Our features

When we say you can customize and personalize our products, we mean that
you can modify your layout, change the way spaces are divided, how they look and how they are labeled. That, to us, is true customization - and our features are designed to help you do exactly that.

Layouts — The Basics

The largest variety of planner layouts available anywhere.
If you can’t find one that works for you, show us what you need and we’ll look into adding it.

We offer a large and growing number of customizable planner layouts to help you become more productive and feel more in control than if you use a store-bought planner.

Every one offers full customization of your layout and you can start your planner any month of the year. If your planner is a weekly, you can also start it any day of the week.


Swap them in and out to customize your layout

Our planner pages are divided into sections, such as Date, Schedule, Notes, etc... We call these sections pagelets, because they act as independent mini-pages that can be substituted. Swapping pagelets in and out and personalizing them is how you customize your planner to get the look you prefer and the productivity you need. 

Label pagelets

Personalize your labels to reflect your needs.

At Agendio, you can add labels for:

  • Work: Project, Delegated, Waiting for, Training…
  • Family: Children’s names, My Time, Job Jar, Volunteering…
  • Lifestyle: Exercise, Workout, Diet, Shopping, Banking, Hobby
  • School: Math, Geography, History, Music, Football…
  • Career: Weekly Goals, Training, Done Today
  • Anything you want…

Wouldn’t you prefer labels that are more relevant to you?


Would you like that with lines and checkboxes?

Many of our pagelets offer detailing, so you can customize your pagelets with lines, dashed lines, checkboxes and other visual details, as well as a variety of line spacings.

Do you like plain pagelets or do you prefer them to be lined? Do you want to check off tasks as they are done, or simply cross them out? It’s up to you.


Subdivide long disorganized lists into smaller, manageable lists

Standard to-do lists quickly become very long and disorganized. You can’t see what's more important or what goes together and you have to go through the entire list to find anything.

Agendio’s Divisible pagelets are the solution: They can be subdivided into many smaller pagelets, each with its own label. Select the number and sizes of pagelets you need, then label them as you want, all in minutes.

When you have items for your to-do list, place them instead in their own categories and track them more easily. Doesn't that sound better?


Follow a schedule layout that matches your routine

Does your workday match the schedule in your planner? Usually not.

Instead, choose an Agendio planner layout with a schedule that follows more closely your routine and then, ta-daa!, you can also customize the starting time. So even if you’re a nurse working the night shift, you can customize a schedule at Agendio to match your needs.


What does your ideal date pagelet look like?

Date pagelets often set the tone for a planner page, so Agendio offers a variety of date pagelets for each planner.

Span (Weekly column planners only)

For work that spans many days

Many of your tasks require more than one day. Wouldn’t you prefer that your planner show these tasks over many days, in a space designed specifically for this purpose?

We do exactly that with our span pagelets.

Write your activities in an Agendio Span pagelet, and you will see more easily

  • Which tasks are nearing the right edge and are due soon
  • How many tasks overlap on any day, which helps you plan your time better, and
  • Which tasks to delay and where to put them.

This better visibility will help you juggle tasks better, optimize your time and make it easier for you to achieve your goals in the time you have available.

Show me examples of templates with Span pagelets


Customization also includes color selection

Agendio planners and refills are available in a selection of colors, including shades that match our cover colors as well as complementary and contrasting colors.

Please note that the color on your screen may not be an exact depiction of the color so the color printed in your planner may be slightly different than what you see on your screen.

... and also black & white print

You can have your planner pages printed in Black & White, which will reduce the cost of your Agendio. The print will look dark grey. Although your pages are not printed in color, you get all the other features of a color Agendio, all the customizability and other options and you still get a color cover. Just remember that, even though the print will be a very good quality B&W print, it will be more basic than with color printing.


...as well as shading

Add a light shade of your print colour to the background of specific pagelets to draw attention to them.


Customize your font to suit your personality

Most planners have similar fonts because planner manufacturers print large production runs. They keep to conservative fonts to make their designs suitable to most customers.

But what if you want something more interesting?

Agendio prints on-demand, so we offer a variety of more interesting fonts to suit most personalities.


Never forget a personal event or family occasion

At Agendio, you can enter all your personal and family events and we will include them in your planner or on your refill pages. We will save your list for the following year, so when you buy again from us, you will not have to re-input all your information, as you do with store-bought planners.

If you purchase multiple items from Agendio, you even have the option to print different lists of events in each one. So if you create one planner for yourself and a different one for your spouse or a parent, you can include events in one planner that you do not include in the other planner.


Add holidays from any country and any religion.

Most planners show only a small number of standard national and religious holidays. Agendio maintains a huge list of national, state, provincial, religious and other holidays from all around the world so you can customize your planner to suit your affiliations. We also track observances, which are the holidays that are observed without office closings.

You can add your selections by country, by type within a country or add and remove individual holidays one at a time. You can add entire religions or subsets or also individual religious holidays. It's up to you.

Some things to know

  • We remove duplicate holidays: If you choose US and Canada, Christmas is in both lists, so we remove one of them before printing.
  • Should you choose too many holidays for the space available, we will let you know and ask you to remove some.
  • We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of our holiday lists.
  • If you buy a Weekly-Monthly planner, please be aware that they may not show the same number of holidays and events, so your weekly pages may show all your events and holidays while your monthly pages may not.


Add them now and you won’t forget.

A worldwide first from Agendio: You can now add activities to your planner. Our activities feature is designed to help you remember those activities you don’t want to forget. For example:
  • Take your pills
  • Pay your bills
  • Check the smoke detector batteries
  • Check the windshield wiper fluid
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Read a book
  • Clean the dishwasher filter
  • Give your dog her flea pill
  • Take out the garbage
  • Back up your hard drive
  • Poker night
  • Girls’ night out
  • Kids’ Allowance
  • Get a break from the kids’ night
  • Weekly pickup game
  • Movie night
  • House Cleaning
  • Exercise
  • Start on your taxes
  • Clean up house junk
  • Plant Flowers
  • Spring cleaning
  • Review/Renew insurance needs
  • House gutters
  • Swimming pool
  • Wash windows
  • Car maintenance
  • Make annual doctor appointment

Extra pages

Track all those extra things

Add extra pages to help you keep track of all the extra things. Models include lined, dotted, grid and blank pages, as well as Budget, Contacts, Year-end carry-over pages, and many others. Customize them with your categories and details to make them even more functional and effective.

Floaters (Monthlies only)

Gain an extra 10% of space in your Monthly

Monthly planners with calendar-type layouts have 35 spaces and the longest month has only 31 days. So what happens to the other 4 days? On many calendars, nothing. They are wasted.

We offer floater pagelets. They are 4 additional customizable pagelets that use these free spaces to give you more space for your lists. We call them floaters because they move around each month.

When the first of the month is near the right edge of the first row, the floaters will be in the top row. When the first of the month is in the top left of the grid, the floaters end up bottom right. Most of the time, it's a mix.


Tabs matched to your planner

Add tabs to your Agendio planner in the same colors as your pages, and then add a few custom tabs of your own that are placed with your extra pages. We fully integrate your tab pages into your planner and avoid making it unnecessarily thick, by printing layout page content directly on the tab pages. Please note that colours on tab pages may not match facing pages.

Please note that tabs are not currently available for refills.


You customized the inside, now choose the outside.


A hard cover that wraps around and hides the wire binding, covered with a soft eco/synthetic leather. Available in 9 colors. Can lay flat, but not designed to fold back completely on itself. Not refillable. Not included with Refills.

Compatible only with the following seven configurations: Weekly (WW), Monthly (MM), MMWW, MMNNWW, MMN2, MMN4, MMN6. Please note that wrap covers hold a maximum of 168 pages. If you add extra pages and increase your total number of pages higher than 168, your only cover option is spiral-bound soft covers. See more pictures of our planner covers


Flexible printed covers that you can personalize. Available in a multitude of patterns. Bound with an additional clear plastic cover overlay. Not included with refills. See more pictures of our planner covers.


Practical extras to make your experience even better


Available in a ¼” width. You can choose from two colors: Black or a darker shade specific to your planner color. Not available with refills.


A better way to bookmark: They mark your page and hold extra sheets of paper.


If you like to tear off the corners of your planner pages, we can perforate them for you.


A stylish decorative elastic featuring a metal charm attached to a high quality black elastic. Available in ¼", ⅜" or ½" depending on the charm. Black elastic only. Available only not attached to a planner. Not available with refills.


Agendio offers a tear-resistant 2-sided pocket made of polyester.


What size are you looking for?

Planners Pages Planner - Closed
Large 8.5 x 11 in /
216 x 279 mm
9.625 x 11.375 in / 244 x 289 mm
Medium 7 x 9 in /
177 x 229 mm
8.125 x 9.375 in / 206 x 238 mm
Journal 5.5 x 8 in /
140 x 203 mm
6.5 x 8.375 in / 165 x 213 mm
Refills Pages
Filofax A5 5.75 x 8.25 in /
146 x 210 mm
Filofax Personal 3.7 x 6.7 in /
94 x 170 mm
Franklin Monarch 8.5 x 11 in /
216 x 279 mm
Franklin Classic 5.5 x 8.5 in /
140 x 216 mm
Franklin Compact 4.25 x 6.75 in /
108 x 171 mm

Format & Frequency

All Agendio planners cover 12 months / 52 weeks / 365 days, usually with a few additional date pages at the beginning or the end. We do not offer 16 or 18-month planners.

Weekly pages

WEEKLY COLUMN PLANNERS AND REFILLS show each day in a column. Pages are divided horizontally to create spaces for the Date, Schedule and Notes. The column format is the most practical for busy people and those with more appointments who require more schedule options.

Column planners are also the only format that allow for Span pagelets.

Standard layouts include 5 weekly columns on the left page (usually in the large size), 4 on the left (usually in the Large/Medium/Journal) and 3 on the left (Journal).

Show me examples of Weekly Column planner layouts.

WEEKLY ROW PLANNERS AND REFILLS show each day as a row, with a variety of possible layouts, from 7 daily rows on one side of a spread to the rows being placed on both sides of the spread. Each day is wider than in a column format, which offers more flexibility to write longer notes.

Show me examples of Weekly Row planner layouts.

WEEKLY GRID PLANNERS AND REFILLS show each week as a grid, usually as a “tic-tac-toe” layout. The grid layout places all days on one side of the spread, which leaves the other side open for adding notes.

Show me examples of Weekly Grid format layouts.

Monthly pages

MONTHLY GRID PLANNERS AND REFILLS look like “standard” calendars, usually laid out as 5 rows by 7 columns, but in a planner. The grid can take up an entire spread or use only one side, leaving the other side free for notes. We add Divisible pagelets to our grid planners to make them more useful.

Show me examples of Monthly Grid planner layouts.

MONTHLY ROW PLANNERS AND REFILLS present each day on its own row. The days can be all on one side of the spread or split between both pages of the spread. Monthly Row planners feature columns that can be personalized with individual labels, such as one for each household member, so you have a specific place to track activities for each person on each day.

Show me examples of Monthly Row planner layouts.

Daily Planners

All Agendio daily pages follow one page per day. They are presented either as 7-page or 6-page. 7-page dailies show all days of the week on full pages, so one week requires 7 pages. 6-page dailies show the two weekend days combined on one page, so one week requires 6 pages. As a result, 6-page dailies are less expensive than 7-page designs.



All Agendio planners are bound with either Wire-O/Twinloop or spirals. This allows us to publish and bind single copies of customized planners and to create planners that lie flat when placed on a flat surface.


Smooth white paper

All Agendio planners and refills are printed on either 28-lb./105gsm or 24-lb./90 gsm smooth white paper. Planners that include daily pages are printed on 90 gsm since otherwise the planners would be too thick. Planners without daily pages, such as weeklies, monthlies and weekly-monthlies, are printed on our 28-lb./105 gsm paper.

All our paper is Acid-Free FSC® certified / Rainforest Alliance Certified™ / SFI® Certified from sustainably managed forests.

We print exclusively on white paper to make your content easier to read.

We also do not add color borders to the pages. We do not like to clutter the pages and leaving margins free gives you the option to write in the margins when you need additional space.

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