
Will any US or Canadian orders be assessed customs fees, import duties or customs brokerage fees? There are no customs fees, import duties or customs brokerage fees payable for American and Canadian destinations.
Will any international orders be assessed customs fees, import duties or customs brokerage fees? If you are a resident of any country other than Canada or the US, please inquire at your local customs office whether any duties, taxes or fees may be levied against packages arriving from outside your country. Any additional fees of these kinds are your responsibility. Agendio.com cannot be held responsible for any customs or import duties incurred by the purchaser or recipient, or for costs or difficulties due to shipment failure or late delivery resulting from customs issues.
Do you offer shipping insurance? All Agendio.com shipments within North America are insured. All shipments outside North America, unfortunately, are not insured.
Do you ship all over the world? Unfortunately not. Currently we ship to the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
How do I check the status of an order? You can see the status of your order by visiting Agendio.com and going to "My Account". Once you're on the My Account page, look at the section "Planners".
How will my planner be packaged? Planners are packaged in flat cardboard boxes. Refills are packaged in waterproof bubble-lined envelopes.

My Account

What is my Agendio ID? It is the email address you used to sign up/sign in to your account. It is a requirement for ordering on Agendio.com.
How do I get an Agendio ID? Click on My Account up and take it from there.
What do I do If I can't find my Agendio ID Name or if I can't remember it? Search your email for an email from Agendio, for instance from when we emailed you to confirm your registration. The address to which we sent the email is your ID.
How do I recover a forgotten Agendio Password? Go to My Account and when it asks you to sign in, click on the link for forgot password.
How do I change my Agendio Password? Go to "My Account".
How do I change my Agendio ID? Go to "My Account".
I have multiple Agendio IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Agendio ID? No. Unfortunately, we cannot merge accounts. We suggest you use the one that contains your most recent work and event lists.
Can I share my Agendio ID with someone else? You should not share your Agendio ID with anyone else.
I no longer have the email address that I used as my Agendio ID. Can I still use the email address as my Agendio ID? We recommend that you do not do that. If you do, all the confirmation emails we send will go to the wrong address. This would not be a good thing. We recommend that you log in to your account, using the old ID, and that you change your Agendio ID to your current, working email address.
How do I update my account? You can update your account by clicking on "My account".


Do you offer promotions? Yes we do. Some of them will be advertised on the site, but some may not.
Do the promotions apply to all products? Not always. Sometimes we have seasonal promotions that apply to all products, while at other times, we promote only specific product lines. To find out what open promotions are being offered now and the products to which they apply, please see our promotions page at agendio.com/promotions.
How can I find out how long a specific promotion lasts? Each promotion we offer has a set start and end date. You can find all the details at agendio.com/promotions.
Do promotions have terms and conditions? Yes they do. You can see them in our Terms and Conditions.

Our Environmental Commitment

Are your products environmentally-wise choices? Yes they are. Our paper comes from sustainably managed forests. It is FSC® certified, Rainforest Alliance certified™ and SFI® Certified Sourcing certified. Our wrap covers are made of synthetic eco-leather. And since our planners are made to order, we do not print excess inventories or throw out unused products at the end of the sales year.


What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
What currencies are the prices in? The prices are in US dollars.
Is there a minimum and a maximum order amount? No.
Do you store credit card numbers? No, we do not.
Is my personal and credit card information safe? Yes, because we do not store client credit card numbers on our servers. And also we are using 256-bit encryption keys to send all the personal data from your computer to our servers.
My credit card was refused. What happens now? Please verify that you did not type in incorrect information. If you are certain that your information is correct, please call your credit card company at the number on the back of the card and ask them. If they do not have an answer, please contact us and we will investigate.
I don't have a credit card. Can I still use your service? Unfortunately, for now, our system requires credit cards. However, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can work something out
How do I report a billing error? Please go to our feedback page and provide us with details of the error, as well as the amount, date and credit card type and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Does Agendio ever share or sell my information? Agendio does not and will never sell any client information.
Will I be receiving any unsolicited email if I register?

If you do not sign up for email communications, you should not receive any, other than as follows: We will send you emails to confirm if you register, change your password, customize and order a planner or if there is a problem with your account. You will definitely not receive from us a stream of unrequested marketing or promotional emails.

After you place an order, we may send you a short survey to get your feedback. We would be grateful if you would share your impressions with us so that we can continue to satisfy our clients and meet their expectations. However you are under no obligation to do so.

Can I opt out of email communications? Yes, you can opt out. In most cases there is no need, since we would not send you anything unless you opted in.
How do you protect my information? Our servers are in secure data centers and we use firewalls and various security practices to protect your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy.


Is the information on your site copyrighted? Yes it is.
Are all the layouts and designs on your site copyrighted? Yes they are. They cannot be reproduced without written permission.
Do you have any terms of use? Yes, they are available at our Terms and Conditions page

If you have tried the FAQ and it doesn't provide answers that are satisfactory, please use our Feedback page and we will be pleased to help you.

Updated: 25 November, 2016

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