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Just Perfect

Renee B., VA (US) Model #32387

I have searched for many years for the perfect planner and never found anything that was just right. With Agendio I was able to create my perfect planner! So easy to use their templates and customize to my liking! So happy I found Agendio!


Customize to your preferences

C.M., NE (US) Model #32132

What I love most about Agendio is that I can customize the planner to meet my needs. The cost is worth every penny.


Not my Bible but close to it!

Jeanne C., TX (US) Model #32029

I absolutely love my Agendio personal planner. I have arranged my day into hour scheduling, included blocks for exercise, things to do, and moments of reflection. The book is sturdy and the paper is excellent quality.


2 planners in and still great

Aly D., AZ (US) Model #32537

I've gotten 2 Agendio planners now; a 6-month hardcover with pockets and elastic, and a 12-month soft back. They've both been amazing. The 6-month one allowed me to learn what did/didn't work for me as far as layouts go and adjust accordingly for the 12-month. I can never find quite what I want in premade planners so my Agendios have been a blessing. Also the ability to add blank graph pages made it easy for me to switch over from bullet journaling to a full on planner.


Love my customized planner

M.W., AL (US) Model #32524

Between 2 full-time working parents, 2 kids in school and sports, pets, working hard, and playing hard, I have absolutely no time in my life for disorganization, and I love being able to customize my planner for my life. Most planners have too many extras that I do not use and not enough of the ones that I use everyday. This planner had all of the features I need, and I can customize it perfectly to fit our lifestyle. I would be lost without this planner!!



A.J., OH (US) Model #32153

For true planners, deciding to go with a new planner company is a major decision. I switched from a company I was with for five years to Agendio. The process of designing your planner is not user friendly and takes hours. It actually took days for me. I do appreciate the variety of options. The autonomy of designing and customizing to my needs are the real draw to this company. The price is more than I have ever paid for a planner and right now I really cannot say it was worth it. The paper and cover are phenomenal! The colors I chose weren’t as vibrant as I expected and the elastic band I paid for was a joke. It popped off soo many times within the first week, that I list it. It’s way too thin. I should’ve followed the advice of the Facebook group and purchased a six month planner first, instead of a twelve month to work out the kinks. Due to the price, if I decide to redesign, it won’t be until next year.



Jennifer S., NH (US) Model #32143

it is absolutely perfect - it has everything I need and I love it!


Love my planner

Tracie S Seer S., WI (US) Model #32108

Love having this planner and the ability to customize it all the way.


Exactly what i wanted

Rachel T., FL (US) Model #32485

It came out exactly they way I expected. This is my second planner and I knew what I wanted to change from the last one and it was easy to make those changes. Love the design and how it doesn’t wear out. Thank you!



Anlyn, CT (US) Model #32420

Please see below my suggestions...


Every year it gets better

Michele, GA (US) Model #32420

Every year I am able to customize my work planner more and more.

This is the one planner that I have fully and exclusively used going on my 4th year now!


The best Agendio yet!

Rachel Gates, MO (US) Model #32454

This is the best Agendio I have customized! They just keep getting better and better!


I love it!

H.M., BC (CA) Model #32074

This is my second Agendio and I am very happy with this product! I love it!


Exactly as expected

J.I., NY (US) Model #32108

I’ve been a planner junkie for years- bought all the stickers, joined all the groups, etc. I never anticipated myself finding planner peace- especially with a functional planner- but I have! I’m fully converted and can’t wait to perfect my personal planner more each year.


Best planner ever

Amy D., NE (US) Model #32582

This is by far my favorite planner ever, and I am not one for using paper. But I love that it is so customizable, that I can use it for a whole year, and my life is all in one place. I will order one every year and keep it with me always. Perfect design options and worth the price.


Made well. Great product

K.G., FL (US) Model #32042

A little costly, but worth it to be able to customize. It's well made, which is important because it gets thrown from desk to backpack quickly and often. Great to keep track of my days and my notes from meetings. Great product and experience overall. Next time I'll do things a little different, but that's just me learning my organizational preferences in this job.


Exactly what I needed!

Theresa M., MD (US) Notebook

I love my Agendio because I was able to create a planner exactly the way I wanted. The paper quality is great, the cover is durable and the size was perfect. I use my Agendio everyday and it fits my needs perfectly. I price was the only reservation I had but not that I have it and it is perfect I will buy it again and again each year.


Planner heaven!

Sandra, NH (US) Model #22210

The functionality of Agendio planners is what will make me a customer for life. Adios, Passion Planner!


Another great planner

Kimberly C., SD (US) Model #32389

This is my fourth Agendio planner and it’s perfect yet again. I love the creative process of making the planner work for me. Can’t wait to start working on 2022!


Pretty Good

C.S., VA (US) Model #32086

I like that I got to design it but there are major major flaws as far as options go. For some reason, the templates did not offer the same flexibility in regards to time increments. I chose the best overall template for my design, but this meant that I could only show the hours between 9am-7pm in 30min increments in each daily column. Other templates allowed for narrower rows and thus more hours, but they were not the templates I wanted. The paper is too thin, and ink goes RIGHT through. I needed to switch to Frixion in order to use it at all. Lastly, the covers are too long. There should be shorter covers to fit schedules that do not have tabs. For my first Agendio, I settled for the best compromise of what I wanted and what this offered.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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