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I am pleased with the quality and versatility of the planner

Kathleen, FL (US) Model #32471

The planner is exactly the way I designed it. I couldn't find a planner that fit my needs perfectly until this one. I customized almost everything, including putting in the birthdays of all family and friends. Now I never forget a birthday. I basically picked all things I liked in various planners and put them in this one - perfection! It is very sturdy (including the tabs) and ink does not bleed through pages. The light blue cover is very pretty, also. I will definitely reorder next year. I love the detachable corners!


Best planner I have ever had!

Susan, IN (US) Model #32371

I absolutely love my planner. I use my planner for work and personal so the ability to customize almost every detail is so important. Agendio gives me the ability to make my planner work for me. Worth every penny!



J.K., NE (US) Model #32150

love the agenda ... can't tell you how much money I've spent trying to find "the right one" ... and I finally feel like I found a planner that works for me! thank you for offering so many options so I can customize!!


I am a convert!

S.K., CA (US) Model #32102

I have been paper planning for the last 4 years. This year I switched from Erin Condren to Angendio... I am super happy with the switch!!! I was able to customize my planner to fit my needs and now it is very functional to help track and plan what I need....we’ll definitely be ordering again in the future!


It has everything!

K.S., TX (US) Model #32106

This is hands down the most useful planner I've ever had. I love that it's customizable. I have important birthdays and anniversaries pre-populated, and I have just the number of notes pages in exactly the places I need them!



R.B., TX (US) Model #32397

I'm very happy with my agenda. It took a bit to figure out the interface and get it right but it was worth it. Last year I tried with the bullet journal and it was a total nightmare. Wayyyyy too much work and the second half of the year was never completed so planning was a nightmare. This is worth the extra money and time spent designing it. It will save my selection so next year I won't have to redo everything. Very pleased!



Erica, CA (US) Model #32369

I absolutely love this planner! Sleek cover and extremely customizable which is exactly what I was looking for.



D.C., CO (US) Model #32155

The wonders of technology! I was able to combine things I liked from all the so-so planners I have used and make one that is only what I need,. No unused pages. No trying to make it work. Awesome!

The best thing is that as my needs change (new job, kids doing more activities) my planner can change too.

I am very pleased with the planner and actually use it. Yay!



I.Q., MN (US) Model #32151

I love your site and how user friendly it is to create exactly what I need in my personal, yearly, calendar!



Carolee, VA (US) Model #32529

I love these totally customizable planners. They change a little from year to year as I realize my needs have changed and/or less/more space is needed in some areas. I always look forward to receiving my shipment so I can further customize with stickers and stencils.



P.S., GA (US) Model #32371

I stumbled across Agendio as I was looking for "just the right" calendar. It's been the best thing ever. The quality of the printing, paper, binding, cover, etc. are just exceptional and hold up well to my constant abuse. Custom printing and layout on the inside makes it functional to MY needs. It's a little pricey but totally worth it for me to be able to stay organized in a way that's comfortable and productive for me instead of me having to adapt to someone else's style.


Another Awesome Agendio

Alysha D., OR (US) Model #32447

This is my third or fourth Agendio, needless to say I am once again very pleased with it. Each time I make small adjustments to my layouts and how I handle the pages to make it better for me as I learn the setups that work best. I appreciate all the custom options they have, the customer service, and the quality of the product we're given each time.


Another ideal planner

Elizabeth L., OH (US) Model #32456

This is my third planner and I think I have it died in to where I want it. I love how it can be tailored to each need. The quality of thr paper is perfect.


Will order again next year!

Alicia, IN (US) Model #32516

I loved my planner for the short amount of time I had it (my whole work bag was stolen from my car about a month after getting it). I have recommended this company to several friends and will re-order again next year - it's my new favorite!!!


Exactly what I want

G.R., LA (US) Model #32165

For years I've bought planners but there was always parts of them I wish I could change, adjust or just flat our remove. After searching the internet going from site to site to find "custom" planners, I finally found Agendio. It's finally a custom planners that you can actually customize. I can change the size, the style, the color and most importantly the layout. Now every part of my planner benefits my organization needs. I can't recommend this company enough.


Perfect for teachers!

Allen Michael Corder, KY (US) Model #32039

I love my agendio! I use it scheduling lesson plans and meetings, as well as doctor appointments, kinds ball games, school events, etc. I like the month at a glance setup so I can write in the boxes and see what’s coming up a week, 2 weeks, etc. in the future. I’ll definitely be ordering another when this one runs out in the summer!


Customization Works Wonders

Karen, PA (US) Model #32059

I am so excited that I found Agendio. I was having trouble finding a planner that fit all of my needs and would help me stay organized for both short and long term. The fact that I could create my own planner with the perfect layout and sections made Agendio worth the price. It's a perfect size with lots of room for writing. Even the little details, like picking colors and fonts, make it unique and more "me."


Please make monthly tabs!

T.M., NJ (US) Model #22465

I LOVE everything about my agendio, but I had to buy other calendar tabs so I have the month view and can flip quickly to plan ahead.
I did get the week end reflection for future and life balance which I don't use as much as I had hoped. I think a full page weekly to-do list/shopping list and stuff would be more useful, but I honestly dont remember if that was an option.
Seriously, my life can get nuts and this thing = sanity for me!
It would be nice if we could put in more recurring activities, there is so much space, but a few daily reminders and there is no room for anything else


Great idea, but cover is falling apart.

Spencer, MI (US) Model #32463

I created a custom planner for my first year as an assistant professor. It was great to be able to come up with some planning and productivity systems for this important professional step in my life, and I was happy that Agendio could help me make a planner that worked for my own routines.

My biggest complaint about my Agendio cover is its cover, which isn't all that sturdy. I take the planner with me to and from the office every day, but that's resulted in more wear and tear than I expected. I've had to tape the plastic cover to the paper cover to keep it together, and even then, this reinforced cover is starting to come off. I don't know if it will make it through the rest of the year, and I'm concerned about what will happen once there's no cover to protect the pages.


Good but could use improvement

Z.S., QC (CA) Model #32058

A fan of weekly planners, I love that Agendio allows you to customize your own - I appreciated being able to insert personalized birthdays, holidays, heading titles. Overall the agenda arrived in great condition and is of good quality - the ink printed cleanly, colors showed up well and the paper is excellent. I also really like the spiral design. However, the bookmark elastic on mine broke after a few weeks, and I wish the cover was of a more luxurious material.


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