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Exactly what I wanted!

L.C., NY (US) Model #32427 (2017)

I was beyond pleased by my planner! I had been trying to find a planner that worked perfectly for my job and for my personal life and when I found that I could literally make my planner from (virtually) scratch, I was so excited! It's everything I wanted/needed it to be and more!


Greatest Calendar I have ever used

James , VA (US) Model #32525 (2022)

I am the athletic director at the local high school, facilities director at the local recreation center, and a busy home life. I live by my calendar and the Agiendo is the best calendar I have ever used.


love it but....

Nicole, IL (US) Model #32529 (2018)

I spent days making my own planner on Word but it still wasn't perfect (I'm not a pro). When I went to look to print it online, I found Agendio. I was SO excited. I made a planner almost identical to the one I had made on Word. I was fine spending the money on this instead. I just received it in the mail today. While looking through it though, some of my times are missing. I had 7am-8pm on the one I made (I checked my preview to make sure i didn't miss it). However, my printed version only has 11-8. The other lines are just blank. So, that's weird....but I gave it four stars because it's still amazing and I can just write in the times.


I've been searching for this planner for years!

Donna Hill, AR (US) Model #32044 (2016)

As a very linear thinker and a semi-GTD follower, I've tried to find a planner that had everything I wanted on a two-page spread for years. My Agendio is perfect because I designed it to be just what I wanted. Customer service is awesome, too--they answered my questions and led me to exactly the right planner to customize.

My life is just a little better every day because of Agendio.


Customized, customized!

L.H., TX (US) Model #32078 (2020)

As a planner geek, it is important to have what you want. Agendio allows one to customize to their hearts content, and receive the product well packaged. I also love the new cover options for the spiral versions. I love the one I chose.



Darcy Spangler S., NC (US) Model #32124 (2020)

My first organizer I created wasnt exactly arranged the way I really wanted, so this year, I knew all the changes I needed to make and this one is perfect! The cover is bright and beautiful and all the features within make organizing my crazy schedule easier. I love the flexibility of creating it and all the options/templates. For my life, this is worth the expense.


Amazing product!

Sharon Z., ON (CA) Model #32114 (2022)

I am so glad that Agendio was recommended to me. I love the personalization options!!!!


Great Planner

J.L., IL (US) Model #32421 (2020)

This planner is working for me and I love the layout, I just wish I had 2 pages per day instead of one. Otherwise, I'm managing fine cramming everything onto one page, but with a busy professional and personal life, and the desire not to carry 2 planners, it would be great to have more space. But I love the planner, love that I was able to customize and will definitely buy again.


Another winner!

Heidi , NY (US) Model #32450 (2021)

I plan to order an Agenda every year. The colors are beautiful, the planner lasts all year, and the customization is so easy and useful.


agendio addiction

L.M., TX (US) Model #32600 (2021)

This is my FIFTH agendio and they just keep getting better. I am so particular about my time, my tasks, my goals, and having everything exactly as I want has helped me to be so much more productive. When I start crafting a new planner, I get obsessed, and will "check in" on it several times, making small tweaks, until I finally have to order because my current one is almost done.


2nd time romance

V.R., CO (US) Model #32450 (2020)

While I was less than thrilled with my first Agendio planner, there just isn't anyone out there who offers the level of customization! I decided to give them another go and I am thrilled I did. This planner was all I could have asked for, and then some! It fits how I work, how I record my day and plan out my week.


I love it!

Anita C., TX (US) Model #32324 (2016)

I love the ability to customize my planner! I'm going to use my planner during the school year to track reports, meetings, and trainings.


havent used it

S.V., NY (US) Model #32450 (2019)

It's too big and I wish I could get a refund. I havent touched it since I got it. Waste of money


Love it!

T.M., CT (US) Model #32151 (2021)

Love my agendio.


Just what I was wanting ...

I.B., (UK) Model #12302 (2016)

A personalised planner, made to my design and including my data.

A brilliant idea, and long may Agendio continue to develop and extend this service.


Beautifully Made

VALERIE K., PA (US) Model #32086 (2021)

It took me a few days to get through all the custom choices, but the end result was amazing! A planner made by me and for me! Its been so helpful thus far, surprisingly mostly for meal planning which used to be such a thorn in my side. Using it to keep track of my schedule and things to do is great, it really helps me to have a visual that I can use to plan ahead. Its a wonderful product and I look forward to tweaking it for next year!


Best Planner

Wayne, MD (US) Model #32118 (2020)

The best planner is the one you design yourself. After trying lots of others over the years I was able to design mine with all the elements I wanted. Highly Recommend!


Overall- happy

O.M., CT (US) Model #32570 (2019)

I spent a long time customizing my hardbound agendio and I am overall happy with the purchase. I got the medium size and sometimes I think the writing is a little too small, so next year I might get the large. Also I wish there were graphic/design options for the cover like Erin condren. And the possibility of gilded/gold edges on the paper. Love the functionality, just would want a little more oomph design wise!


Family Favorite

Christopher G., MI (US) Model #32039 (2019)

I’ve had my planner for about 7 months. I love mine so much that I tell anyone, who may be able to benefit, about it It is the most sturdy planner I have owned even through I use and transport it EVERYWHERE I go, EVERY day.

My daughter is a Senior at a Big Ten university and I shared my configuration with her. She configured her customizations for a planner that she’s now been using since the beginning of the semester. She LOVES hers as well. The only issue that I did have, was that it took me hours to decide on the strategic placement of everything I needed. I’m about to order again after learning how I would use certain configurable sections. After seeing some of the new product feature announcements, it has been hard not to order another one! Tips: I use multi-color Papermate Felt Tip Pens and they pop on the bright white quality paper.



I.K., OR (US) Model #32110 (2019)

On my planner, i wanted a copy and paste text symbol to separate sections in the margins of the weekly calendar. It showed up perfectly on the planner preview and i wasn't notified of any printing issues, but i just got my planner today and the symbols appeared as question marks. i'm bummed because i paid $60 for a planner that has weird question marks on every week.


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