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Love it

Vickie R., AZ (US) Model #22576

it’s hard to find the perfect planner. I love the fact that I can make the one that is perfect for me.


The PERFECT agenda

J.M., TX (US) Model #32100

I honestly spent hundreds of dollars on agendas only to find they didn’t work for me.
That was until I found Agendio!! Completely personalized down to fonts and colors. To set it up how it works best for me and my OCD is amazing! This will be my only planner.


Fun and Functional

Janelle, CA (US) Model #32124

One of my favorite things about my Agendio planner experience, besides its look and functionality, is the design process. It was fun to design my planner. The smooth, modular customization options were easy to explore and play around with. I especially appreciate how true to life each of the previews for the different styles look.

There are also many great weekly/monthly combinations to choose from, a large enough selection where I didn't feel limited in what layout I wanted to choose. I could truly tailor this planner to my personal work style.


Love this Planner!

Sarah Myers, OH (US) Model #32432

I bought this planner because a co-worker had one, and I have used it every single day for the last six months! In fact, I just ordered my second one. I love the customization and ability to make it exactly what I need for my professional life. If you are on the fence, just buy it!


Life changing

Samantha Mathews, PA (US) Model #32096

I could not live my Planner more. I am a mental health therapist at two practices, a mom of two busy kids, and am active in the community and it was hard to find something that met all my needs. So thankful for this custom planner and I will definitely be getting one every year. The quality is amazing. The cover is soft and the book is thin. Easy to take with me everywhere.


Love my own personal system.

Linda P., NV (US) Model #32035

I love that I can build a system according to how my mind works. I have tried others, but this has been the best. Who knows me better than me? Hello?


Planner Dilemma Solved

Kristine M., TX (US) Model #32068

You have no idea what my life was like before I found you guys! Seriously, each year I begin the quest for finding the perfect planner usually around September. For weeks I did tons of research, even talked to my coworker about my plight (who was getting sick of hearing about it btw). I lost sleep over it! But then I discovered your service and I felt like someone finally read my mind! I had the best of both worlds: I could make my own functional planner that served my needs AND looked great at the same time without being too over complicated. The design process was long, but I liked all the options. I was so happy when it arrived and as I used it, I'm learning what works and what doesn't work for me so that next year, I can make my next planner even better. Thanks so much for offering such a great service!


FINALLY! The perfect planner!

J.B., FL (US) Model #32044

This is the second year of using Agendio. Last year was ok, but I hadn't thought out absolutely everything so I had some adjustments to make. The very fact that I "could" make adjustments had me excited! And now, this year, I have the EXACT planner that I've always needed and wanted! For me, I needed an appointment/calendar with a journal built in to keep my notes together and this absolutely hit the mark. I might make another tweak next year but I'm extremely happy with what I have and it works for me better than anything I've ever used before.

This is the HIGHEST quality planner/scheduler/calendar I've ever come across and now that I have a previous year under my belt, I can say, with all honesty, this WILL last a year of abuse! The paper is thick and won't let ink bleed through and it's kind of the envy of everyone who sees it and asks where I got this. GREAT PRODUCT and worth every penny!

HIGHLY recommend!


Fantastic product

A.L., AB (CA) Model #32159

The customized agenda is a life saver. I use it to combine my home and work schedules. I love how I can enter recurring events and theyre saved in my account so you never have to renter them. I've used the agendas for the last two years and will use them for many more.


I wish I could customize the layouts more

M.R., VA (US) Model #32050

I really love this planner and I use it every day but I wish I could customize the layouts more. Right now you can change the way the lines look, add labels, etc. I wish I had more ability to organize the layout so that I have the same number of days on each page of the week and more space on the bottom for daily lists


Best planner I’ve ever found!

Bella , WA (US) Model #32130

I am very, very happy with my Agendio planner. The ability to customize almost every part of it makes it feel like it’s truly mine...I used other brands before this, and have never felt they were as easy and useful as this one is. It looks good, feels good, and I was able to customize it to the point that it feels like using an extension of myself, vs having to find ways to work around it (or worse...having to invest a small fortune in stickers to attempt to customize the planner the way I’d like). My only complaint is that I wish we could have our names embossed into the hard covers, vs the Agendio logo....I was very sad to see that wasn’t an offer. I’ll absolutely be going with Agendio for my future planners! And hope they end up adding an embossed hardcover option in the future :)



D.B., NJ (US) Model #22365

Finally! I have found the planner inserts that are arranged the way I want! This is the one!


Best purchase i have made in a long time

Vickie L., (AU) Model #32454

I was so impressed with my 6 month personalised planner that I have already created and ordered my next one. Being able to adapt the planner pages to my lifestyle has made me more productive at work and helped me keep better track of personal appointments and things to do. I also now only need one diary/planner as my planner now contains space for my gratitude journalling and other personal items I used to have to keep in a separate book.


Great customization

G.P., OR (US) Model #32064

Only planner that allows you to customize to your unique needs so well. Fast delivery and great quality.


I always recommend Agendio

Teri Lyn M., IL (US) Model #32120

It’s my second Agendio and I have loved them both. This year I went with the smaller size and it’s working out great.



L.R., (ES) Model #32532

I really lile it. It turned out as I wished and I would recommend it. I like how customizable and thourough it is. I would suggest more cover options, even hard cover, more accesories and a cheaper price or benefits for those who buy every year. ????


Love the customization

Marie, NC (US) Model #32159

This was my first time buying one so I spent a lot of time customizing the way I wanted the planner to look how I needed it to look and function.
I love it!! I have more then enough places to write my notes. I have daily columns that give me enough space to plan my day.
I have a few things I will change for the next years planner now that I have been using it for a few months. But, they definitely have options that will do that, I just didn’t know which would work better for me. Now I know!!
I will definitely get another one next year!!


Great planner, hoping for more options

Amanda, NY (US) Model #32316

My planner arrived promptly and is exactly what I ordered. The pages are high quality, the binding secure, and the cover material and style are professional and high quality. I'm hoping Agendio continues to expand its customization options, however. I would love to see things like cover personalization, better control of where notes pages can be put (e.g. after each month, select a number of notes pages), and an option of including one wider column for writing names to keep track of data using the grid pages. Overall I'm very satisfied with my planner. Agendio offers the best customization options out there that I've been able to find, and I'll definitely be returning to see what updates/additions they make to their products next year.


Loving it!

Tina, TX (US) Model #32134

First time user of the Agendio planner. I love that I was able to customize it for my specific needs!


I don’t use it/ it’s not for me

M.M., CA (US) Model #32450

It’s huge. I can’t carry that big thing around with me everywhere. I should have known better. It’s hard to see your year and plan. Should have gotten month tabs (but it would have just made it bulkier. )


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