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I'm obsessed

J.F., NY (US) Model #32074

I am OBSESSED with my Agendio- I am a graduate student and work full time, and my Agendio keeps me sane and organized. I am on my second Agendio, and each one has lasted me a full year. Being able to customize my planner with SO many options has enabled me to create my PERFECT planner. I have all of the holidays I want, the week formats I want, lists where I want them, and no fluffy pages I don't need. I cannot say enough good things about my Agendio, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves planners.


Love it

C.M., TN (US) Model #32462

Love it


Loving my new planner

V.C., (UK) Model #32045

I'm looking forward to an organised and planned year!! Love the look and personalisation!!



Best Planner Ever!

A.R., CO (US) Model #32448

I needed a detailed daily planner and looked around a lot before finding Agendio. They blew my expectations out of the water. For the price point, you cannot get a better quality, personalized, and function planner! Thank you, Agendio!


I'm in love with it!

Abbi L., AB (CA) Model #32096

I live very much by the pay period so it's very refreshing to be able to choose my own start dates of the week as well as the layout of the pages. I also love the ability to enter in all the important dates that happen in a year, like all the birthdates! As someone who never remembers peoples birthday, that was a huge heck yeah!

I've never been able to stick with a planner before because I found them hard to use based on how my schedule works. I've been able to use this one everyday easily; I don't dread it anymore because it's finally something that works well for me.

It may have seemed expensive at first, but it was certainly worth it and I already have next years made up :)


Crisp and clean

B.B., WY (US) Model #32042

My calendar is very clean and neat. I love the paper weight and size. It is so relaxing to have a professional looking calendar that is organized to my taste.


So many custom options

K.S., SK (CA) Model #32450

I’ve been searching forever for a planner that I could use simultaneously for work, university, and family life. I could never find anything that fit all my needs so I would have to carry around 2-3 planners or notepads at any given time. Thank god I found Agendio. I was able to customize my planner to include time slots for recording my billable hours at work, as well as organize my personal appointments and manage my classes all on the same page. This has saved me so much time & money. Thank you!


Love my planner SO much

Sarah, ON (CA) Model #22424

This is my second year with an agendio planner. I love it so much. Being able to customize the pages to the way I think and plan my world is fantastic. My planning dreams realized!


Just what I needed

Debbie, CA (US) Model #32582

I've been searching for just the right planner that had the things I needed for my organisation. This is perfect.


Back on Track

S.B., (CH) Model #32543

2018 has not been my year, I spent hours thinking about what I would like to achieve and made hundreds of plans and overviews but in the end I haven't met one of my big goals. Reasons for that were my unfocused attitude, to highly set goals and lack of organization. In December I decided that I needed a real change hence and a good planner.
As a person who has quite a busy schedule and loves to-do lists, I have been looking for a planner which would me let combine my timetable and my tasks. I looked around for quite some time, but none of the "custom-planners" actually allowed you to design it to your needs. Then finally I stumbled across Agendio.
Now I have the planner I've always dreamed of. I take my time to write all my goals down, I take the time to organize my chores. And at the end of the day I have more time to do what I wanted to do. Since I work with this planner I have quit a lot of my old bad habits and evolved new ones which help me improve my life.
Of course the major change was within myself, but the Agendio Planner was like a guiding light and a constant reminder of how I want to work, what I seek to achieve, and who I aspire to be.


Just what I need!

Ann, WA (US) Model #32431

This combination that Agedio let me design of monthly pages, weekly pages, and daily pages works perfectly for a oddly structured life. I can keep everything I need in one place and find it easily. If there was one change I would make I would like to be able to add additional pockets - maybe one at the front of the planner as well. I also wish that larger coils were available so I could get a whole year in one book - but I understand that is probably less than feasible. Since this planner only holds six months worth I will be ordering another for the second half of the year in the next month or two. I like the high quality paper but would be perfectly happy with something a little less thick - I like for the pages I've used to feel...well, used. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase! Thanks.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my planner!!

L.K., ID (US) Model #32379

I completely love my Agendio planner!! I love Bullet Journals, but do not have the time to fully use one, so I always end up giving up. But then, I heard about the Agendio on the Shubox blog. With this, I got to have the consistency on each page without drawing it all myself, but then I still get to be so creative within the pages! This sounds really cheesy, especially because it ended up being way more expensive than I anticipated because of all of the add-ins that I chose, but it has changed my life - it allows me to keep everything together (things I'm grateful for, to-do list, memories of my daughters, meal planning, etc) in a beautiful way. I am already building my planner for next year!


Excellent Quality and Functionality

J.B., MT (US) Model #32120

Nicest planner I have ever owned!



C.P., ON (CA) Model #32486

Fantastic product and quality. Helps me put my work into action, my own way.


Love it

S.F., KY (US) Model #32061

I was looking for a planner without the weeks in between each month but all the ones I found were too small for what I needed. This let me customize ever aspect of the planner for the way I needed. I love it!


Love this always

Rachael R., IN (US) Model #32571

This is my 3rd agendio planner. Love the process, love the result.


love it

J.V., CA (US) Model #32044

LOVE my agendio and i show it off to everyone. It's the planner i've always wanted. already scheming for the next one.


Only planner I've ever been able to use

H.W., TX (US) Model #32421

I've struggled my whole life to use a planner. Now that I can customize it to my needs I can't imagine life without it. It's made a huge difference.


Best planner I have ever had!

Susan, IN (US) Model #32371

I absolutely love my planner. I use my planner for work and personal so the ability to customize almost every detail is so important. Agendio gives me the ability to make my planner work for me. Worth every penny!


I've finally found a planner that works perfectly for me!

Lori, AL (US) Model #32132

I've used a planner for a long time, but until Agendio, I always had to adapt planners or work around the layout. Every year I would go in search of the "perfect" planner, thinking surely there was one out there. The last system I used before Agendio was a modified bullet journal system, but writing it out myself week after week was tiring. The flexibility Agendio provides in customizing the layout has allowed me to keep the same system for over 3 years now! When I reorder, all I have to do is pick new covers and colors! I enjoy using my planner now, and don't have to "work around" someone else's layout. I cannot recommend it enough!


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