Our process

How do you choose and customize an agendio? It’s easy:

Choose a product

Select planners or inserts or notebooks


Configuration is the structure of your agendio. Choose what kinds of pages to include: Dailies, weeklies, monthlies and note pages.

Do you want a standard weekly or a monthly-weekly or a monthly-daily or...? Do you want to include note pages after each week or after each month? These are the kinds of choices you make on the configuration page.

Select layouts

Next you select your specific layouts. Agendio offers hundreds of layouts. If you select a single-frequency agendio, such as a weekly, you will select one layout. If you prefer a hybrid, such as a monthly-daily, then you get to select two layouts.


Once your layouts are selected, you go to the Agendio Builder, where you can customize your planner structure by personalizing details such as the starting day of the week. You can also customize your layouts by changing labels, lines, checkboxes and many more elements, as well as personalizing colours and fonts.


Once your layouts are as you like them, add your events (birthdays, anniversaries…), Activities (Garbage day, Take my meds, Pay credit card…) and Holidays.

Add extras

Agendio offers one additional area of customization: You can add customizable Extra Pages, planning pages as well as customizable tabs. We also offer a wide assortment of covers, both hard and soft, as well as a variety of accessories, such as elastics, page markers and pockets.


We provide a review page with a checklist and a preview option, so you can verify that your planner is set up as you intended.

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