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Custom Agendio

C.E., AP (US) Model #32134

I appreciate the amount of customization Agendio offers in comparison to other planner companies. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it to increase my organization. I like how they offer such a wide range of payouts and colors. The only change I would make to the one I ordered and have been using is a slight layout change, but that honestly is slitting hairs to look for a fault. All in all, I would definitely recommend these planners to everyone.



Allison K., WI (US) Model #32537

I use my planner every single day. I use every part of it. I tell strangers how much I love my planner. I LOVE IT AND WILL BE BUYING IT AGAIN


Design it the way you want

Kristie, WI (US) Model #32042

I looked everywhere for a planner that fit “career professional, entrepreneurs, mom, coach, and every other title I carry”. And then I found I could designed my own and that equaled #winning! I would do this every year to get exactly what I want!


Love! Love! Love!

T.F., FL (US) Model #32128

So worth the time it takes for them to produce and ship. Love that you can customize the look and feel to work best with how you like to work. I searched everywhere for a planner that works best with my busy schedule and the number of projects I have going on and this is by far better than anything that I have found out there.


Love it!

Katherien, MI (US) Model #32471

I think this planner is so worth the price, the amount that you can customize is so worth it. I was able to easily customize the planner to be exactly what I wanted it to be, and it's perfect. I don't have any complaints, other than I would like to be sure that the paper is recycled and that agendio is committed to sustainability, because that is important to me. Additionally, the cover is like a thick cardboard, and then it's got a sheet of thin plastic that goes in front of the cardboard, and I'm not really sure if this is the best way, because the cardboard behind the plastic flap is damaged anyways.


V. Good

A.R., NM (US) Model #32134

Better than anything else I've found on the market. I like not being forced to have day layouts, and being able to have monthly layouts, however, not a customizable as hoped - cannot include pages of text, merely headings in predefined sections. Interface is easy to use.


Amazing planner possibilities

Suzanne Y., CA (US) Model #12235

I am a nurse and our work week at my job are Sunday to Saturday and until I found Agendio, I despaired of finding a quality planner that had weeks that would start on Sunday. I am thrilled with the quality of the product, and website which makes designing your own refill for planner so simple and fun.



Julie Gill, MO (US) Model #22241

The pages don’t end and start a new month correctly. One month should end so that you are able to place them behind a tab and then be able to place the next and the next, but instead the months are ran together. In addition, it’s not easy to just call someone to make
Any inquiries so that it could have been done correctly.


Agendio Support

Hi Julie, Sorry to hear you aren't entirely happy with your planner. We have always made our planners this way. Otherwise, around month-end, you either cut the week in two, so during those weeks you have to flip back and forth all the time, or you have to duplicate each week, which is wasteful.

This type of issue is why we provide a Preview on the review page, so you can see how your pages are arranged before you purchase.

Please feel free to feedback us from the website if you have more questions or concerns.

Love it!!!

Amy F., CA (US) Model #32132

I LOVE the flexibility of creating my own agendio -- it allows me to get the benefits of a "bullet journal" without having to create everything myself. Keep my work and private life organized.


Great Planner!

Ronna J., CA (US) Model #32068

The planner is wonderful, excellent quality, everything is as advertised. The price is ridiculously cheap for the suburb quality and customization - I would not have balked if it cost twice as much. I am a bit of a planner junkie, and this is literally the most amazing planner I've ever had.

That being said, I am unfortunately not using it as much as I'd like. I went with the small size because I wanted it to be super portable while I commute on the train and I wasn't sure how heavy a larger one would be. But, it's too small. I can't really use it. Not Agendio's fault at all - totally on me for thinking I could write smaller.

My biggest "request for change", and the reason for four stars instead of five, would be to make a six month version. That way users can keep their recurring events on there, but update them more frequently. I would also like to have a ton of blank notes pages (with the current amount I still have to carry a different note book around with me). I would even be willing to pay the same amount for a six month book that has as many blank (lined) pages as customized pages.

I will order a replacement for the one I have soon, because it is that great. But honestly, a six month option would send me over the moon with love for Agendio and probably create a life long customer. I have already referred several folks to Agendio, and I will tell anyone who asks that they should check it out!


Starter Agenda

Emely P., FL (US) Model #32129

This is a great agenda to get your start with organizing yourself. Nowadays I don't know how I lived without one. This agenda is my life line! I love that you can miss a week and not get behind on anything. I got this agenda when Agendio only had 1 option for covers and although I like the leather, I didn't love it. The stretchy wrap broke off after about 6 months. I stapled it in place, even though it's not the most aesthetically pleasing it does the job.


Favorite, most customizable planner

K, VA (US) Model #32391

I was able to customize the layout of each section, save, come back and make changes until I had it exactly how I wanted it. I made my own budget pages, my own lists pages, etc and used the templates as well.

Well worth the money!

Favorite planner I've owned to date.



C.C., MI (US) Model #22170

This is the second Agendio planner refill I have ordered and I am so pleased. The options for customization are wonderful. I would like the option to enlarge the events such as birthdays on each square ( old eyes) and maybe some different fonts in different sections, but all in all it is really working like no other and I have tried them all. I appreciate the quick shipping... when you want it, you want it now!
Thanks so much
Cindy Cusack


I love my Agendio!

Jennifer I., TX (US) Model #32557

I just received my 2019 customized agendio and I love it! I chose the journal size 12-month planner and it is the perfect size for my needs. The customization options are awesome! I spent some time playing with the different layouts, colors, fonts, and sizes. In the end, I customized the perfect planner for me and I will be coming back for all my future planners. Thank you Agendio!


Customizable and Easy

Jessica C., KS (US) Model #32042

I live with my planner by my side and it's essential to my work and personal schedule. I have been searching for a service that would customize my planner to my needs in a LARGE size rather than the square or smaller "cute" customizable planners on the market. I needed something that would have space for me to block out all hours of my day, with to-do lists, and spaces for meal planning and deadlines to be written in. I really loved the amount of customization that was available, although in the future when I re-order I will take care to be more prepared (have all family birthdays and holidays ready). The only real complaint I have about Agendio is that there is not as much freedom to customize the cover that other sites offer to make it more aesthetically personal, but I am happy with the quality of the cover itself.


Exactly what I needed

Jamie, SC (US) Model #32126

I have been looking for something close to a previous planner I got overseas. Something functional, and organized for ease of use and to fit into my busy life.

This did exactly that. I could set it up exactly how I needed, building in extra pages for periods of time that I know will be more busy. And the cover is good quality, and something I can easily the personalize as well. The only thing that would make it better is bookmark ribbons.


Wish it were smaller

T.C., MI (US) Model #32397

I ordered the personal size and it’s still too bulky for my purse so after all the time and money I ended up buying one from Office Depot that I love.
The quality of the planner is great and so is being able to customize, I just wish there was a smaller option.


nicely done

S.B., ON (CA) Model #32575

Good quality product



I.K., OR (US) Model #32110

On my planner, i wanted a copy and paste text symbol to separate sections in the margins of the weekly calendar. It showed up perfectly on the planner preview and i wasn't notified of any printing issues, but i just got my planner today and the symbols appeared as question marks. i'm bummed because i paid $60 for a planner that has weird question marks on every week.


Agendio Support


Now that we have had a chance to review the issue together and come up with a solution, are you satisfied with the solution we came up with?

quality product

I P., PA (US) Model #32454

Sturdy and high quality, I really like that I can organize it however I want. The add-ons are a good value. Would definitely recommend the faux leather cover, it looks very chic. The 6 month is probably the best choice as well, it's way easier to carry around.


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