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Deborah, TX (US) Model #32454

I love being able to create my planner just how I like it. Extra pages after each week plus each monthly spread at the beginning of each month. Love it! Can't wait to order my next one for the Fall!


Bye Bye Bullet Journal Making

M.B., FL (US) Model #32076

This planner is exactly what I need and I didn’t have to waste hours making my own bullet journal anymore!! Agendio has every feature I need!!


messed up my cover

D.K., MD (US) Model #32425

i paid $75 for something i did not order


Never have I loved a planner more than my Agenda

Sarah Holland, WV (US) Model #32039

I have used another company in the past, but while I could customize some of that planner - never have I had the ability to fully design every aspect until now. It's perfect. As a travel professional, I keep a LOT in my planner, and my Agendio fits everything I could want. I just wish I could already order my 2023 version! I'm a customer for life.


Never going back

D.M., VA (US) Model #22469

I found Agendio on a chance Google search years ago, and it has literally changed my life. Gone are the days where I have to re-write everyone's birthdays, anniversaries, weekly tasks, and bills to pay. I can completely customize everything, and in looking back over previous years' products, I can see the metamorphosis. "Planner day"- the day in which I revise and order for the coming year- has become somewhat of a holiday in my house, usually done with a glass of wine. I enjoy it more and more every year, and am so appreciative of this company!


Finally What I Need!

Susan, PA (US) Model #22553

I have used planners for years. I always have had to try to fit my needs to the binder. Now, finally, the binder fits me! I love that as my needs change I can change the binder over and over. I am using this binder more consistantly since it fits what I need.


Great for college students

Caroline, IL (US) Model #32128

First, I had so much fun customizing the planner. I loved looking at the other layouts people used for inspiration. Second, this planner keeps me super organized and on top of my assignments. I’ve spent so much time shopping at stores and trying to find a planner that worked but none of them really fit my needs. I ended up just giving up on a lot of those planners but not my Agendio. This is my third (and favorite) Agendio planner. I couldn’t recommend it more. One minor thing I wish was included is more cover designs


Meal Planner

Leslie H., TX (US) Model #22312

I love my customized meal planner, it makes our lives so much easier knowing in advance what we are making for dinner and I don't have to try to remember what everyone wants me to add to the grocery list. It gives everyone one central location to write what they need in the planner throughout the week.


Planner Peace at Last

T.N., CA (US) Model #32599

I love my customized planner. I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect planner and I’ve always had to just make do with what was available. When I found Agendio, it was bliss. It’s a little expensive but worth it. The paper quality is great and the whole thing feels good in my hands. There are so many layout and customization options. It’s a bit daunting to be honest. I love that I can add tasks, events, holidays and birthdays that are important to me to the calendar and leave out all the holidays that I don’t care about. And if my life changes, I know I can tweak next year’s layout accordingly. It’s a bit utilitarian, but it suits my needs perfectly.


Custom Wins Me Over

S.M., PA (US) Model #32060

Had my own journaling system that I used to have to write out - was able to turn it into a planner here! Saved me a lot of time.

Was worried about binding, it works fine. Accidentally ripped one page flipping, though.

Hard cover gives it a good amount of class, it is a pretty planner.


This is genius!

H.M., NC (US) Model #32447

It just makes so much sense to lay out your daily schedule in a way that mirrors how you actually spend them. And to create organizing tools that reflect your own personal values.

For example, I get to include a "done well" list at the end of each week that helps me see where I productively spent my time. Then I have a section for "tasks remaining" that gives me a leg up on my planning for the following week.

The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is a learning curve in the design process. As a newbie, I made a couple of mistakes. But in no way would that keep me from being an Agendio junkie.

One tip I would share is to get 6 months at a time, instead of the whole year. It just makes it easier to handle as the yearlong version is a bit bulky.


Fantastic, and well worth the money!

Lauren, ON (CA) Model #32537

I was hesitant at first with the price, but this planner is so high quality and I absolutely love the customization options that were available. You will not find another company out there that has more customization options than Agendio! I can’t wait to plan for my next Agendio ????????


Best one yet!

M.R., TX (US) Model #32090

For a couple of years now, I’ve been ordering 6 month planners in order to tweak some of the features and not be stuck with an entire year. I think with this last one I’m there and can order a full year next. Absolutely love the flexibility of Agendio!


Larger font

R.T., (AU) Model #32130

I love my Agendio diary it’s the second one I’ve had. The only thing I would love changed is the font for added events like birthdays etc. it needs to be bigger and a choice of colour would be great.


Best planner I've ever had

Kaitlyn B., CO (US) Model #22619

I'm a person who struggles to find planner peace. I've tried almost every kind of planner that's available, making my own, and even bullet journaling. Nothing ever quite hit the right combination of easy to use, customizable, and not crazy expensive. Agendio was something I found that checked all the boxes, and as my needs change it can change with me! I have the freedom of ordering only a few months at a time or a whole year, and I can make the layout exactly what I want while not being overwhelmed with having to figure out the formatting. I would recommend this to everyone and I absolutely do!



Tabatha H., MT (US) Model #22190

While I have bought and love Agendio planners for a few years now, referrals, etc. Just be careful because they changed the birthdays and holidays method, so my planner this year doesn't have anything on them and I was utterly disappointed. Yes, it is my fault, yes I clicked on the items, but somehow missed the new way of how to include them. I'll know better next time!
Other than that, and only wishing the insert pages also had tabs, I love the customization, ability for lines, dashed, no lines, how large, the layout and style! Me and My OCD lived happily ever after, just this year having to sort out holidays and birthdays another way!


Keeps me organized, Keeps me going!

Jazmine R., CA (US) Model #32578

A great organizer that is perfect for me, because it was made by me!


Love it

S.W., (AU) Model #32054

Love being able to customise for what I want! To do lists, birthday reminders, even using the month 2 page spread to figure social media for my business. It keeps track of what is important to me.


Great planner!

R.B., RI (US) Model #32385

I've had several planners and two agendio planners. Really wonderful to be able to customize based on my needs for the yeat



Monica G., TX (US) Model #32385

I am obsessed, in love, head over heals, prayers answered with my Agendio planner! I literally have been searching for a company like you for the past two years! Thank you for being awesome! Also, I love all of the new features.

P.S. Price is worth it!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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