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Most Customizable Planner Available

Erin C., KY (US) Model #32118

For someone who has been planner-oriented for my entire life, finding Agendio was an absolute lifesaver. I never realized just how picky I was about layouts until I got a full-time job and wanted to have specific areas designated for to-do items, meetings, events (birthdays/anniversaries/weekly happenings), as well as regular monthly and weekly layouts. In my search, I looked through thousands of different planners and several customizable sites to find exactly what I wanted, and Agendio gave me everything I really wanted. The planner I purchased is also incredibly professional looking from the outside instead of some of the more childish covers I've seen so much.


Review of My Agendio

Jennifer, NJ (US) Model #32084

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. However, for the cost, I do wish it could have accommodated a few more things. PROS: Very customizable Nice quality CONS: The planner itself wasn't outrageously expensive, but the shipping was. I wish a more reasonable shipping option was offered. Altogether, it makes the whole thing a bit too costly. I bought this with a gift card; otherwise, I wouldn't have. At $50, it's basically $1/week towards your planner! That's too much. Designing it was extremely confusing. The "start" page doesn't make it clear how all of the templates are different. I struggled with that for awhile. Furthermore, the design I ended up with still wasn't exactly what I wanted. Suggestions for further customization options: 1) Hand pick the times that you want on the day (i.e., when to start and end, whether to split them up by half hours, etc.). As it currently is you have to choose from preselected sets. 2) Fully customize the layout more. I wanted to have columns for the days, and within each day, 3 sets: times, a "high priority" note block and a "low priority" note block. I couldn't do this. Best I could do was to have times and one note block within the day column, then at the far right of each week, a column of the other note blocks. But these are separated from my days so not ideal. Also, I didn't want this column as I wanted to be able to make the days wider so I could fit more. Overall, a very nice gift. I don't think I'd buy it again outright.


Agendio Support

Hi Jennifer, I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can do the things you wanted to do. You can pick the start times for schedules - Use the dropdown in the schedule customize box. Also, there are designs (the ones with am/pm/evening) where you can label as you describe - You just change the am/pm labels to High priority, low priority, etc...

Jennifer, NJ (US)

That's too bad. I spent about 90 minutes overall on the site struggling to design my planner, and I guess I wasn't able to figure out what you're describing. Perhaps the answer then is to make the site easier to use? I consider myself very literate with the web, computers, smart phones, etc., and I really did struggle with figuring this out.

So glad I can customize!

Melissa L., TN (US) Model #32540

I'm so glad I was able to customize my planner to be exactly the way I wanted. I have some ideas for my next one. I'm looking forward to making my next one. It will be completely different. But I love that I can change it as I want.


The planner of all planners!!!

R.S., MD (US) Model #32044

I am obsessed with planners and all things that relate to planners. This started back in the late 80’s with my first Franklin Day Planner, and I was hooked. Since then, lifestyle, work, responsibilities- life in general has changed and so did my needs for a complete planning system. I believe I have tried every type of planner made, only to never finish an entire year before making another purchase. I could not find that perfect planner to help me organize the many responsibilities I am juggling. Last year I began my exhaustive search once again for that perfect planner to start 2019 and ran across the Agendio site! To be able to customize and design my own layout was incredible! This is the last planner for me as I love the concept and the freedom to create my own personal planner (and at a very affordable price!). The quality of the pages and covers are above average and having an entire year in one book is also a plus for my needs. Highly recommend Agendio to anyone who has been on the search for that “perfect” planner! Definitely a 5-star rating!!!!!


great planner

Ellen, CO (US) Model #32114

Really enjoyed the ability to customize the planner. Looking forward to additional features in 2017


Love it!

S.S., CA (US) Model #32448

It took some time to put together, but it was worth it! I love everything about this planner!


LOVE this Planner!

E.M., TN (US) Model #32427

I am self employed and balance a busy home life with two active teens. This is the first planner that I can use to keep track of both areas of my life in one place. This was the second time ordering and I will come back again and again.


Love my planner

Jennifer, TN (US) Model #32060

I was impressed that I got to personalize my planner in so many ways. I will definitely make another one when this one ends!


Totally Personalized

Angelia C., LA (US) Model #32450

I love the way I was able to totally personalize my life planner!


Great experience

Erica, TX (US) Model #32138

I customized my first Agendio Planner last year for use this year. It has worked great for me, and I look forward to customizing my 2018 planner!


My first Agendio, but not my last!

Kimberly S., NB (CA) Model #32081

Found out about the Agendio from a YouTube review and it was just what I had been looking for in a planner. Love how you can customize to suit your individual needs. They even caught a misspelling in my order. The paper quality is a joy to the touch and for writing. A really great planner!


Super custom planner

STEPHANIE, TX (US) Model #32399

Love all the layout choices. Everything was simple to design and I’m super happy with my choices. Only wish there were more cute covers and less of the utilitarian leather covers.



H.H., AK (US) Model #32462

I found Agendio a couple years ago when I realized life functions better for me when things are in writing, in front of me. I researched and looked at tons of planners and couldn't find one that fit all my needs - then I found this! I was able to create exactly what I wanted and it was perfect. I used it for a year and revamped the second one and have a couple changes to make for the next year, but I will never go back to another planner. This is just too perfect :)


Fully customizable—works perfect for ME

A.E., NY (US) Model #32078

It took me along time to get it right, but once I finished this planner was perfect for me. I use it all the time, keeps my and my three kids schedules, everything in one place, plus a place for reminders and to do lists , all on the same page. The format is flexible and you can fully customize the planner to make it work for you. It’s expensive, but worth it.


2 planners in and still great

Aly D., AZ (US) Model #32537

I've gotten 2 Agendio planners now; a 6-month hardcover with pockets and elastic, and a 12-month soft back. They've both been amazing. The 6-month one allowed me to learn what did/didn't work for me as far as layouts go and adjust accordingly for the 12-month. I can never find quite what I want in premade planners so my Agendios have been a blessing. Also the ability to add blank graph pages made it easy for me to switch over from bullet journaling to a full on planner.



M.L., MB (CA) Model #32040

I was surprised at the excellent quality of this planner. Given how customizable it is, I couldn’t believe the quality could possibly live up to the process... but it did. I’ll be a customer as long as you’re in business!


Perfect, changed my life

Margaret, TN (US) Model #32074

I never use planners despite everyone saying I should. I finally decided to take control and design my own planner that worked specifically for me. Having the options to form a schedule that works for my brain has changed my life for the better.


So good getting what I need

P.M., (AU) Model #32391

I have tried many planners, but they never had exactly what I needed. I was able to design my planner for my home/work life together in the one planner.



R.B., TX (US) Model #32397

I'm very happy with my agenda. It took a bit to figure out the interface and get it right but it was worth it. Last year I tried with the bullet journal and it was a total nightmare. Wayyyyy too much work and the second half of the year was never completed so planning was a nightmare. This is worth the extra money and time spent designing it. It will save my selection so next year I won't have to redo everything. Very pleased!


Great customized product.

A.S., CO (US) Model #12311

Love that I could customize inserts for my Filofax. So many useful options. I got exactly what I wanted, and highly recommend.


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