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C.L., OH (US) Model #32391

I tried this on a recommendation from a friend and put together a 6 month version. I was a Franklin planner person for years but my life situation no longer fits with what they offer. I found Agendio so flexible to set up with so much customization possible. I love it and will be ordering a year planner next time.


V. Good

A.R., NM (US) Model #32134

Better than anything else I've found on the market. I like not being forced to have day layouts, and being able to have monthly layouts, however, not a customizable as hoped - cannot include pages of text, merely headings in predefined sections. Interface is easy to use.


First Agendio - Review

J.S., TN (US) Model #32118

This is my first Agendio planner but it won't be my last! I'm loving all the customization options that are available - it is borderline overwhelming but I took my time and saved my planner as I was building it so I didn't have to do it all at once. I'm very pleased with the quality of the pages and overall quality of the planner. If I was providing thoughts on improvement I would suggest more planner cover options and a more sturdy planner cover - where the cover itself is plastic instead of a clear plastic overlay. That's personal preference though and not necessarily an Agendio issue. Final thoughts - love my planner - worth the time and effort put in to customize.


Love love love my custom planner

A.N., IN (US) Model #32029

Oh goodness, I can’t say enough about how I love this planner.I have been using it for a few weeks and I already know what I want to tweak for my next one! I do love it and use it religiously for the first time since I graduated from college.



Ryan, NY (US) Model #32043

The options seem endless and the product comes out just as you had imagined it. Sometimes I found myself getting overzealous with the choices and had to feel myself back I from selecting every option.


I absolutely love my agenda and will be a customer for life!

H.M., BC (CA) Model #32074

I received my Agendio agenda today and I absolutely love it. I have always had an agenda addiction and have purchased so many different agendas, more than I care to admit and was never satisfied. To finally have an agenda designed by me, exactly the way I want it, is absolutely incredible and so amazing. I am truly so happy with my new personalized agenda. In designing my agenda, I had a few questions for which I received prompt responses to my emails and the answers were extremely helpful in assisting me to design my personal agenda. I am so grateful for this pleasant experience and for the ability to design my own personal agenda. I was surprised for how quickly I received it. I am very impressed with Agendio for their website, product and customer service. Thank you so very much!


Great planner

Colleen S., NY (US) Model #32385

I like that I can keep it simple but incorporate a variety of processes and methods of organizing that work for me


Planner Peace...

Samantha, TX (US) Model #32120

Well,,,, I have configured 3 planners this year alone. Nothing was working for me. I created the A5 insert unpunched. I took it to Staples and had it punched and bound after adding a few more pages of random inserts from other companies. I now have found Planner Peace for now. Agendio never disappoints.


Best Planner Yet!

Tamara M., OH (US) Model #32092

I love my new planner. I have had several different planners in the past. But, none have worked as well for me as this one. It is almost perfect. I took my time designing it. I will order the same planner next year. I may make a few tweaks to add or change things that I discover to make it work even better for me or try some features that I did not try this time around. I am loving that I can use all of my cute accessories that I had used with my previous planner. It is well made and I am so glad that it works with my Frixion erasable pen! I love my new planner!


Love MY Planner

Nicole Gebhardt, IN (US) Model #32110

I have tried dozens of planners over the years: day, week, month, 1-year, 90-day, goal planners, life planners etc... and none have ever been quite right. Since I'm a publisher, I even considered making my own. And then...I discovered Agendio! I love that I can use your templates and still arrange everything to make my OWN planner using the best ideas I've gleaned from others. This is my second year with Agendio and the only planner I've used consistently week after week...ever! Thank you for creating such a great product and a process that allowed me to publish my own custom planner in about an hour! I'm a fan for many years to come. :)


Love the ability to customize!

K.H., TN (US) Model #32421

I’m loving my agendio. I was able to customize it to fit my life!


I love agendas!

Tammy Pack, CA (US) Model #32447

Love my agenda, with only one issue. There are no full month calendar pages. Something I greatly miss.


Lasting impression

C.H., (AU) Model #32450

My first time ordering and wont be my last.


Planner peace

D.E., TX (US) Model #32070

I’ve been using this now for 3 months and I’m so happy with this. It’s so convenient and absolutely perfect.


A Planning Dream, Come True

Arianne, TX (US) Model #32448

Agendio is the answer to a problem I knew I had. As someone who carried around multiple notebooks for a slew of different reasons, I knew I needed to find a planner that tracked my life, my habits, my work to-do lists, my personal to-do lists and allowed for space to take notes. In stores, this does not exist. I needed something to personalize and I needed it bad. And after much searching online, I found Agendio. To be able to personalize a book to completely meet my needs as well as my personality is a little dream come true! I have a monthly spread to eyeball trips, birthdays and events. My weekly spread lets me to see a closeup of my meeting times, plans with friends, travel itinerary and habit tracking for the week. Then I give myself two pages that follow my weekly spread; a checklist page and a page for note-taking in meetings. The possibilities are endless! I know this because I created my 1st one and when I received it, I learned immediately what I liked and what I didn't. I realized where I made mistakes in my build and knew what to fix. I instantly went back and spent the money on one that would fit my needs. It was a pricey mistake on my part- but I learned! Agendio keeps your old styles in your account too! So you can reflect on what you've done when creating a new book or simply re-order for your next book. I show my planner off and recommend it to anyone who will listen. Pro Tip: Be sure to take your time when building. When you can preview your book, really look it over and make as many tweaks as possible!


This thing is amazing!

Joseph, AR (US) Model #32004

My planner exceeded all my expectations. Quality is amazing, and this thing has helped this hot mess to get organized. I will be reordering soon, but this time I'm going with the medium size to save on space.



K.H., OH (US) Model #32059

Love this planner!! I love how I was able to design my own planner! I put everything I needed in it. I would definitely order this planner again! The only changes I would like to make would be to add tabs and put the month layout before each week instead of all at the beginning (not sure if that is an option already or not), but other than that, I love it.


LOVE IT, never going back to a pre-designed planner!

Zoie W., AL (US) Model #32129

I have always lived my life via my planner. As this is my senior year in college, I have more going on now than ever, and being able to design my own planner was just what I needed to be able to organize my hectic days, weeks, months, etc. The cover is good quality and I have had no problems with the pages, be it quality or ripping or anything of the sort. I highly recommend agendio to anyone I know!!


The best!

K.M., TX (US) Model #32013

This planner makes my life easier! I love that I can create my own pages and lay them out how I need.



Jennifer S., NC (US) Model #32144

Finally a planner that is designed to fit into MY life instead of the other way around. This planner is exactly as you see on the website - designed by you to be used by you. The colors are bright and the paper is thick enough to not bleed through with felt tip pens. It's not heavy at all - yes, I've actually had planners that were heavy! Do yourself a favor and get a couple of pocket pages and a page marker - well worth the investment.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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