Agendio customer reviews

Great for freelance life

D.M., KY (US) Model #22214

I've looked for years for the right planner for my freelance work and could never find it. Agendio us the first one I've ordered a second time because it's the only one flexible enough for my work


Love my planner

Jennifer, TN (US) Model #32060

I was impressed that I got to personalize my planner in so many ways. I will definitely make another one when this one ends!


My favourite yet!

Chelsea, AB (CA) Model #32100

I have used agendas my whole life and feel that they are the most important part of my productivity, my success at work and volunteering, and my personal growth. Every year I get a bit pickier about what I want my agenda to be and do, and this has been my favourite to date. After my first Agendio, I have never looked back and although it seemed expensive at first, the value is all there for me and it is the best purchase I make all year.

Best things: custom line height and schedule, saving birthdays and special dates from last year so I didn't have to type them all in again, custom sidebar lists and I love the ability to put in custom note pages at the end. Last year I had tear off tabs to mark the date, this year I splurged on date tabs instead and got a planner band to find the date. The size first perfectly in my small backpack and it is sturdy and stays looking nice in spite of all the abuse I put it through.

The trial and error every year is the most fun part for me, and I know that when September rolls around I will spend a lot of time perfecting my 2020 calendar to make everything just how I want it :)


Customized Dream

Jessica Hansen, UT (US) Model #32096

I love my Agendio! I spent almost 6 months creating mine, and of course there was too many options (not such a bad thing though)! I looke forward to my next creation! The only downside was waiting for it to be created/delivered.


Excellent options for customization

A.N., CA (US) Model #32536

I loved how many options were available for customizing weekly layouts, and that this could be further personalized for my daily needs. It looks beautiful and it is highly functional.


Thank you

Ellen, MA (US) Model #32132

Love my planner!


Agendio Is Perfection!!

Tara Wallace, KS (US) Model #32042

As a college professor and therapist it has been difficult finding a planner that meets all of my needs. The options offered by Agendio allowed me to create exactly what I needed AND it's stylish!


Best agenda ever

Lena W., ON (CA) Model #22484

I love my Agendio! For years I’ve been hunting for the perfect inserts for my Filofax designed to match they way I work. With Agendio I got to customize inserts that match my personal style and how I work throughout the day.


Amazing planner - so convenient!

Jenna W., GA (US) Model #32454

I've been using and abandoning planners and notebooks since college. Every one I had would always be tossed or forgotten about almost immediately. And when I looked for customizable planners and saw how expensive they could be, I almost gave up. I'm glad I tried Agendio. It's exactly what I need for my life, and I've kept up with it (almost) flawlessly! It's been a life saver with work and personal tasks. Just ordered my next one!


So Close!

Elizabeth, MD (US) Model #32586

I really like the planner. I think the quality of paper and cover are great. I would've like a non-spiral binding, but it makes sense for ease of opening the book. I wish there was more flexibility in how the week is displayed (varying format between the work week and weekend). I would also like to format how the hours are displayed and variations between solid and dotted lines within the schedule. Ideally, I'd like a weekly appointment book with a planning page at the end of the month so I'm not flipping back, and no monthly pages. I have to go back to see if that is an option.



Anlyn, CT (US) Model #32420

Please see below my suggestions...


Perfect for my lifestyle!

M.B., MI (US) Model #32432

I absolutely adore this planner. I work full time and teach an evening course for the local college, all while still trying to work in wellness and your day to day errands. This planner let me customize my daily sections to keep all of my to-do's for work, teaching, and my personal life organized and on task.
I also love the ability to add in monthly goals and reviews to help keep me on track and check in with my progress.
After literally years of drawing my own lines to portion days and trying to make off the shelf planners work for me this planner has been a lifesaver. Now everything is organized and fits exactly what I need. Best investment ever.


I'm in Love!

Deirdre S., VA (US) Model #32463

I thought I knew love. Each planner or journal I purchased promised so much and seemed like "the one." In time, however, I would recognize that I was trying too hard to make the relationship work. In each case, I found myself compromising on things that I didn't want to compromise on. Inevitably, I ended up feeling like I was trying to conform to someone else's vision, goals, passions, and perspective of the world. I would start avoiding and drifting until the relationship died. Sometimes I wondered if it was just me and that maybe I wasn't a planner person...until Agendio crossed my path.

Agendio gives me unprecedented space to just be me, accepting me unconditionally, and encouraging my creativity. I've been able to explore and nurture parts of myself that were neglected with other planners. My heart and mind are at ease as Agendio has provided exactly what I've dreamed of and formatted to perfection. This is a planner I want to spend time with! We start the day setting intentions and practicing gratitudes. It keeps me organized as an entrepreneur, allowing more mental energy for planning and creating. We end the day with a celebration of successes and joys (large and small) before turning into bed at night.

I believe the negative and unwanted experiences of our lives give us clarity about what we do want and Agendio has given me exactly what I have wanted and more!


Love MY Planner

Nicole Gebhardt, IN (US) Model #32110

I have tried dozens of planners over the years: day, week, month, 1-year, 90-day, goal planners, life planners etc... and none have ever been quite right. Since I'm a publisher, I even considered making my own.

And then...I discovered Agendio!

I love that I can use your templates and still arrange everything to make my OWN planner using the best ideas I've gleaned from others.

This is my second year with Agendio and the only planner I've used consistently week after week...ever! Thank you for creating such a great product and a process that allowed me to publish my own custom planner in about an hour!

I'm a fan for many years to come. :)


Love this thing!

R.M., PA (US) Model #32452

I am a planner freak, so when I found that I could make a customized planner, it was amazing. I could make it exactly the way I wanted, and I didn't even have to do too much extra stuff. The only reason I made it fewer than 5 stars is that it is kind of expensive, but really, when you think about it, it’s less than $10/month, which isn't bad at all.

Also, it must be magic of some sort because I had my old planner in my bag on the floor of my room and my new planner next to the bag out in the open, and my dog chose to go into my bag and eat my old planner that I was already done with instead of the one that was right in front of him, so it is #blessed



B.S., AB (CA) Model #32046

I have a demanding, fast-paced, multi-faceted position with a non-profit provincial association and this agenda makes my life so much easier. The customization allows it to suits my organization style perfectly, down to the very tiny details. This is the second year in a row I have purchased and will definitely be back again.


Solid Planner

Allison, TN (US) Model #32088

10/10 will purchase again. Enjoyed customizing everything so it really met my needs and filled the gap I needed to get me organized.



Anne S., NJ (US) Model #32143

I was having so much trouble finding a planner with the monthly and weekly layouts I wanted, which I thought were quite basic. I love that Agendio let me choose the perfect combination of pages, sections and headers. Even better, I love that my custom dates and headers are saved so I can reorder the same planner or tweak it a little for next year.


It’s perfect!

M.I., AZ (US) Model #32539

I’m absolutely in love with my planner. It is the perfect space for planning, along with light record keeping and note taking. I appreciate that my special dates and events are saved for future use.

The customization options are mind blowing. I used the flexibility to have my big life goals featured on my monthly layouts carry over to my weekly layouts. It’s helpful, and it’s paying off. I already see the inklings of new healthy financial habits forming.


Best. Discovery. Ever.

A.A., BC (CA) Model #32529

As an organized control freak personality...being able to design my own planner is a win. I’ve used planners for ages and I have bits of each that I like. My recent ‘Passion Planner’ was great in many ways but they changed the size and it was no longer an option. There is no perfect system that will get you EXACTLY what you want but Agendio is pretty close. I’ve also learned what I want to do differently next time.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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