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My favorite planner ever

Margaret, TX (US) Model #32420

So customizable. I’m able to make it exactly what I want. I was able to make a planner for my life and my lessons as a teacher into one. Will buy over and over again.


Agendio continues to get better

Michael, ON (CA) Model #32592

I purchased my first Agendio in 2020 and was very happy with it. Over the course of the year I identified a few things to change in my layout for 2021, and was very happy to see that new formats were offered. I now have exactly what I need, and will be ordering my 2022 planner in the fall.


Great Custom Planner

Jill K., MB (CA) Model #32108

I loved being able to create my own planner with all that I would want in it. Great quality! Better than most store brands!


Did not love it.

C.P., TX (US) Model #32449

I actually couldn't really use this planner. The spiral binding made it difficult to write on half the pages, so I ended up abandoning the planner about two weeks into use. It was really disappointing.


Fantastic custom teacher planner!

K.F., CA (US) Model #32571

As a high school teacher, I have tried many academic planners to get organized. My custom Agendio planner has been the best I have found. The monthly and weekly pages help me organize both long term and day to day to do lists. I use customized note pages for specific planning each week, notes from meetings, and organizing my thoughts. It took a long time to set up my first planner since there aren't many page designs that are immediately relevant to academics, but now I can easily reorder the same layout for future years. I highly recommend custom Agendio planners!


Highly recommend

Jessica Jordan, CA (US) Model #32462

I love my planner. It was so fun to create and has helped me get organized. I have a drawer full of discarded planners but have been using this one consistently every day since August. The planner is also very high quality - definitely worth the price.


To Do Agenda

Catherine, GA (US) Model #32130

My calendars are all digital, they rule my life, but I have so many things to do, tasks, errands and notes that I need to keep track of. So make a weekly agenda that organized my to do lists for work, home and then allows me to take meeting notes and keep them organized in the dates.
I love it!!! It's my third one in 2 years!


Stop re-writing tasks

Lorie LaLonde, FL (US) Model #32377

The weekly planner works best for me since I have tasks that often need to be completed over the course of several days. With a daily planner I found I was re-writing the tasks day after day whereas with the weekly planner I no longer waste time re-writing tasks.


Everything I Wanted

Ashlyn N., IL (US) Model #32039

I have been on the search for years for the ‘perfect planner’, often buying multiple planners for the same year because I was just never satisfied. I was so excited to find Agendio! I’m 5 months in and it has fit my needs perfectly! Because I wanted to use my planner for both my personal life and my work life, I was able to customize it as such. The habit tracker and bills pages are my favorites! I am looking forward to ordering my next Agendio- I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different planner ever again! *Finally at planner peace*


Most customizable planner ever!!

Maureen D., MI (US) Model #32111

I chose the medium size Agendio and have been extremely happy! I have been using planners for 30 years and this is the most customizable one I've come across. I was able to pick the colors I wanted and was able to design every single detail of the layout, down to the font! The cover of this planner is amazing. I don't know what it's made of, but it feels like suede and looks very classy. I like the fact that this planner is wire-bound, but the rings are hidden and are not huge like so many of the other planners on the market. The elastic strap keeps the planner nice and snug for privacy and portability. I've had many of the decorative planners, but I don't care for the "fluff" and appreciate that the Agendio is supremely functional. I will definitely order again for next year. Keep up the good work, Agendio!!


Excellent customer service

Samantha A., MA (US) Model #32161

I had problems with my order and received emails very promptly responding to my difficulties.


This thing is amazing!

Joseph, AR (US) Model #32004

My planner exceeded all my expectations. Quality is amazing, and this thing has helped this hot mess to get organized. I will be reordering soon, but this time I'm going with the medium size to save on space.


Love these planners!

S.H., MB (CA) Model #32589

Love the ability to customize my planner to my exact needs.



JULIE M., MA (US) Model #32537

The ads for this product and the marketing displayed on its website do NO justice to the results!
Iv have provided 4 stars for three reasons; there is not an option to rate the product at 4.9 out of 5.
The two microscopic cons are that the process itself was time-consuming which i did plan for and the second is that the platforms/templates can be confusing after many back-and-forth customizations. The did look at the previews be for placing my order and “thought” it was ready but by human default, I missed one task for my yearly calendar.
I will be back and better at it !!
Thank you Agendio for thinking outside the box and offering such a unique system !!!


Perfect planner

Scott K., UT (US) Model #32448

It took me a few tries (versions), but I finally got my perfect planner. I use it every day. I write down goals before bed and I start my day with insight and focus. It also helps me balance life roles and helps me be a better father.


The Writing Project Notebook I could only design myself

C.R., NY (US) Notebook

I'm a professional author with 26 books in my backlist. Some of my series have dozens of featured characters. I needed something to keep track of that while I worked on new projects. The flexibility of Agendio allowed me to cobble together all the series/book bible information with the tools and worksheets I use for new books. Unlike worksheets from craft books, this is set up with only what works with me, and with the extra space I need for the organic way I plan. I've been using traveler's notebooks but I can't easily fold them over to work on my lap like I can with spiral.

My only quibble is that I wish I could have set up a horizontal progress tracker using a divisible. I couldn't figure out how to do one, but I can draw one myself in a space I left where I wanted it.

I also liked the new covers. I have such joy when I see my notebook every day.


Love it

Makeba, WI (US) Model #32044

I love my Agendio. It is perfect for me. I appreciate the opportunity to create a bespoke planner for my unique lifestyle and professional/personal goals.


Hands Down Best Ever!!!

M.L., TN (US) Model #32141

Let me start by saying I truly love my Agendio because it is customized to exactly what I need. It is not a cookie cutter that I am trying to fit my busy life into. There are many styles and ways to customize it so you can have the exact planner you need to fit just your busy life! I love the cover color choices and styles too. The price may seem a bit costly. However, considering what all you are getting out of this purchase it is the best deal and worth every dollar spent!


Perfect planner

Amanda, NY (US) Model #32104

I’ve tried other planners but found that they had too many features I didn’t use or were missing the features I really wanted. Or the design options were just way too cheesy (seriously, I don’t need my planner to scream to the world that I’m a GIRL BOSS). Being able to completely customize my Agendio guaranteed that I’d use all the features and it fit my personal aesthetic. It’s 100% worth it and I will be using this as my planner every year from now on.


Outstanding Planner

D.E., MI (US) Model #32447

These planners are outstanding. I love the customizable options.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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