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I've finally found a planner that works perfectly for me!

Lori, AL (US) Model #32132

I've used a planner for a long time, but until Agendio, I always had to adapt planners or work around the layout. Every year I would go in search of the "perfect" planner, thinking surely there was one out there. The last system I used before Agendio was a modified bullet journal system, but writing it out myself week after week was tiring. The flexibility Agendio provides in customizing the layout has allowed me to keep the same system for over 3 years now! When I reorder, all I have to do is pick new covers and colors! I enjoy using my planner now, and don't have to "work around" someone else's layout. I cannot recommend it enough!


I love my planner

N.B., AR (US) Model #32120

I like being able to design my own planner. It lets me plan my day my way without having to make something else just work. I'm already working on the next planner that I will order for the new year.


Exactly as I designed it!

Douglas E., OH (US) Model #32129

Great planner, high quality materials! I was using a Franklin Covey two-pages-per-day planner, and this is actually much more practical.


Love MY Planner

Nicole Gebhardt, IN (US) Model #32110

I have tried dozens of planners over the years: day, week, month, 1-year, 90-day, goal planners, life planners etc... and none have ever been quite right. Since I'm a publisher, I even considered making my own.

And then...I discovered Agendio!

I love that I can use your templates and still arrange everything to make my OWN planner using the best ideas I've gleaned from others.

This is my second year with Agendio and the only planner I've used consistently week after week...ever! Thank you for creating such a great product and a process that allowed me to publish my own custom planner in about an hour!

I'm a fan for many years to come. :)



Beth J., AL (US) Model #32124

This is my second Agendio! I have one for work and one for personal use. Love that I design it myself!


Customization Dream

L.H., TX (US) Model #32397

Agendio has so many options and is the only completely customizable option out there. I use my planner every day and can't wait to customize my next one!


So worth the money!

A.M., MO (US) Model #32582

I have hesitated to spend the money on a custom planner. I will never again think that way... I have EXACTLY what I want and need. I LOVE my planner!!! It is hard to find 15 increment planners... but with Agendio, I had choices and could customize!!!


Good overall, wish cover was sturdier

K.K., MS (US) Model #32064

Overall, I am pleased with this planner. The size and customization options are perfect! For the price, though, I was expecting a sturdier cover for the spiral bound planner. I know that the thin plastic laminated one it came with will be bent and scuffed up in no time. A sturdier hardback cover option with the spiral bound planner would make this just about perfect!


Personalization is amazing

J.H., TX (US) Model #32098

I do like my new planner although it is taking some getting used to as it differs considerably from the standard planner available in stores. It is almost exactly what I need; the layout and format are perfect for me. I neglected to order monthly tabs, which is a little annoying, and I also didn't consider adding extra pages for notes in the back, which I now wish I had done. I'll include both next time. Otherwise so far it's ideal.


Great planner!

C.A., MN (US) Model #32092

This is my second agendio planner. Love all the customized options and that they keep adding more options.


Fits my life

DONNA B., NY (US) Model #32662

I love that I can reorganize and change my planner every 6 months to reflect the changing needs of my life. Agendio planners fit into my life instead of me having to fit my life into a pre-made planner. I am on my third planner and already setting up my 4th with the changes I know I will need for the 6 months after my current planner runs out in September.


All My Planner Dreams Came True!

Melissa, AR (US) Model #32425

I love good old pen & paper planners. I buy one every year, hoping THIS YEAR will be the one I find my perfect planner. But every year...disappointment. Then I found Agendio! A custom planner?!? You mean my Saturday is a regular-sized day and not half a page? I'm a retailer. My Saturday needs to be BIG! And I'm a runner. My day starts at 5AM and usually ends at 11PM (or later!). I need a planner that can keep up with me, not the other way around. Agendio does just that. Absolute perfection! Thank you!


Planner Bliss right here!!

Lisa , UT (US) Model #32116

I am loving my planner! I chose to the basic black bound book over the coil wire I've had in the past. It's exactly what I needed, not to bulky and the basic black is more professional and easy to take to meetings.
I loved setting up my pages with things exactly where I wanted. Excited to start planning next years book!


Great for me!

Kylie C., WA (US) Model #32537

This planner is amazing. I’ve always struggled with finding a planner that will fit my school, work, and social life into one. Because of this planner, I can now do that! I have different sections for everything I need and I also love writing a bit about my week—which I have a section for as well. I also liked the option to add extra pages for fun things, like my book reading list. Overall, I’ll definitely be buying again.



Jennifer S., NC (US) Model #32144

Finally a planner that is designed to fit into MY life instead of the other way around. This planner is exactly as you see on the website - designed by you to be used by you. The colors are bright and the paper is thick enough to not bleed through with felt tip pens. It's not heavy at all - yes, I've actually had planners that were heavy! Do yourself a favor and get a couple of pocket pages and a page marker - well worth the investment.


My favourite yet!

Chelsea, AB (CA) Model #32100

I have used agendas my whole life and feel that they are the most important part of my productivity, my success at work and volunteering, and my personal growth. Every year I get a bit pickier about what I want my agenda to be and do, and this has been my favourite to date. After my first Agendio, I have never looked back and although it seemed expensive at first, the value is all there for me and it is the best purchase I make all year.

Best things: custom line height and schedule, saving birthdays and special dates from last year so I didn't have to type them all in again, custom sidebar lists and I love the ability to put in custom note pages at the end. Last year I had tear off tabs to mark the date, this year I splurged on date tabs instead and got a planner band to find the date. The size first perfectly in my small backpack and it is sturdy and stays looking nice in spite of all the abuse I put it through.

The trial and error every year is the most fun part for me, and I know that when September rolls around I will spend a lot of time perfecting my 2020 calendar to make everything just how I want it :)


Planner Peace Leveled Up

Beta S., AZ (US) Model #22467

I've been using Agendio for the past three years now. With each year, I've been able to customize more and more. As challenging as 2020 has been, it is fitting and satisfying to have a planner that is "fit for duty" for what's yet to come- one of the best aids for tackling a hectic life. Thank you, Agendio!!


Excellent Flexibility

L.C., PA (US) Model #32120

Tailored my Agendio to suit my exact needs. So far (about a month and a half in) I'm very pleased with it. My layout has helped me to work on my personal life more - grocery list is always ready and organized (less forgetting odd items), daily habits are easy to check off, and I'm even more organized with work that before. I'm a beekeeper and I even customized pages at the back for hive inspections - I mean where else can you get EVERYTHING you want organized into one planner?!?!


love my customized Adendio

J.C., PA (US) Model #32036

I am so thankful I found this product! It is exactly what I was looking for!


THE Best planner!

Crystal L., AB (CA) Model #22484

I have tried for 5 years to find a planner that works for me. My life has changed and my planner needed to as well. I am on year 2 of Agendio and I am so pleased to have found such a customizable planner. My first year I was in a spiral bound and then switched to A5 Inserts. I love how I can customize nearly every section to my needs. I don't fight with my planner and I look forward to using it every day! The paper quality is decent and the colors are lovely and rich. I will never use another planner now that I have found Agendio.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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