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S.M., (AU) Model #32103

Looks professional, and has a high-quality finish. Custom layouts make it easy to use. Couldn't find any generic diary that came close. Customer service was top-drawer!



Erika, AB (CA) Model #32042

Love the fully customizable content!


Print size

RHONDA, (AU) Model #32397

Would love print size on pages to be much larger especially the Birthday / special events items. Also didn’t need pages between dates would like to not have that othwise love my diary and use it everyday.


Best agenda ever

Lena W., ON (CA) Model #22484

I love my Agendio! For years I’ve been hunting for the perfect inserts for my Filofax designed to match they way I work. With Agendio I got to customize inserts that match my personal style and how I work throughout the day.


Would rate 4.8 if possible!

L.A., CO (US) Model #32450

Love my agendio! Only flaw is the plastic cover on the back has torn off - and I really don't feel it got excessive use or handling.... Love the customization, how the site saves the versions as I create them.... Plan to use again!!!



M.N., (UK) Model #32462

Definitely a good choice for me as I could tailor my diary to my needs. Highly recommend


Best Planner you'll ever have

Natalie C., ON (CA) Model #32089

Agendio provides a great planner, it's improved my daily, weekly and monthly organization for myself and my family. The flexibility of designing your own layout allowed me to customize the planner to my exact specifications, unlike many others I've tried in the past, this one has everything I need and no wasted sections. The colours, paper quality, and size are excellent. I always carry it with me, and receive many compliments on it when others see it, and always feel prepared for what I have to next prepare for. I've tried using online calendars, but much prefer the feel and flexibility of pen to paper, and with my Agendio I now easily mark off travel time to meetings and appointments, which has improved my punctuality as well. Best investment in a planner that I've ever made, and for a really reasonable price too. Can't recommend it enough.


Just what I wanted...

K.G., CA (US) Model #32110

I have attempted, time and again, to create and print my own calendars because I could never find anything that was perfectly suited to my needs. Then Agendio busts into my life, saves me a ton of time with their easy-to-use design site, simplified ordering, and fantastic product. To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. I love my Agendio planner.


Very good planner!!

P.S., TN (US) Model #22245

Very easy to design what you like and need!!


Love my agendio !

K.L., ON (CA) Model #32425

The fact I was able to make my planner exactly how I want it is the greatest concept ever . It’s perfect to me in every way !


agendio true love!

A.B., CA (US) Model #32074

i use my agenda every single day in order to help me keep track of my day job, my side job, and all my travel and activities. i wanted something very specific (but didn't have the time or will to create it myself via bullet journal) and had tried different companies for years before i found agendio. everything is so customizable, it's incredible. i can literally build the agenda of my dreams. i use it without fail (i haven't abandoned it half way through the year like with other agendas). thank you!


High quality, but expensive

J.T., (NL) Model #32569

The planner is beautiful and high quality and I am really happy I was able to costumize it completely the way I wanted to. Eventhough these are huge cons, I still believe that the planner is a little overpriced. Because of the high price and high shipping costs, I am not if I would order a new planner for next year.


The BEST planner EVER!

Sharla E., MO (US) Model #32145

I am a planner connoisseur! This is by far the best planner I have ever purchased!


I don’t even have words...

Wendy W., MO (US) Model #32421

I received my agendio planner this week and let’s just say I’m beyond impressed. It is something I look forward to seeing each morning and checking before I go to bed. There is just so much room for me to take note of things that I need to do each day. Not sure if I had more fun though setting it up online. There are so many options and ideas. Speechless. Thanks Agendio, you’ve made my life complete.


I love my agendio!

Josephine, NC (US) Model #32050

This was my second agendio I and I did not even think about ordering any other planner. The customization options allow me to keep track of my school work and meetings effortlessly.


Now I have a better idea for the future

F.S., ON (CA) Model #32450

As my first Agendio, I learned from my mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I liked it but I need to double the time of setting it up in order to get better results. To set up all the details I need, takes long time, but I think it will be worth it.


Back on Track

S.B., (CH) Model #32543

2018 has not been my year, I spent hours thinking about what I would like to achieve and made hundreds of plans and overviews but in the end I haven't met one of my big goals. Reasons for that were my unfocused attitude, to highly set goals and lack of organization. In December I decided that I needed a real change hence and a good planner. As a person who has quite a busy schedule and loves to-do lists, I have been looking for a planner which would me let combine my timetable and my tasks. I looked around for quite some time, but none of the "custom-planners" actually allowed you to design it to your needs. Then finally I stumbled across Agendio. Now I have the planner I've always dreamed of. I take my time to write all my goals down, I take the time to organize my chores. And at the end of the day I have more time to do what I wanted to do. Since I work with this planner I have quit a lot of my old bad habits and evolved new ones which help me improve my life. Of course the major change was within myself, but the Agendio Planner was like a guiding light and a constant reminder of how I want to work, what I seek to achieve, and who I aspire to be.


Love it!

S.S., CA (US) Model #32448

It took some time to put together, but it was worth it! I love everything about this planner!


Great Inspiration

E.E., AL (US) Model #32568

I really enjoying using something I can completely customize. It really helps keep me on track by opening up something I “made” daily to track my appointments and goals.


Agendio is the BEST.

C.Z., CA (US) Model #32089

I had been searching for a calendar for years but nothing I found was a fit. Then finally I found Agendio which allows you to custom build your calendar for a very reasonable cost. The number of customizable options is amazing and the website flows you through them intuitively making the process fun. I am highly impressed with the quality of the calendar. My customized calendar looks exactly like the online pictures. Agendio is one of those rare companies that deeply cares about their customers and their products. Hurry and build your calendar today!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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