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Planner Peace - Almost!

Susan M., (AU) Model #32539

I found out about Agendio from a Facebook planning group I’m part of. Not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised about the extensive customisation you can do, so I spent three hours customising my perfect planner. As I’m from Australia I had to try to reduce the cost as shipping overseas from US is very expensive. I compromised on some planning pages and reduced the notes pages to keep the overall cost with conversion down. Still, I am extremely happy with the planner I have. The customisation process is easy to understand and navigate and the number of custom options you can have is amazing. I ordered the 7x9 size weekly and monthly pages with the hard cover. The only downside for me was the hard cover. I prefer to fold back my pages to write on the left side and with the coil and hard cover this was unable to be done without damage - so I actually removed both the cover and the coil after a week. A waste of money in my case, but next year - and I’ll definitely be buying again - I’ll get the A5 inserts and punch them to put in a binder. Overall I’m very happy with my Agendio. My Wishlist for the company would be that they offer leather binders and covers to go over the spiralled planner, B5 size pages, and soft bound books that lay flat.


Best purchase i have made in a long time

Vickie L., (AU) Model #32454

I was so impressed with my 6 month personalised planner that I have already created and ordered my next one. Being able to adapt the planner pages to my lifestyle has made me more productive at work and helped me keep better track of personal appointments and things to do. I also now only need one diary/planner as my planner now contains space for my gratitude journalling and other personal items I used to have to keep in a separate book.



Leila W., MA (US) Model #32092

My Agendio planner is perfect and everything I could ever want. This is the third successive planner I've purchased. I love that I can customize the layouts and pages so that I can include absolutely everything I need and want. Communication with the company is super easy and they were great informing me about production delays at the beginning of the COVID lock-downs. Have recommended to family and friends in the past and will continue to do so.


Worth the money

L.F., SC (US) Model #32058

A personalized planner costs more than buying one off the shelf - but I got exactly what I wanted and needed. This is my second agendio. The first one needed some tweaks to get it right because I didn’t use it exactly like I thought I would. The 2.0 version is pretty perfect. I HIGHLY recommend the hard “leather” cover over the cardboard/spiral bound cover. My first one had the flimsy cover and it didn’t last the entire year. Very cheap. But the hard cover is holding up nicely after 10 weeks of daily use.


Best Customizable Agenda

Shirl S., GA (US) Model #32401

I looked at several websites for planners, but I felt like this was the one I had the most control over to make it exactly what I needed. I really like that the previous year planner was on the site, so I just changed a few things that needed improvement.


My favorite planner ever

Maggie, TX (US) Model #32420

So customizable. I’m able to make it exactly what I want. I was able to make a planner for my life and my lessons as a teacher into one. Will buy over and over again.


Solves the "this planner is ALMOST perfect" issue

Johanna C., GA (US) Model #22318

I've been through many planners, and found several aspects of each that I've liked, but none have been completely perfect for me. What I love about Agendio is that I can incorporate bits and pieces of other planners so that MY planner can let me plan out goals (long-term and short-term), have a daily to-do list handy, incorporate some corny inspirational quotes, devise meal plans and exercise logs, AND remind me when my next dentist appt is. Previously I had several notebooks/planners to do each task and never kept up with all of them. It's great to have this all in one place.

It does take a decent amount of work to set it up the way you want it, but it is worth the effort.


Love it!

K.H., VA (US) Model #32124

This planner is awesome! I absolutely love my customized planner. The quality is very high. I was able to tailor my planner to what I needed and it's allowed me to keep all my notes in one place. I used to have a to-do list, plus various notes and papers in other places to keep track of other projects/plans. Now I've included blank paper and spaces to add those in addition to my daily calendar, and it's worked so well! Love it.


Best planner ever

Janet, TX (US) Model #22535

I’ve used many different big names planners over the years. They were usually ok, but never perfect. I loved being able to design exactly what I wanted. I was able to design the perfect planner for me.


Another great set of inserts

V.B., MA (US) Model #12306

I created another set of inserts for my Gillio personal size planner and again they are perfect. You really get to make everything just the way you want from fonts to colors, to adding special dates. No other company let's you do that. It's so much fun! And the paper is awesome! Thank you for a great product.


Another great year with Agendio

L.W., ON (CA) Model #22484

Finally! A customizable agenda that I designed based on how I work and think. Looking forward to using my inserts in 2022!


Academic calendar option and folders

Theresa, ME (US) Model #32427

I love my planner and am satisfied with it. However, I would have preferred an academic calendar option (September through June) and the ability to have a folder in the front as well as the back of the planner



Susie Reece, AR (US) Model #32022

I love this new customized calendar! It turned out exactly like what I saw when I was making it online. The only things I would improve or suggest would be to have a customizable cover- maybe even using personal images, and the second would be page placement. I'm particular to having my month overview precede my weeks of the month. This one had all the months at the front and all the weeks after. Other than that, this will definitely be the only calendar I ever purchase again. You got me for life.


Just what I was looking for.

Shawntay Fenyo F., MD (US) Model #32086

This appointment book was perfect. I am never able to find what I need in the stores and it was super easy to create what I needed and I love that I could customize it to my complete specifications. It would have been nice to be able to use a custom cover. Perhaps I didn't find the option but that would have made this entire purchase 100% perfect. I love it though and will certainly buy again for next year.



Mary W., KY (US) Model #12295

Refilled my Franklin binder with my customized planner and I now have the best calendar system ever. So happy...thank you Agendio for the bliss! My life is so much better organized.


Just what I needed.

J.K., FL (US) Model #22550

I tried out with a 6 month insert for my journal. My first attempt at designing it was so positive, I have since ordered a whole year, tweaked and fine tuned to my needs. I couldn't be happier with the ease of creation and final results. Knowing that I will be able to adjust future planners to my changing needs is a bonus, too.


Love the customization options

D.H., ON (CA) Model #32126

I love my first agenda I created on Agendio, but it is a learning experience. While I spent time customizing and choosing components, I think it's one of those things that you don't know what you truly want/need until you experience using it. I already have ideas of improvement to adjust my next agenda to my taste. If you're hesitant, maybe go for a 6-month agenda and see how you like it :)


Great planner, hoping for more options

Amanda, NY (US) Model #32316

My planner arrived promptly and is exactly what I ordered. The pages are high quality, the binding secure, and the cover material and style are professional and high quality. I'm hoping Agendio continues to expand its customization options, however. I would love to see things like cover personalization, better control of where notes pages can be put (e.g. after each month, select a number of notes pages), and an option of including one wider column for writing names to keep track of data using the grid pages. Overall I'm very satisfied with my planner. Agendio offers the best customization options out there that I've been able to find, and I'll definitely be returning to see what updates/additions they make to their products next year.


Very impressed

H.E., (UK) Model #32470

Planner is perfect, and international delivery took 2 weeks less than anticipated!


Best set-up

S.D., GA (US) Model #32480

After dabbling with a couple different planners from other companies, I figured out what I needed for my daily life, and I was able to create that with ease in Agendio.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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