Agendio does not usually offer promotions. We would like to tell you why.

We aim to produce well-made, great-looking planners which offer unparalleled customizability. So each planner that we make for you is custom hand-made for you. The printing of the pages, assembling your planner, the page details such as detachable corners, attaching the specific elastic in the colour you selected and all the other things we do for you, each of these steps is done individually.

In addition, we have developed an extensive and complex computer system to manage all of the features that you enjoy, to track them and remember them and of course print them. It requires continuous upkeep and maintenance, as well as expansion whenever we add new features, which we do regularly.

All of which is to say that our costs are quite high, so we set a price that we think is fair and reasonable and we tend to not discount it. That doesn’t mean we’ll never have promotions, just that you should expect them to be rare events. We also offer a black & white print option and a referral program, both of which can reduce the cost of your planner.

Your time has value, stress comes with a price and mistakes create costs. Our goal is to help you become more productive and efficient, saving you time, reducing mistakes and lowering your stress levels. If we manage to do that for you, then we believe that we will have been successful, and that our planners will have paid for themselves many times over.

Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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