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Best Planner, EVER!

Nancy, MN (US) Model #32055

This planner has been Amazing, for so many reasons!
1. I was able to design a lot of it to fit my planning needs.
2. Customer Service is Awesome. I was even sent a handwritten note after a special request. WOW!!
3. I can't wait to make a few changes after using this planner for a year. Next year will even be better!

Thank you!


Best planner ever!!

S.Z., TX (US) Model #32141

I have spent year after year trying to find planners that beat suited my needs. I have always had to add sections that address specific ToDos I needed. When I discovered Agendio it honestly changed my life. As someone who is OCD and loves having everything planned out, being able to create a planner that specifically addresses not only all the sections I need but also the stylist format I like has been amazing!! Will absolutely be a lifelong customer!


Couldn’t be happier

A.K., NM (US) Model #32432

Customized planners!!! I am in heaven. I have been a faithful user of happy planners for years because of the customization. Agendio still allows me to use stickers, markers and all the other fun stuff, but it looks more professional and it is exactly what I didn’t even know I needed. Love it.


Great Agenda

A.B., FL (US) Model #32387

I think Agendio is great. You are able to customize so much, which I always missed with other Planners. I did bullet journal before, so I would love to be able to customize even more - especially extra pages and the order of the pages.

I will definitely buy my 2021 Planner here again :)


The best!

C.F., WA (US) Model #32395

Im a big planner person and after my go-to planner stopped being made I was so bummed. I decided to try Agendio and I had so much fun designing my planner. For a planner nerd it was a dream come true! I love all the layout options and finally found an option to include as many note pages as I like. The planner has exceeded my expectations. I love the paper and the size is perfect. The pocket and cover are great quality. It's better quality then expected. I recommend Agendio 100% and will definitely return next year.



Courtney, TN (US) Model #32004

Love this planner!


love it!

Campbell, NY (US) Model #32454

Really great tracker, I use it every day!


Love it

E.H., VA (US) Model #22434

We are extremely happy.


Love to be able to customize my agenda

Sandra, FL (US) Model #32013

I have looked online and in office supply stores for some time to find an agenda that meets my busy work schedule and home. Some how I came across this site and couldn't believe all the options. Thank you for creating an agenda that fits everyone's needs.


Great Paper Quality

Todd, NJ (US) Model #22273

My planner starts in November, so I haven't been using it daily yet, however, I have gone through and added future events to it already. So far, the paper seems to be good quality and with my fountain pen, so far, not much bleed through.
I love having certain events and items preprinted. just looking through it, it is so much more neater and easier to read, then with all my own handwriting in it.

Looking forward to November when I get to really get my hands dirty with it.


Gets better the more I order!

Shannon B., CA (US) Model #22249

I really love putting the finishing touches on my planner each year, as the more I use it, the better fine-tuned I can make it for my needs. This version took out some checklists I found I never used and included more shopping lists to help me stay organized. I also changed a few column titles and rearranged some of the boxes. While this is a little more pricey than a generic planner you could buy at Office Max, I think customizing it just the way I want makes it worth every penny. I recommend this site to anyone who wants their planner to reflect their needs and has the time to learn the website's navigation and style.


I love it

S.H., MD (US) Model #32560

I’m 64 yrs old. Been using planners since I was 20 and have used many different brands. There’s nothing like an Agendio. Favorite ever. No close second. Amazing. My advice for constructing your Agendio - take lots of time to consider what you really need. Plan your planner carefully. You’ll be really happy that you did.


Pretty good!!

M.T., ON (CA) Model #32074

I'm happy with my agenda, but I wish there was even more customization available. For example, I'd like no pages in between months and the option to put my name on the front.


Agendio planner

C.L., OH (US) Model #32391

I tried this on a recommendation from a friend and put together a 6 month version. I was a Franklin planner person for years but my life situation no longer fits with what they offer. I found Agendio so flexible to set up with so much customization possible. I love it and will be ordering a year planner next time.


Loving my new planner

V.C., (UK) Model #32045

I'm looking forward to an organised and planned year!! Love the look and personalisation!!



Exactly What I Needed

Stacey, TX (US) Model #32425

Love the customization and the smaller six-month size (not so heavy!).


I’m so happy

M.H., KY (US) Model #32449

I designed my planner based upon years of “I wish I had...” this is all the things I wanted and none of the things I don’t!


Best planner ever

K.C., SD (US) Model #32454

This is my third Agendio planner. I have tweaked it so that it is the perfect format for me. I absolutely love this planner. I won’t go back to any other product. I enjoy formatting my planner to meet my needs. I like to pick my colors and fonts and cover that suit my personality. Agendio gives plenty of options for formatting font colors etc. This is my go to product every year.


The best planner ever!!

A.H., OK (US) Model #32011

I LoVE my planner. I ordered my planner before the 20-21 school year and I have used it daily since. I love the personalization and I am already build the one I am going to use next year. The planner is sturdy and still in excellent shape!


Finally, the right planner

Angie B., WI (US) Model #32112

I have always loved planners, but could never seem to find the right one. For a while I even gave up on paper planners and tried to go all digital. Then I heard about Agendio and decided to try one as a Christmas present to myself. I LOVE IT! Because I was able to design it, everything I want or need is in there. I feel more productive because all my tools are in one place. This is my first Agendio, but it won't be my last!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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