Agendio customer reviews

Great Product - I use it every day!

Stephanie Montani, ON (CA) Model #32116

I love the quality of the paper. I also love how easy it was to make the exact agenda that I need for my work!


Perfect for my scattered brain

A.B., VA (US) Model #32449

I'm a full-fledged scatterbrain, so I NEED a planner to keep my business (and life) organized. Having the ability to customize so much in this planner - including the daily pages - has been amazing. I even added pages to the back that help me keep track of work assignments, which I used to do on post-its. Definitely going to get another one next year!



R.N., NY (US) Model #32039

I like because I designed to the way I work.


Good Tool

Angela N., IN (US) Model #32421

I really like this planner. I wasn't sure what all I wanted on the pages and will edit it for next year, but over all it is the best planner I have ever had.


Great Custom Planner

C.H., MI (US) Model #32454

Highly recommend this custom much flexibility, helps me stay on top of my schedule!


Worth it!

Tara P., MN (US) Model #22477

The price can be a little expensive but if you’re really into planning and such, it’s worth it. The customization you can do to each page is a great touch. I use my planner every day, so it’s worht it in my opinion!


Almost Perfect

Christina S., MD (US) Model #32638

I love love love being able to customize my planner. I found my planner layout peace. The only negative is the paper thickness, I use a lot of different pens and markers and a lot of them bleed through the paper. Thicker paper would make my Agendio perfect.


I'm obsessed

J.F., NY (US) Model #32074

I am OBSESSED with my Agendio- I am a graduate student and work full time, and my Agendio keeps me sane and organized. I am on my second Agendio, and each one has lasted me a full year. Being able to customize my planner with SO many options has enabled me to create my PERFECT planner. I have all of the holidays I want, the week formats I want, lists where I want them, and no fluffy pages I don't need. I cannot say enough good things about my Agendio, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves planners.


Best planner ever

Sarah B., CO (US) Model #32092

I love my book. I get a new color every year. I can stay on track with all my personal and business expenses customized just for me.


Love MY Planner

Nicole Gebhardt, IN (US) Model #32110

I have tried dozens of planners over the years: day, week, month, 1-year, 90-day, goal planners, life planners etc... and none have ever been quite right. Since I'm a publisher, I even considered making my own.

And then...I discovered Agendio!

I love that I can use your templates and still arrange everything to make my OWN planner using the best ideas I've gleaned from others.

This is my second year with Agendio and the only planner I've used consistently week after week...ever! Thank you for creating such a great product and a process that allowed me to publish my own custom planner in about an hour!

I'm a fan for many years to come. :)


It's great

Tiffany W., MO (US) Model #22182

If you're wanting a planner that is EXACTLY how you want- make your own with Agendio.
I want a specific look to my planners, or they don't get used, and I can use my planner to track everything I want to track! It's great. 10/10 totally recommend.


Absolutely LOVE my Agendio Planner

Olivia T., OK (US) Model #32419

I love this planner. I choose the full year spiral bound. Bulky yes but it is ALL IN ONE and fully customizable. I am reordering!


Wife is jealous

Jeff Dyer Dyer, AR (US) Model #32134

I love my planner so much, my wife is a jealous.



L.L., VA (US) Model #32420

Very durable and worth the money. Only wish is that it had more covers to choose from and that we could edit the 2 boxes at the top of the pages.



Alexandria , NY (US) Model #32044

I love how easily agendio is able to be customized! I am very particular about what goes into my planner. The site was pretty user friendly! I was able to make myself the perfect planner! Only downside is that they are fairly pricy!!


6 month planner

Beth L., ME (US) Model #32447

I love my self-designed planner. My day on paper is organized into categories that work for my unique needs as an artist and a home schooling mom. Thank you Agendio!


Love it so far!

S.M., NY (US) Model #32419

This is my first time buying. I absolutely love the planner. Two complaints I have: 1. The price is a little too high. For what I paid I wish I could have gotten it printed in color. I just couldn’t spend any more on another extra though it was getting too expensive. 2. The little section I have for habits is printed very small and you couldn’t take up more of the box. I’m surprised it was even allowed passed the testing phase it’s so bad. Kind of a useless spot on every page now. Other than that I love the planner and I plan on buying another one at the end of the year!


LOVE love love.

A.M., WA (US) Model #32044

I am super particular about my planners, and needed something that worked well for homeschool, motherhood, my business...this fits all 3! So thankful I can have one planner for all my "hats" :-)


I’ll do it again

Brandye King , CA (US) Model #32435

Agendio options are great. I basically wanted a dated notebook which the have notebooks and planners but not a combination of both. However you can play around and start different projects so thatbis a plus.
I purchased a daily planner for every day of the year, it is as big and heavy as my computer so my work bag is cray heavy.
The most difficult partbof the process was custom service. I had to email questions 3 times before I received an answer.


??love the customization

Pamela T., WA (US) Model #32134

I’m now one my third Agendio. Every year I’m evolving how I use my planner! I’ve been happy with the durability and the options. It’s great to have birthdays carryover yer to year. Only issues are that I wish I could build an 18 month and use emojis. Take your time building it out- you won’t be disappointed!


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