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I.K., OR (US) Model #32110

On my planner, i wanted a copy and paste text symbol to separate sections in the margins of the weekly calendar. It showed up perfectly on the planner preview and i wasn't notified of any printing issues, but i just got my planner today and the symbols appeared as question marks. i'm bummed because i paid $60 for a planner that has weird question marks on every week.


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Exactly what I was looking for

Adriana, UT (US) Model #32032

I had been searching for a planner for a while and finally gave up in purchasing a ready made planner. I was hoping to find a decent place to get a custom planner made, and Agendio far exceeded my expectations. The planner fits my needs and the process of creating the planner is intuitive. The planner is serving me well and fits my unique schedule and goal planning needs. Plus, it looks great! Anyone who holds it comments on how nice and soft the cover is. The pages are an average thickness. I haven't used markers or colored highlighters and pens. But the pen I am using doesn't bleed through. So glad I found Agendio!


Excellent Flexibility

L.C., PA (US) Model #32120

Tailored my Agendio to suit my exact needs. So far (about a month and a half in) I'm very pleased with it. My layout has helped me to work on my personal life more - grocery list is always ready and organized (less forgetting odd items), daily habits are easy to check off, and I'm even more organized with work that before. I'm a beekeeper and I even customized pages at the back for hive inspections - I mean where else can you get EVERYTHING you want organized into one planner?!?!


Flexible and accomodating

L.T., CA (US) Model #32031

First time I have utilized a planner that can be completely custom,zed to fit my needs! I love the ability to modify both daily, weekly and monthly pages.


Everything great!!

Luis Javier Muñoz Ayup, (MX) Model #32569

The best customizable planner you can find (or at least that I could find). It is great a lot of customization and is the best thing of this company. Everything else is also great. The quality is great


great planner

Ellen, CO (US) Model #32114

Really enjoyed the ability to customize the planner. Looking forward to additional features in 2017


I’ll do it again

Brandye King , CA (US) Model #32435

Agendio options are great. I basically wanted a dated notebook which the have notebooks and planners but not a combination of both. However you can play around and start different projects so thatbis a plus.
I purchased a daily planner for every day of the year, it is as big and heavy as my computer so my work bag is cray heavy.
The most difficult partbof the process was custom service. I had to email questions 3 times before I received an answer.


Best Custom Planner on the market

Crystal Taggart, AZ (US) Model #32421

I looked for several hours at various "custom planner" sites and Agendio was the best one hands down. I love it and use it daily. Everything about this planner is high-quality and you are able to really customize it to your needs. I will definitely buy again!

There are some things that I wish that would make this planner PERFECT:
1. Ability to make some custom lines in the time section (I track 3 metrics daily - what I planned to do, what I did and my energy level through the day - I have a ruler to mark those lines in my journal). If I could just draw 2 lines in that section - it would be amazing!
2. Ability to add more custom pages (also make it easier to design custom pages - the software is a little clunky and hard to use)
3. TOP of my wish list: a 3 MONTH PLANNER! I do 90 day goals and 6 months is a little long and makes the planner a little bigger than I'd like.
4. Your covers for the full-size planner are not amazing - I have the navy blue cover and it's pretty boring. More colors please!


Best Custom Calendars Out There

Robert B., OR (US) Model #32536

Five Stars for customer support and making an amazing product. AGENDIO has the best custom calendars out there!! I'm a customer for life.


Love it!

Audrey B., CA (US) Model #32448

My planner is one of the best things that happened to me from an organizational standpoint last year! I am due to reorder in July and I'm already contemplating just placing the order early..... In fact, I think I will. Can't wait!


Fantastic Planner

Theresa C., NJ (US) Model #32564

I am so pleased with my planner! I love that I got to design it so it has everything that I want and nothing of what I don't want. It has been very helpful this year so far. I would have liked more pockets, though.


My Favorite Planner

MaryAnn A., TX (US) Model #32060

I've been using a planner for more than 25 years; I have used Franklin Covey, Day Timer, DayMinder, Erin Condren, PP Weeks, Hobonichi, and several others. I have even made my own over the years. Then I found Agendio! What a game changer it has been for me. The ability to customize every part of my planner to fit the way I manage my three businesses, and balance my home and life, has made a tremendous difference both personally and professionally. I cannot say enough good things about this company, or their designs. While I wish they had an option to upload your own pictures or design for the cover, that is the only thing I would add. I'll never use another planner company.


Love it-customized to my life.

M.G., SD (US) Model #12282

I am very particular about how my planner is set up and this was the perfect solution for me. I like to have my planners follow the academic year so that it moves along with my daughters schedule. The options that were available were of great variety and easy to edit. I loved that I could have recurring events pre-printed in the calendar. Also, that I could add school activities printed as to not miss any activities. The cost was comparable to purchasing a generic planner. This will be my planner for years to come. If looking for a great planner that can be customized to your life you just found it.



Danielle, TX (US) Model #32542

I love my custom planner. Having it specific to me helps me journal, meal plan and keep Bible study notes along side my appointments. I love that the pages are thick and ink doesn’t bleed through. I love that it’s durable. I do wish it had less wasted space but I may have to get a larger size next time!


Great planner!

R.B., RI (US) Model #32385

I've had several planners and two agendio planners. Really wonderful to be able to customize based on my needs for the yeat


Augie's Planner

A.A., CT (US) Model #32060

I wish you offered a nicer binder that had business card pockets, or slots for loose papers. I also wish we could buy this nice binder, and refill it every year with the same filler pages we order.


Not Bad

Courtney G., ON (CA) Model #32369

It was amazing to be able to customize my own planner. My only complaints are that the price was really high, and the cover has already started peeling.


Best Customizable Agenda

Shirl S., GA (US) Model #32401

I looked at several websites for planners, but I felt like this was the one I had the most control over to make it exactly what I needed. I really like that the previous year planner was on the site, so I just changed a few things that needed improvement.


Just what I wanted

R.F., (UK) Model #32108

A diary is such a personal thing, it was great to be able to make it mine. I'm a Church Minister so Sunday's are important and I've never found a planner with the space I need on a weekend.
It's lovely - but with p&p and then extra UPS import costs on top - it ended up being much more expensive than I was planning it to be!


Coolest planner ever!

R.P., MI (US) Model #32109

Love, love, love the versatility and options for creating such a personalized planner! Created my first one for 2016, and look forward to creating many more!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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