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It's really 2019...

E.S., VA (US) Model #32120

I love my Agendio! It is great that my template remains on line and I can simply tweak items I want to change. This is my 2nd and it's almost perfect. I have had this one for about 2 mos. and I still am giddy about it every time I use it [several times a day]- makes me happy! Being able to customize to my own needs is perfect! I appreciate Agendio! Thank you.


Best Date Book Ever!

.S., MT (US) Model #32518

I have tried many agendas and none ever quite fit the bill. This one was so easy to customize. I have everything I need each week. I am able to run my 3 separate businesses seamlessly. I will definitely be a return customer!


love the paper quality

Mona L., BC (CA) Model #32421

i have to say i did a test and ordered an Agendio and an Erin Condren. I am not a fan of EC's mohawk #80lb, but I am a TOTAL fan of your paper quality. Although, I do very much like EC's designs and exciting layouts, the option to customize and the paper quality makes me more happier every time I open the agenda. I wish you can implement some design options on the pages like EC in the future, it'll make your agendas much more exciting for launches. Next time I'll probably order Medium 7” × 9” instead of the 8'x11.5", its great for desktop but not mobile. I am using both type of agendas right now. Maybe you can also carry some stickers as part of the agenda order, that would be neat, and possibly offer some accessories - that's what excites people. The plastic cover is amazing quality, love it. But the colour design layouts could have some improvements on the design and also quality (instead of printing it onto paper). I'll order again, but this was really nice. love the quality. shipping did take a long time, but i'm not at all disappointed. if you can also make your packaging more exciting, that would also be a nice touch for your customers when receiving it.


Great Planner!

B.D., AB (CA) Model #32561

I’ve been using planners for almost 20 years consistently. Even so, I’ve never used the same type twice, because I could never find one to suit all my needs. I am so happy I found Agendio, because now I can always get exactly what I’m looking for. I can change the layout to better serve me as my needs change, and it encourages me to stay consistent. Am I huge nerd? Maybe. But for anyone who loves planners and organizing, Agendio is the best!


These planners are great!

Andrea P., MN (US) Model #32448

I have ordered several custom planners and every one of them has met exactly what my needs are. I love that I can customize not only the layout but also the content of each layout.


Very Happy

Julie, OR (US) Model #32039

I am very happy with my agendio, it was my first time ordering and I am happy with it.


Can't find what you want? Make your own!

I.D., GA (US) Notebook

My 2019 goal is to run at least one race per year. I wanted an organized way to track these races, as well as past and future races. While I found many neat race books, most of them were more for daily journaling and not exactly what I was looking for. I decided to build my own by pulling the best parts of all the notebooks I'd found and creating my own. I LOVE it! I carry it around and my whole family has admired it. Now I can track the statistics that are most important to me, as well as be inspired by quotes I was able to use as page headers. I'm thrilled Agendio was able to help me create the perfect way for me to record my race history. Thank you, Agendio!!


I love it!

H.M., BC (CA) Model #32074

This is my second Agendio and I am very happy with this product! I love it!


Love it so much!

Kori E., FL (US) Model #22488

I love my customized planner! I was able to make it exactly the way I need it to run my direct sales business!


Love it!

Leslye R., MD (US) Model #32480

I'm very happy with my planner. It saves me the hassle of printing and cutting pages for my old discbound planner. The layout has taken some getting used to, but it's holding up well.


Great planner

Joy, VA (US) Model #22280

My agendio planner is the best. It’s got all of the things I want in a planner and nothing I can’t use.


Happy Again

Patrick S., TN (US) Model #22223

Always an excellent product!!


Great Product - I use it every day!

Stephanie Montani, ON (CA) Model #32116

I love the quality of the paper. I also love how easy it was to make the exact agenda that I need for my work!



Libby B., SD (US) Model #32539

This is my third year with an Agendio planner and I won’t go back to anything else!! I LOVE that I can customize it to what I need. It’s the best!!


Agendio is still my favorite planner by far

Michael G., FL (US) Model #22584

Its the only planner I can customize with repeat events, pick the time slots I need for events and time-keeping. Would not trade it for any other calendar (and I've tried most of them).


Planner Peace!

Meghan S., OR (US) Model #32017

I was able to take all the best things from my favorite planner systems and put them in one book. There is no wasted space in this layout which brings a lot of joy to my planner addict heart. :) Well worth the price if you’ve already tried a lot if planner systems and know what you need to make the most functional book for you.


Best way to buy a planner

F.S., (AU) Model #32449

I love the planner, and because I had so much input in to making it, it has really encouraged me to use it. I learned a lot the first time I made it and will look forward to making my next one, knowing more about what works for me and what doesn't, the next time I make one, but the product overall - love it!
I would love more of a range of covers. I recall feeling a but inhibited at the options available there, but regardless, it is still brilliant as it has encouraged a good habit in me!



Angelina T., WA (US) Model #32014

Love my planner.... worth every penny!
Customer service was awesome... shipped very fast and arrived packaged elegantly.


Great idea

H.R., OH (US) Model #32128

This is a replacement for my first agendio, and I’m much happier with it. I corrected several large mistakes and also the size.

I like being able to personalize nearly everything; I track several specific things at work, and easily created trackers to do that. I also have ongoing conversations with various people and created comms logs for that.

I did have some difficulty using the configurable columns; I was not able to get a short section at the end of my project pages for wrap-up notes, but that’s a small thing.

I also wish there was an option for additional tabs, but a quick trip to the office supply fixed that.

I will definitely be ordering another planner next year.


Keeps My Life Together

L.D., NC (US) Model #32536

I am the ultimate "absent professor" stereotype - I forget things as quick I learn them. This planner allows me to completely customize and organize my needs on paper to ensure none of those important details get lost in the shuffle. Any issues I've ever had with the planner were due to my particularly version of it and not due to the product itself.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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