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The favourite planner yet!

Courtney, ON (CA) Model #32116

As a travelling entrepreneur, being organized for my success is vital. I couldn't be more happy with my Agendio planner because I was able to customize it to fit my life perfectly. 3 months in (so far) and I haven't had a single issue yet! It's perfect!



Marina , MA (US) Model #32145

I love.. I use it every day


Very impressed

H.E., (UK) Model #32470

Planner is perfect, and international delivery took 2 weeks less than anticipated!


My new planner...

Eric C., QC (CA) Model #32054

I'm really happy with the final product! Next year, I will do some modifications to better suits my needs but for now, it does the job! If you can add a ''1 day / page'' model someday, I'll buy it for sure and recommand it to my business partners because this is what they use. Thanks!



T.W., MO (US) Model #32425

I made myself a planner to suit my specific needs for my personal, work, and home based business life. It's fantastic!


Love the customization

Tracy, MO (US) Model #32165

I love the flexibility I get to create a planner that fits how I like to be organized. I have purchased many and will continue doing so.


Planner Junkie

Alaina Shoemaker, OH (US) Model #32096

I am a planner junkie and never seem to be able to find the right one. I LOVE AGENDIO. It meets all my needs (because, hey, I created it!) and I can adjust if necessary in the following years. I've recommended it to many people and I've created at least 4 other Agendio followers now too!


Horrible Experience

B.D., AZ (US) Model #32432

I t tried several times to get help with my layout and no one would help me . I received a messed up planner some of the changes I made did not stay. One would think customer satisfaction is important I simply wanted my planner fixed the way I wanted it I was forced to go through my bank to get my money refunded due to lack


Agendio Support

Before you purchased your planner, you checked a box that you knew there are no changes or refunds after purchase. In addition, you contacted us after you purchased your planner and it was in production. I'm sorry you didn't like your planner, but once a planner is in production, we can't change it and we can't refund you.

LOVE this Planner!

E.M., GA (US) Model #32427

I am self employed and balance a busy home life with two active teens. This is the first planner that I can use to keep track of both areas of my life in one place. This was the second time ordering and I will come back again and again.


Bullet journal convert

K.S., BC (CA) Model #32104

I loved to bullet journal. Once having my second child, I was struggling to get my spread drawn out in time. With Agendio I could customize my planner to almost the perfect layout that I had in my bullet journals. I added in some extra grid pages and I can still play around if I want. This planner hasn't left my side and it has me planning my next one already!


Best planner ever.

Caeylin A., MN (US) Model #32525

I love having the options that Agendio offers. It's a little spendy, but it is worth every penny. The paper is very high quality, and the cover is beautiful. The company really pays attention to detail. I love being able to design exactly what I want and need in a planner. I highly recommend, and will be purchasing again in the future. Just a heads up, because of the incredible attention to detail Agendio provides, it takes a while to produce and ship. So, make sure you buy with plenty of time.


first hardcover - loving it!

P.M., NJ (US) Model #32120

I have previously ordered spiral-bound Agendio planners, but this was my first hard cover. The last two Agendios I ordered, the plastic cover started coming loose from the spirals within 4-6 months and by the end of the year I had lost them entirely. I think the issue was fixed, but I still went with a hardcover this year to try something different. I love how soft the cover feels, and since I downsized to a "medium" this year, I have only once so far missed the ability to completely bend the cover back onto itself for writing in (and it's been 2.5 months). I added on the elastic band so I would have somewhere to tuck a pen on, and so far the elastic is holding up really well despite constant use from me closing and opening my planner throughout work every day. Customizing the pages/content was super easy, as always. The only option I would like is to remove the calendar pages. I don't really use this planner as a "planner" in terms of scheduling events, I use it more like a notebook with a weekly task list. It would be nice to have the option to replace the weekly "planner" pages (with dates/days of the week) with just notes pages so that I have a weekly task list followed by a notes page. This didn't seem like an option as a "notebook," so as a workaround I selected a block type layout for the weekly left page layout, and I changed the lines to dotted so it mostly just looks like a notes page. I take the majority of my notes electronically so they're easier to search later on, so this is really just for jotting down quick thoughts during a meeting.


Excellently organized

Marlee G., NY (US) Model #32050

I’m an attorney with a lot of to-do lists and meetings and appearances back to back.
The ability to incorporate EVERYTHING I need on one spread is so needed and appreciated


Wonderful as always

S.B., BC (CA) Model #22365

This continues to be the best way for me to have everything I need already in my planner pages, I live it!


planners for my exec team

Patricia Angelovich, WY (US) Model #32420

I like the concept of agendio, and I think they could be amazing, but my issue is that I tried to reach out while I was creating them for my team, and never got a call back or any assistance---I spend alot of time/money on them, and I really needed to ask some questions to make them more functional for my team......i wished they would have turned out different...I wanted to make modifications, and I feel like if I would have been able to talk to someone for assistance they would be better.....I will not order again unless I can have some customer assistance......can you provide that?


Agendio Support

Hi ,

I just saw your feedback. We always answer feedback and we usually answer within minutes to hours, rarely does it take a day or more.

I looked for your email or feedback, and I didn’t find any, so something must have gone wrong. I don’t know if the problem was on our end, but if it was, I apologize for that.

I have replied directly to you via email with additional information. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do right now.

1st agendio

Lisa L., NV (US) Model #32078

I literally carry this with me wherever I go. So useful! I love seeing my week and day on the same page.


Won't be buying again.

A.C., NY (US) Model #12490

I liked the paper and the layout, everything is neat and polished. That said, there are some nitpicks that I have given the price that I paid for them. The monthly layouts are printed on the back of the last page of the last month (ex the sun-wed. section of the Sept. month layout is printed on the back of last day in August). Not a huge deal, except that it makes it impossible to cleanly place tabs before each month layout. I thought that since I got something for a binder, being able to place tabs before each month would be something that would be designed into it. Something to make it a neat place for a tab divider for the month without breaking up the daily pages for the last month. You know. How a usual planner works. Also, the way that the 1st of every month is the right page is annoying, because that means the months are really awkwardly split up. Aug. 31st is after the Sept month layout, and this happens to every month. It makes clean divisions of my planner impossible. it's annoying, having Aug. 31st the first page behind the Sept. tab just bugs me for the amount of money I paid. It also messed up my color coding, since I had each month a specific color. If I had known this, I would have just gotten black and white, not paid extra for color that's screwed up. Lastly, the divisible to the right of the month layouts are too small for much, and seem pointless after seeing it.. I don't like the use of space, but that is somewhat a function of the A5 paper size.


Plenty of Options for the Super-Duper Organized

J.K., VA (US) Model #32118

I am delighted with the monthly tabs. I am crazy about the choice to print each month in a different color.

Haven't quite found my fit yet. Tried a 8x11 calendar in 2017. Tried the 7x9 in 2018.

It is fantastic that I can put solid lines every where, and it is surely a sign of a good product when I won't stop comparing to everything else out there and find that they are wanting.


Bought it as a gift, will buy again

A.T., UT (US) Model #32317

I totally customized a planner for my sister as a Christmas gift last year. It took a while for me to get everything exactly as I wanted but the directions on the site are very helpful. The options are pretty endless for what you can do. The quality is great in my opinion and my sister was extremely happy with it as well. I am very glad everything I did was saved so I can just update for the new year. Can and do recommend!


nicely done

S.B., ON (CA) Model #32575

Good quality product


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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