Agendio customer reviews

The best Agendio yet!

Rachel Gates, MO (US) Model #32454

This is the best Agendio I have customized! They just keep getting better and better!


Totally worth the cost

Alexa, OK (US) Model #32537

I searched endlessly for a planner... Turns out that Agendio ended up being the best bang for my buck. Other planners aren't as customizable as this, and they cost even more. As a professional student, I needed a planner that fits my entire life, errands, studying, family, etc. Also, the way I plan out and think is a bit...neurotic lol. The design is beautiful and easy. I am so excited to get mine in the mail!


Great customized product.

A.S., CO (US) Model #12311

Love that I could customize inserts for my Filofax. So many useful options. I got exactly what I wanted, and highly recommend.


Perfect for my scattered brain

A.B., VA (US) Model #32449

I'm a full-fledged scatterbrain, so I NEED a planner to keep my business (and life) organized. Having the ability to customize so much in this planner - including the daily pages - has been amazing. I even added pages to the back that help me keep track of work assignments, which I used to do on post-its. Definitely going to get another one next year!


Crisp and clean

B.B., WY (US) Model #32042

My calendar is very clean and neat. I love the paper weight and size. It is so relaxing to have a professional looking calendar that is organized to my taste.


I LOVE my Agendio!

Erin R., WA (US) Model #32019

I have always preferred a planner to a digital calendar (everything in pencil!!), but it can be hard to find a planner with a good layout, and the way my work schedule is, I love that I can shift things like the first day of the week around!
I'm a riding instructor, and always on the road - I was initially concerned about the spiral binding and cover, as my planners get BEAT UP, but so far it seems to be holding up great!
Of course, more customization is always better - the column with I picked was a bit narrow - but this is hands down the best planner I've had yet for size and functionality. I'm so glad I found you!


Love my new planner

Sherri , MN (US) Model #32004

The quality of this planner is awesome. Being able to customize it was great ... I also love being able to add my own tasks and events. This is definitely the best planner I have ever had and I have had many.


2 years

Abigail, TN (US) Model #32145

This is the second year I bought an Agendio, and as usual, it’s always fantastic!


Exactly what I was looking for

Adriana, UT (US) Model #32032

I had been searching for a planner for a while and finally gave up in purchasing a ready made planner. I was hoping to find a decent place to get a custom planner made, and Agendio far exceeded my expectations. The planner fits my needs and the process of creating the planner is intuitive. The planner is serving me well and fits my unique schedule and goal planning needs. Plus, it looks great! Anyone who holds it comments on how nice and soft the cover is. The pages are an average thickness. I haven't used markers or colored highlighters and pens. But the pen I am using doesn't bleed through. So glad I found Agendio!


Best. Agenda. Ever.

A.H., IA (US) Model #32316

I love the custom features of my agendio! Finally, an agenda that works for me instead of me working around my agenda.


Absolutely Perfect

C.H., TN (US) Model #32112

This is my second planner from Agendio, and I was no less surprised by its quality than I was with the first. I love the extreme customizability available for each page along with the overall feel. 10/10


Works very well

Debbie B., OK (US) Model #22464

I bought it so I can use my fountain pen without bleeding and it works great. The only suggestion would be to add the ability to schedule recurring appointments in at a specific time, not just in the priority box.


Perfect school planner

T.C., KY (US) Model #32128

All the customizations available make Agendios the perfect planner for work and school.

The options for extra pages are great but you're better off just getting extra note pages.


It’s perfect!

M.I., AZ (US) Model #32539

I’m absolutely in love with my planner. It is the perfect space for planning, along with light record keeping and note taking. I appreciate that my special dates and events are saved for future use.

The customization options are mind blowing. I used the flexibility to have my big life goals featured on my monthly layouts carry over to my weekly layouts. It’s helpful, and it’s paying off. I already see the inklings of new healthy financial habits forming.


I'm super happy with my Agendio purchase!

Sarah Stanton, CA (US) Model #32447

I bought my planner as a Christmas gift to myself because I couldn't find a planner anywhere that was exactly what I wanted. I loved how Agendio allowed me to customize every single aspect of my planner, and when I received my planner, it was high-quality and exactly what I had ordered. I looked at a lot of build-your-own planner sites and this is the best one.


Very happy w/ Agendio

D.A., FL (US) Model #32369

I look forward to writing appointments, reminders and notes in my Agendio. Works great for me.


Everything in one place

Constantina Stevens, TX (US) Model #32088

The planner is great. I love that I can combine all my work appointments, personal plans, goals, and habit tracking in one place. I feel like it’s really helping me make progress in my life.

The plastic covers fell off after just a couple of months of heavy use, but the company is sending replacements.

The size was quoted as 7x9, but it’s wider than that f you count the coils. I would really like a binder where I could slide the front and back covers in for more protection without much added bulk. I’d really like a pen loop also, but for now I’ve found that I can clip my pen to the coils. The detachable corners are useful, but I’d prefer a movable page finder.

A great product overall, and I will most likely get another for next year.


Agendio planner

Stephen Manning, (UK) Model #32463

A well-printed and clear-to-use product. I have no need of the "Life Balance" and "Review" pages and would rather not have them included.

£53 is rather a lot to pay for a planner. I was surprised by the extra tax (which I had to pay on delivery). This brought the total to £67 which is beyond my price range.



Nicole B., WI (US) Model #32108

Loved it, used it all year and it never fell apart. Very Durable.


Lasting impression

C.H., (AU) Model #32450

My first time ordering and wont be my last.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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