Tell your friends and family about Agendio and you will receive $10 in discounts in your Agendio account for each person you refer successfully. The more people you refer successfully, the bigger the discount you build up for your next purchase!

Making a successful referral is simple:

  • Buy an Agendio planner, insert or notebook.
  • Click on the link below to go to the Send a Referral page.
  • If you have purchased a planner or insert, you can select the image you want to include with your referrals. If you purchased a notebook, we show pages 4 and 5 of your notebook.
  • Click on the Referral Code button to reveal your unique code.
  • Use Social media or email to tell friends or family about Agendio and share your unique link.
  • One of your friends or family clicks on your unique link, creates an account and then makes their first purchase of a planner or insert pages from Agendio and you get $10 in discount credits applicable towards your next purchase.

The more people you contact now, the better the chance that they'll register after clicking your link. The more referred people who make a purchase, the more discount credits you get. A bunch of successful referrals and your next purchase may cost you very little.

If you have already purchased an Agendio, click here to

Send referrals

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