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love my customized Adendio

J.C., PA (US) Model #32036

I am so thankful I found this product! It is exactly what I was looking for!


Love Agendio!

Ruth Ann, IA (US) Model #22613

Have been using Agendio inserts for 3-4 years now and LOVE them. Had some printing issues this year and Agendio fixed the issue and recent inserts. Great costumer service.


Customizable and Easy

Jessica C., KS (US) Model #32042

I live with my planner by my side and it's essential to my work and personal schedule. I have been searching for a service that would customize my planner to my needs in a LARGE size rather than the square or smaller "cute" customizable planners on the market. I needed something that would have space for me to block out all hours of my day, with to-do lists, and spaces for meal planning and deadlines to be written in. I really loved the amount of customization that was available, although in the future when I re-order I will take care to be more prepared (have all family birthdays and holidays ready). The only real complaint I have about Agendio is that there is not as much freedom to customize the cover that other sites offer to make it more aesthetically personal, but I am happy with the quality of the cover itself.



LaVall J., IN (US) Model #32039

Love being able to make planner with the start and end month I want instead of standard Jan-Dec planner!


Custom planner

Jessie Mendoza, TX (US) Model #32092

I love that I can customize my planner. I love all the options. I don’t like that while customizing if you decide you don’t like something like extra pages after the month calendar you can’t just delete those, you have to start over. That was frustrating. Also was wondering if y’all offer the disc bound system or sending planner in punched or bound so the disc system could be used . Also would like more options for the cover like photos


Agendio Support

Hi Jessie,

I just wanted to let you know that since you wrote this, we have added our "Change configuration" option, accessible from the Builder information page, so now there's a way to make those changes without starting over.

Jessie M., TX (US)

Seriously best company ever!! Not only do they offer awesome planners but they listen to their customers suggestions and make changes. I will never use another company for my planner !!

Super to Customize

Staci Miller, PA (US) Model #32163

I really like my planner. It's fun and so beneficial to customize it! I included all my important dates so they are already printed and built into the months.

The only option I wish Agendia would offer is a bound book and not one with a spiral. I like them to lay flat and not have any metal in the middle of the planner.

But otherwise, it's durable, functional, attractive and I'll be purchasing another I am sure!


Love it!

S.S., CA (US) Model #32448

It took some time to put together, but it was worth it! I love everything about this planner!


quality product

Isel P., PA (US) Model #32454

Sturdy and high quality, I really like that I can organize it however I want. The add-ons are a good value. Would definitely recommend the faux leather cover, it looks very chic. The 6 month is probably the best choice as well, it's way easier to carry around.


Best. Discovery. Ever.

A.A., BC (CA) Model #32529

As an organized control freak personality...being able to design my own planner is a win. I’ve used planners for ages and I have bits of each that I like. My recent ‘Passion Planner’ was great in many ways but they changed the size and it was no longer an option. There is no perfect system that will get you EXACTLY what you want but Agendio is pretty close. I’ve also learned what I want to do differently next time.


Can't find what you want? Make your own!

I.D., GA (US) Notebook

My 2019 goal is to run at least one race per year. I wanted an organized way to track these races, as well as past and future races. While I found many neat race books, most of them were more for daily journaling and not exactly what I was looking for. I decided to build my own by pulling the best parts of all the notebooks I'd found and creating my own. I LOVE it! I carry it around and my whole family has admired it. Now I can track the statistics that are most important to me, as well as be inspired by quotes I was able to use as page headers. I'm thrilled Agendio was able to help me create the perfect way for me to record my race history. Thank you, Agendio!!


Love customization ability.

Amber, IL (US) Model #32421

I love the fact that I can make this planner my own as well as have dates that are important to me personally printed right on the pages. However I do have two negatives:
1. the size I ordered is just too big. this is my fault not the companies but if you order the larger size be prepared, its very large.
2. my monthly pages were printed wrong. For Example, under the January Tab is my December Calendar. my planner goes from Oct 2019 to September 2020 and i do not have a September monthly calendar due to the mistake.
I would definitely buy from this company again as the planner is beautiful and functional but I would go with the smaller size and I would add a note when ordering to make sure the tabs match what's printed.


Most Customizable Planner Available

Erin C., KY (US) Model #32118

For someone who has been planner-oriented for my entire life, finding Agendio was an absolute lifesaver. I never realized just how picky I was about layouts until I got a full-time job and wanted to have specific areas designated for to-do items, meetings, events (birthdays/anniversaries/weekly happenings), as well as regular monthly and weekly layouts. In my search, I looked through thousands of different planners and several customizable sites to find exactly what I wanted, and Agendio gave me everything I really wanted. The planner I purchased is also incredibly professional looking from the outside instead of some of the more childish covers I've seen so much.


2nd Agendio--As good as the 1st

E.M., SC (US) Model #32044

I purchased my second Agendio--the first had the soft cover and the second has a hard cover. I love both! I have a few months left and if I continue to enjoy, I will purchase by third in July! Great purchase!


The best!

C.F., WA (US) Model #32395

Im a big planner person and after my go-to planner stopped being made I was so bummed. I decided to try Agendio and I had so much fun designing my planner. For a planner nerd it was a dream come true! I love all the layout options and finally found an option to include as many note pages as I like. The planner has exceeded my expectations. I love the paper and the size is perfect. The pocket and cover are great quality. It's better quality then expected. I recommend Agendio 100% and will definitely return next year.


Saved time and got exactly what I wanted!

P.J., MO (US) Model #32572

I am SUPER picky when it comes to planners because I have specific things I want, and I could never find a planner I loved...and if you don't love it, you'll never use it. Well, I was able to easily create a custom planner, stopped the hours of searching for the "right" one, and got EXACTLY what I wanted! And with such a high quality product! I will definitely being using Agendio for all of my planners in the future!


Great Planner

D.L., AB (CA) Model #32452

This has saved my organizational life. The only way it could be better is if Saturday and Sunday could have an 8-9 timeline.


Best agenda ever

Lena W., ON (CA) Model #22484

I love my Agendio! For years I’ve been hunting for the perfect inserts for my Filofax designed to match they way I work. With Agendio I got to customize inserts that match my personal style and how I work throughout the day.


Love it!

Mallory, OR (US) Model #32108

I was so happy to find a planner with weeks that start on Sunday. I love everything about my Agendio planner, but especially that.


Love the planner but challenge to order

K.W., IL (US) Model #32090

I like this planner but wish there was a customer service to make sure I got all of the details down. I struggle to get the extra tabs, etc. ordered correctly.


What I need, without extras

Brittany, VA (US) Model #32134

After years of trying many many different planners, I figured out in 2018 that I need JUST monthly spreads, with a bunch of note pages at the back. I found what I wanted a few months into the year, and for the first time, used the same planner for the remainder of 2018. When that company released their 2019 planners, I went to purchase one, only to find out they were not offering monthly only, and all had weekly pages in them. I knew that would not work, and would be a waste of money for me, so I went on a hunt, and found agendio. After playing with it for a month, I finally sat down and designed & ordered my perfect planner.

I LOVE IT. I did end up adding a few checklist pages on behind each month. The cover is exactly what I wanted, I love the size & weight (medium planner), the quality is great, and even though I've barely used it, I feel it will stand up to being tossed from bag to bag in 2019.

My favorite part is HOW MUCH customization you can do. Some people I shared the price with told me I was crazy, but being able to customize everything - from pages, to cover, to font style & color, to adding in activities & events (I did not do, but will in 2020) - it is WORTH IT. Being a small business owner, the price is nothing if it is something I will actually use, which will increase my profit.

Great job, Agendio! I have referred many to your site!


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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