Agendio customizable planners available in 9 gorgeous color wrap covers.
The Agendio laser-embossed steel page marker
Agendio Orchid wrap cover
Agendio celestial theme with Sun and Moon illustrations
Agendio Open agendio column planner with a spiral cover
Agendio customizable cover with floral designs
Agendio planner with a lavender eco-leather wrap cover
Agendio customizable tabs
Agendio planner with a seashell design printed cover
Agendio planner with a turquoise wrap cover
Agendio inserts for Filofax and Franklin planners
Three sizes of agendios with wrap covers
Agendio custom detachable corners
Morning coffee and Agendio to start the day
Agendio customizable planner with chromatic pinwheels design printed cover
Three sizes of Agendio wrap covers for different tastes
Black agendio smooth eco-leather wrap cover with a turquoise elastic
Agendio customizable daily planner
Agendio with spiral binding and dotted customizable cover in the kitchen
Three Agendio decorative elastics in three sizes
Agendio blue medium customizable planner with a wrap cover
Agendio planner with customizable cover
Three Agendio spiral-bound planners with customizable covers
Agendio pink planner clear view of the wire binding
Agendio planner with a black eco-leather wrap cover
Agendio red eco-leather wrap cover with red contrast elastic.
Agendio customizable planner with floral layered design printed cover
Agendio planner with a dark green wrap cover
Agendio planner with a denim texture wrap cover
Agendio customizable spiral-bound planners available in multiple designs and colours.

Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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