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Fantastic Customization

Anna B., MS (US) Model #32447

I love my planner! It's exactly what I wanted because I was able to make it exactly how I needed. It's beautiful, contains no unnecessary extras that get in the way or waste space and has all my friend's birthdays! I love that I was able to get clear cut headers that have made my day to day planning experience so streamlined while also having a monthly page that keeps me organized without being too small. It's very well made and the colors are nice but not too bright. A great purchase! Totally worth the money.


Agendio Is Perfection!!

Tara James-Wallace, KS (US) Model #32042

As a college professor and therapist it has been difficult finding a planner that meets all of my needs. The options offered by Agendio allowed me to create exactly what I needed AND it's stylish!


agendio true love!

A.B., CA (US) Model #32074

i use my agenda every single day in order to help me keep track of my day job, my side job, and all my travel and activities. i wanted something very specific (but didn't have the time or will to create it myself via bullet journal) and had tried different companies for years before i found agendio. everything is so customizable, it's incredible. i can literally build the agenda of my dreams.
i use it without fail (i haven't abandoned it half way through the year like with other agendas). thank you!


I am OCD and this thing is amazing!

Aaron A., NY (US) Model #22558

I have tried all kinds of different kinds of journals, all of them have their own gimmick, from feelings to time management and mood tracking. This allows me to customize it to exactly what i use, and how my job and life work. Fantastic quality as well. I will only use Agendio from now on!


Perfect for teachers!

Allen Michael Corder, KY (US) Model #32039

I love my agendio! I use it scheduling lesson plans and meetings, as well as doctor appointments, kinds ball games, school events, etc. I like the month at a glance setup so I can write in the boxes and see what’s coming up a week, 2 weeks, etc. in the future. I’ll definitely be ordering another when this one runs out in the summer!


Personalization at its best. Love it.

S.V., CA (US) Model #32117

For someone who knows very specifically what they want and need in a planner, this is perfect. The ability to personalize it down to the smallest details is fantastic! It had an incredibly fast order process/print time, and the quality is fantastic. Definitely wouldn't remove anything, just add a few more extras for more customization.


I’ve looked for this for years!

Starla, IL (US) Model #32110

This is the second agendio I’ve made and I’m loving it. I’m already noting tweaks for next year’s version. As a therapist, I’ve always wanted to have the ability to build my own datebook and now I can!


Love it!

Kaitlin S., WI (US) Model #32421

Love how customizable this planner is. I don’t think I will use another planner ever.


I love it!

S.W., GA (US) Model #32058

It is so cute and just how I created it! I will definitely get another one next year! I will use it every year of college and possibly even in my professional life! The only down side is that it is slightly expensive, but when considering all the personalization that happens, it works out.


Love it

Shai K., (IL) Model #32108

as always, this planner is superb, extremely high quality and really fun to customize


So Close!

Elizabeth, MD (US) Model #32586

I really like the planner. I think the quality of paper and cover are great. I would've like a non-spiral binding, but it makes sense for ease of opening the book. I wish there was more flexibility in how the week is displayed (varying format between the work week and weekend). I would also like to format how the hours are displayed and variations between solid and dotted lines within the schedule. Ideally, I'd like a weekly appointment book with a planning page at the end of the month so I'm not flipping back, and no monthly pages. I have to go back to see if that is an option.


Love this planner!

S.F., IL (US) Model #32450

I bought this to get myself to be more organized during my second year of college because I juggle a lot of activities and I had added being a Resident's Assistant to that list. This planner is like my life line and has plenty of room to organize all my classes and the events related to the activities/organizations I am apart of!


Perfect Planner For Me

K.J., KS (US) Model #32103

Love it! The customization is the best part


Such a lifesaver!

Susan, ME (US) Model #32419

I am truly in love with my agendio. I cant even remember how I lived without it. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to organize their life, their work and even their personal life. I show and brag up my agendio to everyone I can. They laugh at how big it is, but I know they are quite impressed. My productivity at work is so much better, thanks to my Agendio.


Good things come to those who PLAN...

Andrea J., CO (US) Model #32044

Love my Agendio! Thank you!

I don't want my calendar, todo's, goals and lists to be electronic I want to engage with that process pen to paper.

Even before my Agendio arrived the very process of planning out my Planner - meant I had to spend quality time thinking about my year's goals, dreams, ideas, and tasks--an invaluable process in and of itself...

Having a planner I love means I actually look forward crossing off tasks and filling in items on my Agendio, even for the things I least like to do.

My Agendio has helped make growing my business while maintaining a satisfying work/life balance easy and FUN!

An Agendio is a must-have for the pen & paper planner types...


love it!

Campbell, NY (US) Model #32454

Really great tracker, I use it every day!


One of my favorite things

Heidi, NY (US) Model #32450

I loved building my new planner and I love using it every day. The cover seems more durable than last year’s planner as well.


I've finally found a planner that works perfectly for me!

Lori, AL (US) Model #32132

I've used a planner for a long time, but until Agendio, I always had to adapt planners or work around the layout. Every year I would go in search of the "perfect" planner, thinking surely there was one out there. The last system I used before Agendio was a modified bullet journal system, but writing it out myself week after week was tiring. The flexibility Agendio provides in customizing the layout has allowed me to keep the same system for over 3 years now! When I reorder, all I have to do is pick new covers and colors! I enjoy using my planner now, and don't have to "work around" someone else's layout. I cannot recommend it enough!


Great layout!

Chris, OR (US) Model #32120

I loved being able to modify the design to find so.ething that worked well for me.


Best planner I've ever had

Jeff, AZ (US) Model #32132

I buy a planner every year. The problem was I would never end up using it because I could never find one that did everything I wanted it to. I like paper planners instead of the online ones or on my phone so those options are not for me. But now, I have found my planner and I absolutely love it. I love the ability to be able to customize it to my needs and all the various options they offer. I love that I only have to do it once and it is saved for next year and if I want to tweak a few things then, I can. The size I purchased is perfect and the quality is excellent. I love the look and feel of it as well. I will definitely be purchasing again next year. Highly recommend.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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