Agendio customer reviews

Just what I wanted

Geoff J., CA (US) Model #32420

Came out just the way i imagined.


Love my Agendio!

E.P., BC (CA) Model #32062

I love my Agendio planner! I love planners, but always felt like they missed the mark on what my actual needs were. Enter Agendio. While the price is a bit steep, it's worth it for me to have something that is tailored to fit my needs. This was my first Agendio, but it won't be my last!


Love the customization!

Susan, NY (US) Model #32047

This is a fantastic planner. Agendio allows you to customize every single aspect of the book, from font to layout. So many options! With other planners, even the "customized" ones, you need to adjust your style to the layouts that they provide. But not with Agendio. I created a planner with the layout and design that I needed. If you juggle many things every single day like I do, a planner that can be individualized to this degree is critical. I'd be lost without it.


Amazing planner

J.C., MA (US) Model #32420

I am so excited to have a planner that finally fits my needs because I was able to design it myself. The one thing I would change is the font for the events I entered is too small. I wish there was an option to make it bigger.


Now I have a better idea for the future

F.S., ON (CA) Model #32450

As my first Agendio, I learned from my mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I liked it but I need to double the time of setting it up in order to get better results. To set up all the details I need, takes long time, but I think it will be worth it.


Love these planners

K.M., MA (US) Model #32056

I had a specific idea of a planner design to help my productivity and organization. Not being able to find it, I was almost resigned to creating it myself, but I stumbled upon Agendio and their customizable planners we're exactly what I needed. I love the final product and recommend them to everyone.


Love this Planner!

Sarah Myers, OH (US) Model #32432

I bought this planner because a co-worker had one, and I have used it every single day for the last six months! In fact, I just ordered my second one. I love the customization and ability to make it exactly what I need for my professional life. If you are on the fence, just buy it!


I love it!

Rawn Santiago, NJ (US) Model #32104

My agendio is amazing!! I am super organized now. I have been looking for a 100% customizeable planner for so many years. Agendio did not disappoint.


Need more calendar options

Somapun, CA (US) Model #32323

More personalized options to select weekly setup would be a lot more helpful. As well as showing actual picture samples of the covers.


Planner Peace Finally Found!

Lisa B., VA (US) Model #22292

After trying most every planning system I could find and even making my own, I still couldn't "get it right". A Facebook post led me to your site and the rest is history! Easy to navigate the site and see samples of what I was looking for. You were what I needed and you have a great customized product line!! Thank you, thank you, Thank You!!


Loving It

Leah W., CA (US) Model #32453

Printed my own planner from excel for over a year, modifying all the time. LOVE having my printed planner from Agendio exactly how I like it. Nice to be able to have a new color each month also. Already making a list of changes for my next one.


Love the customization

Tracy, MO (US) Model #32165

I love the flexibility I get to create a planner that fits how I like to be organized. I have purchased many and will continue doing so.


Love this planner!

N.S., VA (US) Model #32387

This is my third year using Agendio. I love the ease of reordering and all the ways to customize.


Outstanding diary- I love it!

Sarah E., (UK) Model #32082

I am delighted with my agendio- it is brilliant and looks amazing in my Louis Vuitton diary cover. I will definitely be ordering one again next year and every year. Love, love, love!


Personalized Agendio

T.G., MS (US) Model #32116

Love my Agendio planner. I use it for everything. The lined pages between the weekly calendar is used for church notes. It is worth every penny. I did see after I ordered mine that you can now add more tabs. I would have taken full advantage of that feature if it had been an option when I ordered mine.


Perfect planner

Katy W., (UK) Model #32012

I have a lot of life to keep track of, and designing my own planner has enabled me to do this so much better. I loved the flexibility and options offered when making my planner, and the quality is fantastic. Best planner I've ever bought.


Best Planner I’ve Ever Had

Adrian N., CO (US) Model #32139

I can’t express how much I love this planner. Being able to customize every detail to my life has helped me achieve so many goals and stay on task. As my life gets busier and I take on more responsibilities, I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I normally would. It looks great, it’s durable and everyone who sees it is either impressed or intimidated at how organized it is.


Best Date Book Ever!

D.S., MT (US) Model #32518

I have tried many agendas and none ever quite fit the bill. This one was so easy to customize. I have everything I need each week. I am able to run my 3 separate businesses seamlessly. I will definitely be a return customer!


Absolute perfection in every way!

S.T., (AU) Model #32096

I absolutely love everything about my Agendio! I love how customisable it was and that I could have exactly what I wanted in it, without any useless or unused pages being leftover. The quality of the planner and the paper is second to none and I know I will never use another brand of planner again. This is my second agendio and it most definitely will not be my last!!


Love the customization

K.R., OK (US) Model #32421

I appreciate that I can order 6 month planners, allowing me to figure out what is working and what isn't. The high quality of the entire planner is worth the cost. My planners make me happy.


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