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Agendio is the BEST Customizable Planner or Notebook

Jean Singleton, NY (US) Notebook

I'm a Planner-Aholic! I've been using Agendio for several years. I've always looked forward to getting a fresh new planner every January. Since using Agendio, I get twice as happy, because I create a Planner, and a matching client notebook. Each year, I tweak my customization a little, so every Planner & Notebook is different. And Agendio adds new items and improves upon the old ones, as well. This year, I did a full-sized Planner, spiral bound with tabs and tear-off corners, and I made my Buyers & Sellers Notebook the smaller-sized version, also with tabs.


The finished product is very good

Michael Kahn, NJ (US) Model #32454

The calendar is very good and I like that I designed it for my needs


I love it!

H.M., BC (CA) Model #32074

This is my second Agendio and I am very happy with this product! I love it!


Perfect for teachers!

Allen Michael Corder, KY (US) Model #32039

I love my agendio! I use it scheduling lesson plans and meetings, as well as doctor appointments, kinds ball games, school events, etc. I like the month at a glance setup so I can write in the boxes and see what’s coming up a week, 2 weeks, etc. in the future. I’ll definitely be ordering another when this one runs out in the summer!



James Higgins, CT (US) Model #32479

Love the concept of these products and love each Planner I have designed and tweaked each 6 months along the way: Even my first was much better than any planner, diary, calendar or system that I have EVER used before, such as Daytimers, Panda Planner, Covington or generics because this has exactly has what I need because I put it in. Thank you!


Great Planner

C.F., OH (US) Model #32143

The quality of the planner was what I expected, considering the cost, but I was disappointed with the amount of time it took to arrive. It took nearly 4 weeks to get my planner after I ordered it but I am thankful that Agendio reprinted it after noticing a defect.


Customize your pages!

Amber, NH (US) Model #32079

I love that I could customize the weekly layout pages. As a busy mom of 3, I needed space to make notes and lists about the various aspects of my life. I was so excited to receive it, I checked the mailbox several times the day it arrived. So excited!


Exactly what I needed

W.G., MN (US) Model #32421

I was able to make exactly what I needed. I wish I could change two things, however:

1) My name on the outside.
2) your website is hard to navigate.


I'm so happy that I found Agendio!

Rosanna Penate, OK (US) Model #32451

I am very excited about using my new planner this coming year. I'm ready for January to get here so that I can start using it! I loved being able to truly make it mine and even though the process took me a while to get it like I truly wanted it, I plan to keep using it each coming year! This is the best that I have found and for me this is the perfect planner.



P.S., GA (US) Model #32371

I stumbled across Agendio as I was looking for "just the right" calendar. It's been the best thing ever. The quality of the printing, paper, binding, cover, etc. are just exceptional and hold up well to my constant abuse. Custom printing and layout on the inside makes it functional to MY needs. It's a little pricey but totally worth it for me to be able to stay organized in a way that's comfortable and productive for me instead of me having to adapt to someone else's style.


Best planner so far.

Jennifer K., CO (US) Model #32420

I love that I can customize the planner to what I like and get the general setup I find most productive.

I like the holiday additions, font choices, planner sizes, and ability to get monthly, weekly, and daily.

My reduction of two stars is for the following reasons:
(1) Changing styles requires starting from scratch.
(2) A click and drag option would be so much easier, or a double click to add labels
(3) I would have liked to type as much into my planner, as opposed to being limited to 3-4 things (e.g., my daily to-do lists, weekly events that require an action, etc)
(4) slightly smaller print and bigger gap between the binding and print, it’s very difficult to write near the spiral ring.
(5) I wish monthly tabs were automatically included, I used DIY vinyl tabs since $10 was a lot.
(6) I wish there was more ability to customize (like complete customization with clicking and dragging different features), instead of only using premade styles
(7) contact pages (A-Z) should be automatically included, or ability to add A-Z contacts and customize contact info
(8) price is high, although quality is great so that wasn’t a huge factor.

I will probably get this planner again next year, I just wish there were the above changes


Great planner

Clint F., CO (US) Model #32042

The planner is fantastic. There are a couple small things that I would change, but even with those issues, it's better than any other planner I could find. The cost is a bit steep though.


Great Planner!

J.R., NC (US) Model #32377

Love my planner! I have paid so much money buying planners it's ridiculous. Every single one I would start to use and end up throwing away because it didn't suit my needs.
This is the first one I've used for more than 4 months and I can easily say I will use it for the entire year. Customization is the key!! Love love love!!


Needs more flexibility

Richard Carson, (AU) Model #32114

I do like the planners, this is my second, however; they need to add additional flexibility to the weeks (maybe add a section to combine Saturday and Sunday into one entry, or change up Sunday for a ‘review’ section) it seems the ‘days’ are totally inflexible and the review needs to eat into other page ‘real estate’......
Also, why not offer individual cover logo/initials/embellishment????



H.M., MI (US) Model #32448

I absolutely LOVE my agendio planner. I love how customizable it is and so can really fit my particular needs. I finally feel like I have achieved "planner peace". Thank you so much for this great product!


Most customizable planner ever!!

Maureen D., MI (US) Model #32111

I chose the medium size Agendio and have been extremely happy! I have been using planners for 30 years and this is the most customizable one I've come across. I was able to pick the colors I wanted and was able to design every single detail of the layout, down to the font! The cover of this planner is amazing. I don't know what it's made of, but it feels like suede and looks very classy. I like the fact that this planner is wire-bound, but the rings are hidden and are not huge like so many of the other planners on the market. The elastic strap keeps the planner nice and snug for privacy and portability. I've had many of the decorative planners, but I don't care for the "fluff" and appreciate that the Agendio is supremely functional. I will definitely order again for next year. Keep up the good work, Agendio!!


This is my third Agendio

Kerry Lynn, AZ (US) Model #32560

Love this planner. My daughter and I sit together each Thanksgiving afternoon and create our planners for the year ahead. It took me three tries to get one that works perfectly. This one is my favorite!


More than pleased!

Anna, CO (US) Model #32045

I could not be happier with my planner. I stumbled upon Agendio during a late-night search for yet another new planning option. The amount of money I've spent on planners over the years is, quite honestly, obscene! But finally I found one that had all the options I could possibly need, namely because I designed it. I'm now able to keep track of my home life, kids' happenings, work and so much more on one spread (workout routine, dinner plans, mileage and more). Everything about it works for me. It arrived incredibly fast, too. This is the only planner I'll ever order again.


Great Planner!

E.R., LA (US) Model #32316

This is my second year of using Agendio, and it's really helped organized the various projects that I handle throughout the year as well as organize my personal life!


Best Planner Ever!

Robin A., CA (US) Model #32578

2020 is my 4th year using Agendio and I couldn't be happier! Over the years I've modified my layout, changed the size, changed the binding and covers, but consistently I've used and loved my planners. I even managed to attach a pen holder which makes it absolutely perfect! See you again in 2021!


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