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I found my Planner Peace.

Jessica S., OH (US) Model #32560

I started using Agendio halfway through 2018, and repurchased for 2019. I love the ability to edit and save my planner ideas, figure out the layout that works best for me, customize my dates and reminders, and the ability to choose the font and colors!! Agendio has literally made it easy for me to reach Planner peace, have a planner that I can use and carry all the time, and stay organized and on top of things! I cannot sing its praises enough!!


Right up my alley

Krista M., OK (US) Notebook

This is my 3rd collab with Agendio. I LOVE my agendio notebooks! The process of customizing takes some attention from me but once I get it formatted like I want, the quality of the product is OUTSTANDING!


Just opened my planner!

Janell, PA (US) Model #32541

So far, I have just flipped through my planner and everything looks the way I ordered it. I love all the colors as I chose different ones for each month. I'm excited to start using it in January!

My one disappointment is that I did not have the option to have my add on folder in the front of the planner. It only comes in the back. Please change this before next year!!!!
Also, please add more cover design options. This is the only thing I can think of that you are lacking compaired to some of your competition.


Beautiful, But Weird Layout

D.A., CO (US) Model #22465

I ordered an Agendio to replace my Day Timer which wasn't really working for me anymore. I ordered the MMWWDDDDDD/DEE layout. I love that you can customize everything, which I spent a lot of time on. However, I was not expecting that the layout I chose was not the way it would print. It's so weird that all of the month pages are grouped together so that the right page of the previous month prints on the left page of the next month (eg the right page of January prints on the back of the left page of February). I thought I looked over the print layout closely - even changing what I had on certain pages to account for printing - but because they only include one month in the proof, I missed this strange detail. I wish they were more specific about how the layout would actually work. I think I can still make the Agendio work the way I need it to, and do love the way it works, but do wish that it printed more akin to the layout I selected.


Every year it gets better

Michele, GA (US) Model #32420

Every year I am able to customize my work planner more and more.

This is the one planner that I have fully and exclusively used going on my 4th year now!


It only took me 30 years to find the right planner!

R.R., TX (US) Model #22234

I have made daily lists, had countless Daytimers, Day Runners, Blue Sky Dabney Lee planners, and Day Designers along with many others. I've used spiral bound, ring bound, personal, compact, letter size, and now A5. I'm very technology integrated in all ways but am tied to my paper planners. I tried designing my own and printing them. Of course, I have had to tweak them all a bit. I could and have spent hours at office supply stores and online looking for just the right planner. I think this is it for me. I love the way I can make changes to fit my needs. I don't have it 100% right but it's real close!


Beautiful inserts.

Cynthia H., LA (US) Model #22488

This is the second or third time I’ve purchased yearly inserts for my Planner from Agendio. I love that I can personalize them to suit my needs. The paper is high quality and there are many color options to choose from. If I had a question, I received an expeditious reply by email. I am very pleased, and highly recommend!


Love my Agenda!

E.H., AB (CA) Model #32044

It is durable to last all year long.


Best planner I have ever used!

Jessica, DE (US) Model #32453

It is impossible to put into words how much I love Agendio planners. This is my second year using one and now I will never use any other planner other than Agendio. In the planner community we use a term called "planner peace". Every paper planner user wants to find the perfect planner for them. I truly did not think my perfect planner existed until I found Agendio. With Agendio, you are able to customize nearly every single aspect of your planner. In the past, I spend SO MUCH MONEY trying planner after planner, brand after brand, layout after layout, only to find something wrong with each one. I would use the planners for a few weeks and then move on to another one because I was not content. With Agendio, I am able to take all the elements that I like from other planners, and eliminate any details I do not like, in order to create my perfect planner. No matter what your lifestyle or preferences are, you will be able to create the perfect planner at Agendio. Agendio is a lifesaver. If you are looking for "planner peace", you need an Agendio planner.


Best way to buy a planner

F.S., (AU) Model #32449

I love the planner, and because I had so much input in to making it, it has really encouraged me to use it. I learned a lot the first time I made it and will look forward to making my next one, knowing more about what works for me and what doesn't, the next time I make one, but the product overall - love it!
I would love more of a range of covers. I recall feeling a but inhibited at the options available there, but regardless, it is still brilliant as it has encouraged a good habit in me!


Fantastic Planner

Ashley, GA (US) Model #32088

Just a quick note, my planner arrived yesterday....a day early! It is super lightweight. It’s nice having a smaller planner, but it also forces me to write smaller, neater, and abbreviate. I love the perforated page corners at the bottom of the pages and my tabs. Since I got metal spiral bounds with a leather cover and have M-F on the left side of the planner, writing Fridays tasks out can be a bit difficult since it’s so early in the year and with the leather cover I cannot fold the planner in half, but its a learning process. The paper is a nice quality, my highlighters and pens do not bleed through. I would definitely recommend this planner to anyone.


Love the options!!

S.P., MD (US) Model #32058

I am a paper planner person. I love the options of complete customization for my needs. Couldn’t believe I found you guys. Worth every cent.


Finally something that works!

K.D., FL (US) Model #32421

Before finding Agendio, I had been on a constant search for a workable planner that combined work and personal and took into account my "scattered" brain. Couldn't find anything! Thank goodness I found Agendio so I could create something that works PERFECTLY! I loved being able to customize it down to the last detail, and it is the only planner I've been able to stick with!


Great planner

A.B., (UK) Model #32537

I am very pleased with my Agendio planner. The quality of the paper and cover is very good and the spiral binding is sturdy and thicker than I was expecting which adds to the quality feel of the planner. It also works well with pilot frixion pens. I am very pleased with my Agendio!



A.L., NY (US) Model #12225

So beyond happy I finally found a site where I can customize my planner refills to the way I want it! Even happier that the Filofax A5 size fits my Louis Vuitton GM Agenda! I will definitely be purchasing from you again and recommending you to everyone looking to get a planner layout to their desired layout! Thank you!!!!!!


Perfect custom planner!

Dan S., AB (CA) Model #32323

Very easy to build a planner that works for my organizational preferences as opposed to adapting to a generic organizer.


Exactly What I Wanted

SIMONNE PALMER, ID (US) Model #32448

Exactly what I wanted. I've tried the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren planner and they were great, but they didn't satisfy everything I want in a planner. I love the option to customize and get it perfect.



J.W., OH (US) Model #32033

I was only disappointed by two things, one, I would like the option for a pencil loop to be able to keep my pen or pencil on the calendar at all times. Also, I would have liked the name of my calendar, "Georgio" To have been printed somewhere.

However!!! I absolutely love my calendar so much and will DEFINITELY be ordering again.


Planner peace

D.E., TX (US) Model #32070

I’ve been using this now for 3 months and I’m so happy with this. It’s so convenient and absolutely perfect.


Love it!

Shawn, ME (US) Model #32044

The flexibility is great! I order 3 mos at a time so that I can continue to tweak the layout - love it!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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