Agendio customer reviews

Great Book

B.C., TN (US) Model #32421

I designed it, how could I not love it? My only frustration is its soooo big. But with 6-month options for my renewal and a different physical size option, i should be very very happy.


Now I have a better idea for the future

F.S., ON (CA) Model #32450

As my first Agendio, I learned from my mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I liked it but I need to double the time of setting it up in order to get better results. To set up all the details I need, takes long time, but I think it will be worth it.


So glad I can customize!

Melissa L., TN (US) Model #32540

I'm so glad I was able to customize my planner to be exactly the way I wanted. I have some ideas for my next one. I'm looking forward to making my next one. It will be completely different. But I love that I can change it as I want.


Finally - a planner that works for me!

Cathrine, CO (US) Model #32518

I love my planner and have sent referrals to my co-workers. Every year I would search the catalog for stock planners and could never find one that worked. Agendio allowed me to take the best parts of many stock planners and create a useable tool. Great product!



K.K., CA (US) Model #32369

A truly customizable planner. I'm a teacher so my planner is where I keep track of everything, ad I was able to make a set up that perfectly fits my needs! The paper quality is great--I was worried about the pages being too thin, but they are a nice thick paper, so ink doesn't bleed through. I've been using it for about 7 mos now, and I definitely plan on getting another one for next year.


Planner peace

D.E., TX (US) Model #32070

I’ve been using this now for 3 months and I’m so happy with this. It’s so convenient and absolutely perfect.


Love this planner!!

Melinda S., FL (US) Model #32108

It's hard to beat complete customization! I love that from year to year I'm able to tweak my planner to be a perfect fit for my life, whatever that might look like. My favorite change I made this year was to remove the circles/boxes from my daily to-do list. Because my handwriting isn't small enough, my to-dos often take up more than one line. By removing the checkboxes and adding a line instead, I was able to write on more than one line and still tick items off my list without writing over a circle or box.


I'm a customer for life

Megan D. L., MA (US) Model #32046

I've had my Agendio custom-planner for a little more than a month, and I absolutely love it. The mix of month view, weekly views, and a place for to-do lists and notes has helped me stay on top of the various moving parts of my busy life. While I still share google calendars with family, my personal switch back to paper has made a huge difference in helping me to feel more organized and less overwhelmed.


Love the customization

K.R., OK (US) Model #32421

I appreciate that I can order 6 month planners, allowing me to figure out what is working and what isn't. The high quality of the entire planner is worth the cost. My planners make me happy.


Fantastic product; website not as intuitive

Roxie Speegle, AK (US) Model #32448

I love this product. I used to use the Full Focus Planner for work and found that I only used the daily pages, wasting most of the planner. I really only wanted a place to map out my day, write my 3 objectives, and then some checklists. I found agendio and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have recommended it to my staff and everyone has designed their own and use it regularly.

My only negative criticism is that I did not find the website very intuitive. It took me forever to find where I could start building one.


For those just as picky as me

Sophie, ON (CA) Model #32560

The ability to customize everything has been a dream come true for someone that can never find the right sections in normal store-bought agendas. If my daily life depends on my agenda, it must be PERFECT and Agendio does just that.


Great Planner

Christine, NE (US) Model #32102

Love how I can make the exact planner I want .


Designing to the max

K.G., CA (US) Model #32542

I spent a very long time building my perfect planner. Or what I thought would be my perfect planner. I love almost everything about the specific options I was given for my planner. Unfortunately I don't like the layout I chose. Shoot.


Love this planner

Crystal Vetter, MT (US) Model #32431

This planner is spectacular and everything I needed to take my business to the next level.


I love my Agendio

Takiyah A., NC (US) Model #32032

I was just tweeting my love for my Agendio this morning. I've tried a TON of planners but the customization of the Agendio makes it top notch. The weekly and monthly views I need are here and the beauty of the "spanning pagelets" is a game changer. I do wish the Agendio was prettier but the new cover options are great -- this means my next order will be even better! The quality, custom options and personalization make the Agendio an excellent planner for anyone looking for quality, style and ease of use.


Best Planner Ever

J.S., MO (US) Model #22468

I absolutely love how much I can customize my planner. There are tons of formats to fit anyone's needs, the styles look great, and this planner definitely keeps me organized.


First-time Agendio user

Laurie, TN (US) Model #32137

I'm a several-year Erin Condren agenda client but I just wasn't crazy about their hardback cover design for 2019. So I took a chance on the Agendio planner for 2019. I like the format, size, quality and feel of my Agendio. Things I would improve: the ability to personalize the cover with my name (helps if anyone else in the office has a similar planner) and more notes sheet in the back (I ordered the maximum and they're nearly all full now). It's March 13 - there's a lot more note-taking to do in 2019!


Second Year of Using Agendio

Pamela B., CA (US) Model #32110

I really love the ability to set my Agendio up to suit my needs. I found a few thing that I thought I would use but didn't with last year's, so I was able to further tailor my planner to my needs this time.


Everything I Wanted

Ashlyn N., IL (US) Model #32039

I have been on the search for years for the ‘perfect planner’, often buying multiple planners for the same year because I was just never satisfied. I was so excited to find Agendio! I’m 5 months in and it has fit my needs perfectly! Because I wanted to use my planner for both my personal life and my work life, I was able to customize it as such. The habit tracker and bills pages are my favorites! I am looking forward to ordering my next Agendio- I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different planner ever again! *Finally at planner peace*


Best customisable planner out there.

D.P., (ES) Model #32071

I've had my Agendio Planner for over two weeks now and I must admit I'm very happy I made the move to buy it despite the additional expense of shipping it outside of the American continent...

It had been long since I last used a physical planner if I am honest, as most of our lives are (too) digitalised nowadays. Instead of a regular personal planner I was using a Project Planner (similar to Microsoft Project). For some reason, I suddenly decided I wanted a physical version of this Project Planner that would also serve me as a Personal Planner. I searched over the internet for physical planners with no luck... Then I decided to look into customisable planners, and voilà! I found Agendio.

Agendio allows me to have a monthly planner at the beginning for a bigger overview of my project plans, followed by a fully customisable weekly planner. In this weekly planner I'm able to break-down the days into projects (work, YouTube channel, health, hobbies, etc) instead of time. Not only that, but it also allows me to better specify my projects on a "span pagelet" feature at the top.

I also love the fact that Agendio can print your own personal events or anniversaries before it being shipped to you. I always forget about birthday dates and end up feeling bad... so this year I've told myself enough's enough! Hopefully I won't miss any now :)

I thought for some reason I had a bigger character count to write this... so I'll finish saying that I will most likely be buying again in a year


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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