Agendio customer reviews

Great quality and layout and fountain-pen-friendly

Stephanie Cain, IN (US) Model #32010

I love my Agendio! I designed it to have task categories for my writing career, my day job, home tasks, freelance jobs, and other. I love writing with fountain pens, and I've found the paper stands up to that with very little ghosting. The paper just plain feels good to touch, too. So far I've been carrying this in my bag for just over two months, and it's definitely standing up to the use. The customization options are almost overwhelming when you first get started, but the designers put so much thought into this, and what I ended up with was a planner that suits my needs perfectly! Great job, Agendio!


Planner Junkie

Alaina Shoemaker, OH (US) Model #32096

I am a planner junkie and never seem to be able to find the right one. I LOVE AGENDIO. It meets all my needs (because, hey, I created it!) and I can adjust if necessary in the following years. I've recommended it to many people and I've created at least 4 other Agendio followers now too!


I've been searching for this planner for years!

Donna Hill, AR (US) Model #32044

As a very linear thinker and a semi-GTD follower, I've tried to find a planner that had everything I wanted on a two-page spread for years. My Agendio is perfect because I designed it to be just what I wanted. Customer service is awesome, too--they answered my questions and led me to exactly the right planner to customize. My life is just a little better every day because of Agendio.


Love the Customization!

Launie J., UT (US) Model #12302

The fact that you can put in your own appts/birthdays/anniversaries/etc is HUGE! I have been very happy with my Agendio refill for my Filofax.


Best Planner you'll ever have

Natalie C., ON (CA) Model #32089

Agendio provides a great planner, it's improved my daily, weekly and monthly organization for myself and my family. The flexibility of designing your own layout allowed me to customize the planner to my exact specifications, unlike many others I've tried in the past, this one has everything I need and no wasted sections. The colours, paper quality, and size are excellent. I always carry it with me, and receive many compliments on it when others see it, and always feel prepared for what I have to next prepare for. I've tried using online calendars, but much prefer the feel and flexibility of pen to paper, and with my Agendio I now easily mark off travel time to meetings and appointments, which has improved my punctuality as well. Best investment in a planner that I've ever made, and for a really reasonable price too. Can't recommend it enough.



C.A., TX (US) Model #32039

I was searching for a great planner that was also customizable and found it in Agendio! I wanted a "Monday start" option which is impossible to find in the US, but Agendio goes a step further and allows you to start the week on whichever day you see fit. I made a design suggestion about lines in the individual day boxes, and my idea was a reality not even a week later. Now that's customer service!


Excellent customer service

Samantha A., MA (US) Model #32161

I had problems with my order and received emails very promptly responding to my difficulties.


Great customized product.

A.S., CO (US) Model #12311

Love that I could customize inserts for my Filofax. So many useful options. I got exactly what I wanted, and highly recommend.



Jennifer K., TN (US) Model #32143

I love my planner and will definitely buy another next year. This is the best planner experience I've ever had!


Finally--a "professional" planner that is customized.

Bob M., FL (US) Model #32019

The more options there are for planners, the harder it is to find one just right. I was so delighted to hear about Agendio's planner and to build my own. I have been using it daily for more than two months and loving it. Since this was my first Agendio planner, I found the creation process a little daunting--so many options and things I needed to consider. BUT, the website did a good job of walking me through the options and showing me the planner being built along the way. When I was finished, I had a very good idea of what my planner would look like, and the end product matched that exactly. What I could not know--being my first time--was if the options I chose were actually useful. So far they seem to be... just the right amount of check-boxes, lined pages, etc.


The best planner and customer service

April L., ON (CA) Model #32089

I spent 10 months searching for good planners, checking blogs daily for reviews. I was close to buying many times, but never did. Then I found Agendio! The customization, the quality, and the customer service set these planners apart. You can easily make your perfect planner with their easily operated planner builder. The quality of the planner is also amazing! The cover is durable and strong, the paper is thick, the print quality alone is worth the price twice over. Not only that, the customer service at Agendio is awesome. They go above and beyond to make sure the planner is exactly as you want it. I strongly recommend Agendio to anyone!


great planner

Ellen, CO (US) Model #32114

Really enjoyed the ability to customize the planner. Looking forward to additional features in 2017


I love being able to customize my own colors / styles and include my personal dates for birthdays and whatnot.

E.F., IN (US) Model #12291

I absolutely love this product! I think the design process that you go through to pick the exact options you want is intuitive. I like all the color choices / font choices and ordering of page choices. I had a bit of an issue with the website at first, but customer service as fantastic and fixed the issue within a day and e-mailed me to inform me of it. I'd absolutely recommend this product. Just remember that since they are customized, that it will take a little longer to receive than a pre-printed one. But, they send you an e-mail once it has be shipped.


Planner Dilemma Solved

Kristine M., TX (US) Model #32068

You have no idea what my life was like before I found you guys! Seriously, each year I begin the quest for finding the perfect planner usually around September. For weeks I did tons of research, even talked to my coworker about my plight (who was getting sick of hearing about it btw). I lost sleep over it! But then I discovered your service and I felt like someone finally read my mind! I had the best of both worlds: I could make my own functional planner that served my needs AND looked great at the same time without being too over complicated. The design process was long, but I liked all the options. I was so happy when it arrived and as I used it, I'm learning what works and what doesn't work for me so that next year, I can make my next planner even better. Thanks so much for offering such a great service!


Agendio is the BEST.

C.Z., CA (US) Model #32089

I had been searching for a calendar for years but nothing I found was a fit. Then finally I found Agendio which allows you to custom build your calendar for a very reasonable cost. The number of customizable options is amazing and the website flows you through them intuitively making the process fun. I am highly impressed with the quality of the calendar. My customized calendar looks exactly like the online pictures. Agendio is one of those rare companies that deeply cares about their customers and their products. Hurry and build your calendar today!


Great Planner

Angela, MD (US) Model #32064

This is a great planner! It's great that you can make it what you want - that way you're more likely to use it.


Looooove it

E.L., LA (US) Model #32051

I'm always on the search for a better planner... Now that I've found agendio, I think my search is over. The ability to customize EVERYTHING is amazing. The only thing I wish agendio offered were covers with different designs on them rather than the plain covers offered now.


Great Planner

L.L., MO (US) Model #32116

I really love the planner I got from Agendio. Being able to choose what day of the week my planner started on really helps me plan around my work schedule. The cover, printing, and accessories are good quality, too.


Now THIS is feeling organized!

C.P., TN (US) Model #32032

I felt like I was waiting for Christmas Day after I put in my order! My new agenda couldn't come soon enough! From the well-thought-through exterior with the binding enclosed, to the pocket page at the back, I could hardly believe my eyes. This is my "accountability partner" that I can carry with me daily. I checked out many other agendas and planners, but none have the beautiful and flexible layout that you do. The monthly and weekly layouts you offer give us the ability to include every goal and event in our busy lives. You have a new customer for life. - Chris Posen CPC


Help at last

Simone, (AU) Model #12225

Thank you for the beautiful diary pages. The quality of the printing & paper is exceptional and it's great having all my special dates in there.


Amazing time saver

S.B., CA (US) Model #12305

I love that all my friend's birthdays are in my calendar along with only the specific holidays that I want and all my repeated reminders (such as pay rent each month). I'm especially pleased that after creating this my next year's calendar will be super easy to order and set up.


I love the customization!

Sharon H., TX (US) Model #32144

I love every single thing about my planner. I recommend it to everyone. I will continue to get a planner from Agendio every year.



S.M., (AU) Model #32103

Looks professional, and has a high-quality finish. Custom layouts make it easy to use. Couldn't find any generic diary that came close. Customer service was top-drawer!



Mary W., KY (US) Model #12295

Refilled my Franklin binder with my customized planner and I now have the best calendar system ever. So happy...thank you Agenzia for the bliss! My life is so much better organized.


definitely the best planner I ever had

Valerie , CA (US) Model #32125

I really enjoyed designing my own planner and look forward to doing so again next year. It is by far the best planner I ever had but even so I will make some few changes to the options I picked so that next year's will be even better.


Just the Way I Like it!

Meg W., BC (CA) Model #12283

I couldn't be happier with my planner pages - they're set up exactly the way I wanted them to be! It's great quality, well-printed, and has held up well to my many writing / white-outing / writing over as my schedule changes. I love that I got to pick the font style, the colour, and call parts of the pages things that speak to me - it's a great planner!


Excellent costumer care and great planner

Zsuzsa, (CH) Model #12230

Thank you, that I alway got a very quick answer, when I had question or suggestion. The idea that I can have my recurring events/todos in my planner is genial! This and the choosable layout options makes Agendio planner so great.


Perfect planner

Katy W., (UK) Model #32012

I have a lot of life to keep track of, and designing my own planner has enabled me to do this so much better. I loved the flexibility and options offered when making my planner, and the quality is fantastic. Best planner I've ever bought.



Thomas B., OH (US) Model #32010

I love being able to organize my plans in a way I find useful. This planner is a wonderful product in which I like the quality, look and functionality. Thanks.



Angelina T., WA (US) Model #32014

Love my planner.... worth every penny! Customer service was awesome... shipped very fast and arrived packaged elegantly.


Customize your pages!

Amber, NH (US) Model #32079

I love that I could customize the weekly layout pages. As a busy mom of 3, I needed space to make notes and lists about the various aspects of my life. I was so excited to receive it, I checked the mailbox several times the day it arrived. So excited!


Great customization

G.P., OR (US) Model #32064

Only planner that allows you to customize to your unique needs so well. Fast delivery and great quality.


Great planner. Great options. Great customer service.

CD, MI (US) Model #32150

The only thing better than my Agendio planner, my ability to select my options and layouts, and add personalized entries is the ridiculously reasonable price point. I've purchased and used a wide variety of other planners and nothing even comes close. A stylish, customizable, and affordable planner I look forward to using every day. Thank you Agendio!


Great quality but expensive

G.T., (UK) Model #32114

The quality and options of the planners are great, however before purchasing I recommend thoroughly looking through the website to ensure that everything is correct. They're also quite expensive and take a long time to deliver overseas, but the quality is worth it.


Amazing planner possibilities

Suzanne Y., CA (US) Model #12235

I am a nurse and our work week at my job are Sunday to Saturday and until I found Agendio, I despaired of finding a quality planner that had weeks that would start on Sunday. I am thrilled with the quality of the product, and website which makes designing your own refill for planner so simple and fun.



Ryan, NY (US) Model #32043

The options seem endless and the product comes out just as you had imagined it. Sometimes I found myself getting overzealous with the choices and had to feel myself back I from selecting every option.


Best planner ever and great customer service

Kimberly, CA (US) Model #32051

I have always struggled with picking out a planner at the beginning of every year as i would have to pick which features i had to have and which ones i was going to have to do without. When i came across Agendio, I was able to create the perfect planner for my needs. Not only did i get all of the features that I needed in running my business, but i got to personalize it which was quite fun! I will never go back to a store bought planner again! I also have to say that Agendio's customer service has been excellent! They are quick to respond and were able to offer solutions to meet my needs!


Great planner!

Emily, DC (US) Model #32065

I couldn't be happier with this planner. The cover and printing is very attractive, and it feels durable and sturdy. It doesn't look scuffed at all, after about 6 weeks of use. The layout is exactly as I'd want it to be - since I designed it myself! I got the pocket, elastic, and perforated page corners as my add-ons. All three are great, though I'd be partial to a removable horizontal elastic.



K.F., CA (US) Model #32051

I love that I was able to customize my planner to suit my needs. Planners can be expensive and I always feel like I settle for something just because I need it. The fact that I was able to pick my colors and fonts and mix and match was fun and exciting. Makes me want to use my planner all day long and inspires me to be more creative with my time. I also love that its incredibly durable. By this time any other planner would be starting to shed its cover or surely have a page or two missing. Great Idea AGENDIO!


Satisfied customer

Laura S., BC (CA) Model #32117

The agenda looked exactly how I wanted it to and it came within a reasonable time frame. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for with these. The cover is also a very nice, soft texture that I didn't expect. I will definitely be buying another one next year!


Getting real with my dream planner

Jessica O., WA (US) Model #32029

I've been hunting for my perfect planner, like many planner addicts, since after college. Now that I manage multiple schedules/responsibilities, I've gone through multiple planners a year. I'm even OK and not frustrated switching planners frequently. "It's not the tool, it's the user" & "Nice tools make users want to use them." Both of these sayings are well known to those with system angst and completely true. Enter Agendio- I was hooked immediately into thinking this was going to be fantastic fun, it would solve my organizational woes and I would never need another planner again. I caught myself checking myself- "Whoa... This may still be planner fail, happens every time." Then, I realized... It is exactly what I need. As I was working through my layout options, my divisibles, my activities, I realized I needed to get real about how I use my planner: Where is the best place for me to place this or that type of information? What will I need to track every week? It hit me: I don't have all the answers, I just have an inkling. I modeled my first Agendio on my best guess of what I'd need and what format. I left my divisible a single column of lines. When I start writing the same heading there every week, I'll know FOR MY NEXT AGENDIO, They are working hard developing more features, while I work hard developing my system. And I can update it whenever I want, refine it. More fun. Quality++ Cover++ Options++ and growing Wish I could write more, but I'm out of characters!


Coolest planner ever!

R.P., MI (US) Model #32109

Love, love, love the versatility and options for creating such a personalized planner! Created my first one for 2016, and look forward to creating many more!


Just what I was wanting ...

I.B., (UK) Model #12302

A personalised planner, made to my design and including my data. A brilliant idea, and long may Agendio continue to develop and extend this service.



Bradley G., NY (US) Model #32111

Love the ability to customize. Love the materials and construction, especially the cover. Love the website and company.


I love my custom planner!

Sarah K., MA (US) Model #32029

I did a ton of online research before I found Agendio and was about to buy a different planner, but I'm glad I didn't because I love my custom planner and I loved the process of creating it. I use a form of bullet journaling, but I like the additional structure that my custom pages give me. So happy.


Fantastic Experience

A.D., CA (US) Model #32086

I am quite picky when it comes to planers and wanted a very specific layout and simple/classic look for my planner. I was only able to find what I wanted here! Thank you!


Best planner ever

Elizabeth K., IL (US) Model #32109

I can't say enough great things about my planner and your customer service. I use it daily and continue to be delighted by the quality and customized layout. I researched a number of well-known options and went with Agendio because of the customization available. I am so glad I did!


Awesome Customer Experience

K.H., ON (CA) Model #32162

I can't say enough how amazing the Agendio team was in ensuring that my planner was printed correctly. I had made a couple of silly mistakes which the team caught. They contacted me directly to ensure that the planner was correct. I received my planner very quickly and it was fantastic!! Such a wonderful experience that I've now ordered a second planner in a smaller size. I am a bit of a planner junkie. I've been with a Covey planner for years and have also tried Filofax, Erin Condron (not a fan) and Plum Paper (awesome planner customization options). I would recommend Agendio to anyone and I think I may have finally found planner peace :)


WOW. Absolutely wow.

L.H., (UK) Model #32162

Your planners look absolutely amazing, and the choices are fantastic! The level of detail and choice is remarkable. I think this is the way to go for planners, now and into the future.


I can even choose chinese holidays!

A.R., MO (US) Model #32059

I love being able to have US and Chinese holidays on my calendar since I work with Asia and always have to write these in every year.


I've never successfully planned before...

K.C., VT (US) Model #32069

I've tried several different planning systems, and I've never quite been able to make them work. With the planner I designed myself from Agendio, I'm delighted. This year's planner hasn't been perfect; there are a few features, which, having used this year, I will change next year, but my experience with Agendio has been flawless. The quality of the planner is impeccable. The cover looks brand new after five months of heavy use. The paper is great for medium wetness fountain pens. I'm delighted.


Love it!

C.B., GA (US) Model #12234

Love my planner. I got the A5 size and it fits perfectly for my planner. Great communication when I had questions. Will definitely be buying a new one each year. I love how I can customize to my needs.


Love it!

C.B., GA (US) Model #12234

Love my planner. I got the A5 size and it fits perfectly for my planner. Great communication when I had questions. Will definitely be buying a new one each year. I love how I can customize to my needs.


Planner is a good quality

A.B., AR (US) Model #32059

The planner is nice and all. Good quality paper. Cover is beautiful. But some of the printing is not as clear as I expected it to be.


Love it!

D.M., AZ (US) Model #32065

I love my customized planner! It's exactly as I designed it! The only thing I would change would be an option to have a slightly heavier weight paper. I will definitely be ordering again.


Great planner inserts

V.H., MA (US) Model #12306

I just received my planner inserts in personal size (to fit my medium Gillio compagna). The paper is smooth and great to write on and I love the fact that you can customize almost every aspect of the planner pages. I got exactly what I wanted, in exactly the set-up I needed. perfect!!


Super agenda but ...

Marie-Pier C., QC (CA) Model #32057

I really like the 2 agendas I bought ... The only (big !) thing is that I wanted one jounal siza and the other one the biggest size ... I selected it correctly on the web site and double checked but it somehow changed during the process of making the journal the way I wanted it ... so I now have 2 journal ... they're really great but I needed a big one for my everyday planning ... and I cannot afford to buy another one ... So I'm very disappointed ... Double check everything before paying ... I thought I had check enough ...


i have planner peace!

Barbara R., ON (CA) Model #12276

I found you by accident and I am really happy that I did. My pages have the set up that I need (and not one someone told me I did) The paper feels great, and I can't get over how FAST I got it! I can't wait to get working in it


more per page!

J.T., (SG) Model #22309

I really love this new layout. I used to use wo2p and still needed more sections for all my other lists. With the customized layout, I can fit more into 2 pages and finally can use the slims instead of the 25mm/30mm binders. This is so much better! Everything is there once i open to the current week. No more flipping around and missing things out when they are on another page.



J.K., NE (US) Model #32150

love the agenda ... can't tell you how much money I've spent trying to find "the right one" ... and I finally feel like I found a planner that works for me! thank you for offering so many options so I can customize!!


Best customisable planner out there.

D.P., (ES) Model #32071

I've had my Agendio Planner for over two weeks now and I must admit I'm very happy I made the move to buy it despite the additional expense of shipping it outside of the American continent... It had been long since I last used a physical planner if I am honest, as most of our lives are (too) digitalised nowadays. Instead of a regular personal planner I was using a Project Planner (similar to Microsoft Project). For some reason, I suddenly decided I wanted a physical version of this Project Planner that would also serve me as a Personal Planner. I searched over the internet for physical planners with no luck... Then I decided to look into customisable planners, and voilà! I found Agendio. Agendio allows me to have a monthly planner at the beginning for a bigger overview of my project plans, followed by a fully customisable weekly planner. In this weekly planner I'm able to break-down the days into projects (work, YouTube channel, health, hobbies, etc) instead of time. Not only that, but it also allows me to better specify my projects on a "span pagelet" feature at the top. I also love the fact that Agendio can print your own personal events or anniversaries before it being shipped to you. I always forget about birthday dates and end up feeling bad... so this year I've told myself enough's enough! Hopefully I won't miss any now :) I thought for some reason I had a bigger character count to write this... so I'll finish saying that I will most likely be buying again in a year



J.W., OH (US) Model #32033

I was only disappointed by two things, one, I would like the option for a pencil loop to be able to keep my pen or pencil on the calendar at all times. Also, I would have liked the name of my calendar, "Georgio" To have been printed somewhere. However!!! I absolutely love my calendar so much and will DEFINITELY be ordering again.


Great Quality & Invaluable!

Caye K., FL (US) Model #32065

I've tried other planners (this is my third for 2016) and Agendio is the one I'm going to stick with. It gave me a ton of different layout options that perfectly suit my needs. Plus, I was able to add repeating tasks/items in addition to my special events which is invaluable and not something I found elsewhere when shopping. It came quickly and exactly as promised. I have no doubt I'll be ordering one every year going forward.


Awesome Product

L.H., TX (US) Model #32129

First, the custom options are amazing which can't be found anywhere else. The paper quality feels great. The size of the medium is great and can easily fit in my bag and not weigh it down. Hands down it's a great product which I'll be using as my work planner. Can't wait for my second one for personal and graduate school to arrive.


Another great set of inserts

V.H., MA (US) Model #12306

I created another set of inserts for my Gillio personal size planner and again they are perfect. You really get to make everything just the way you want from fonts to colors, to adding special dates. No other company let's you do that. It's so much fun! And the paper is awesome! Thank you for a great product.


I like it but....

C.S., FL (US) Model #32077

It's going to take some getting use to using a paper planner again. I love that I can customize it, I left out so much because I wasn't sure how it would look. I also would make some changes to it now that I am using it and can see what I really like and don't like. But, it's mine, I like it, I am falling in love with it and I plan on ordering another one, only bigger! I would like some pages in the back for notes. And if that could be a choice in paper style, that would be nice too. I like grid paper or dot paper. It just works for my brain. Thanks! :)


Love my new planner

Sherri , MN (US) Model #32004

The quality of this planner is awesome. Being able to customize it was great ... I also love being able to add my own tasks and events. This is definitely the best planner I have ever had and I have had many.



M.V., MA (US) Model #32075

It's a spiral so keep in mind if you are a student and need to flip thru pages quickly.


M.B., CO (US)

What was the issue with the spirals? Is it that you don't like spirals? I find spirals and wire good for flipping pages quickly.

Love the Personal Touch

J.J., TX (US) Model #32144

I love the agenda and the fact that I could create my layout to match my needs. I also loved that I could add specific dates at no extra cost and that it didn't matter how many dates I entered. I would have liked the font to be a little bigger so it stands out when I am looking at the calendar. I wish I had added notes behind each monthly calendar so I could take notes and it would be logged during that period of time. My only concern is the quality of the cover. I was hoping it was a complete leather cover but it is actually a thin leather like cover that has been stretched over cardboard. I am really concerned this will not hold up with typical wear and tear. I've only had the planner a month so time will tell. I also would like to personalize the front cover with my name instead of the Agendio logo. I'm not against the name being on the front, but I don't want to be a walking advertisement for the company. I also think it is a little expensive compared to other personalized planners. I have already told a lot of people how much I like it. These are just a few thoughts. Thanks for asking for my feedback.


Planner Review

A.G., TX (US) Model #32043

I love my planner so much! I have been looking for this level of customization for years and have even made my own planner from scratch before. So excited to start using it - August can't get here fast enough! :-)


My first Agendio, but not my last!

Kimberly S., NB (CA) Model #32081

Found out about the Agendio from a YouTube review and it was just what I had been looking for in a planner. Love how you can customize to suit your individual needs. They even caught a misspelling in my order. The paper quality is a joy to the touch and for writing. A really great planner!


Exactly what I wanted

Madelyn Smith, IN (US) Model #32075

This planner satisfied all of my wants for a planner, because I put it together myself! I am so much more motivated to keep on track and keep my appointments.


Another Wonderful Planner

L.H., TX (US) Model #32104

I purchased my second Agendio for personal/school purposes. I selected a vertical layout and customized it to fit my needs. This time I also added some of the extra's like perforated edges, extra lined sheets (noticed a week later more paper options available) and the cute page finders. I however goofed and forgot to add the monthly pages, but this surprisingly hasn't been a problem as most of all my planning is done on the weeks. I would like to see in the future monthly tabs, and pen holders for the bound options. I look forward to this company further developing and being noticed in the planner community. Thank you!


Most customizable planner ever!!

Maureen D., MI (US) Model #32111

I chose the medium size Agendio and have been extremely happy! I have been using planners for 30 years and this is the most customizable one I've come across. I was able to pick the colors I wanted and was able to design every single detail of the layout, down to the font! The cover of this planner is amazing. I don't know what it's made of, but it feels like suede and looks very classy. I like the fact that this planner is wire-bound, but the rings are hidden and are not huge like so many of the other planners on the market. The elastic strap keeps the planner nice and snug for privacy and portability. I've had many of the decorative planners, but I don't care for the "fluff" and appreciate that the Agendio is supremely functional. I will definitely order again for next year. Keep up the good work, Agendio!!


Exactly what I was looking for

Adriana, UT (US) Model #32032

I had been searching for a planner for a while and finally gave up in purchasing a ready made planner. I was hoping to find a decent place to get a custom planner made, and Agendio far exceeded my expectations. The planner fits my needs and the process of creating the planner is intuitive. The planner is serving me well and fits my unique schedule and goal planning needs. Plus, it looks great! Anyone who holds it comments on how nice and soft the cover is. The pages are an average thickness. I haven't used markers or colored highlighters and pens. But the pen I am using doesn't bleed through. So glad I found Agendio!


Customizable and Easy

Jessica C., KS (US) Model #32042

I live with my planner by my side and it's essential to my work and personal schedule. I have been searching for a service that would customize my planner to my needs in a LARGE size rather than the square or smaller "cute" customizable planners on the market. I needed something that would have space for me to block out all hours of my day, with to-do lists, and spaces for meal planning and deadlines to be written in. I really loved the amount of customization that was available, although in the future when I re-order I will take care to be more prepared (have all family birthdays and holidays ready). The only real complaint I have about Agendio is that there is not as much freedom to customize the cover that other sites offer to make it more aesthetically personal, but I am happy with the quality of the cover itself.


Planner Peace

T.M., VA (US) Model #32161

I have used planners for over 12 years, with a short hiatus to the digital world (which failed miserabley). I am more focused and productive when my day, week and month are laid out in physical, tangible format. I have tried many planners over the years with most being less than adequate. I am particular about three things - layout, space and paper quality. I am very happy to say that my Agendio has met and surpassed each of these areas. Because Agendio is so customizable I was able to design a planner specific to my needs and work flow. I like a vertical format with a Monday - Sunday flow. I also like that I can have full verticale columns for my Saturdays and Sundays. As a mom to 4 I tend to have very busy weekends. The paper quality is perfection with no ink bleed through (I used a Papermate Flair, ballpoint and gel ink pens as well as stamps). I will say that with some darker inks I used when stamping did have some shadowing of the ink on the next page, but it is negligible. I am confident that I will be using this Agendio for years to come. My favorite part - having all the birthdays and anniversarys printed on there specific days - makes life so easy. All I have to do in the future is add new birthdays and anniversaries.


Excedes Expectations

A.B., TN (US) Model #32148

I was a tad bit nervous when ordering bc of lack of reviews and videos on youtube. I took the leap and am beyond happy. The paper is nice and thick, everything was perfectly printed, and the whole process was super easy. I sure do hope word gets out about how great these planners are. I will def be coming back for loose inserts and bound planners. Lifetime customer right here.


So close...

Kimberly S., CO (US) Model #22224

I tinkered endlessly with my Agendio design. It works as well as it can for me. But ultimately, I also need daily pages. There's just no substitute for a whole page of your day.


Great planner pages!

Debbie, LA (US) Model #22205

Exactly what I ordered...process was great and really like my new planner.


First planner and I am loving it

Allyson Vu, CA (US) Model #32104

Knowing that I can customize my planner is a what drew me here. I chose a medium size planner with a time planner layout that helps me schedule out my day. The customization portion was easy, however selecting the type was hard. I wanted a time planner as well as a month layout to view the entire month. It was a bit overwhelming to see so many options, but in the end I am very satisfied with the quality. The pages are very smooth and the cover is nicely done. I would definitely buy another one next year. It is a good investment for something that can help me year round.


Review of My Agendio

Jennifer, NJ (US) Model #32084

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. However, for the cost, I do wish it could have accommodated a few more things. PROS: Very customizable Nice quality CONS: The planner itself wasn't outrageously expensive, but the shipping was. I wish a more reasonable shipping option was offered. Altogether, it makes the whole thing a bit too costly. I bought this with a gift card; otherwise, I wouldn't have. At $50, it's basically $1/week towards your planner! That's too much. Designing it was extremely confusing. The "start" page doesn't make it clear how all of the templates are different. I struggled with that for awhile. Furthermore, the design I ended up with still wasn't exactly what I wanted. Suggestions for further customization options: 1) Hand pick the times that you want on the day (i.e., when to start and end, whether to split them up by half hours, etc.). As it currently is you have to choose from preselected sets. 2) Fully customize the layout more. I wanted to have columns for the days, and within each day, 3 sets: times, a "high priority" note block and a "low priority" note block. I couldn't do this. Best I could do was to have times and one note block within the day column, then at the far right of each week, a column of the other note blocks. But these are separated from my days so not ideal. Also, I didn't want this column as I wanted to be able to make the days wider so I could fit more. Overall, a very nice gift. I don't think I'd buy it again outright.


Agendio Support

Hi Jennifer, I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can do the things you wanted to do. You can pick the start times for schedules - Use the dropdown in the schedule customize box. Also, there are designs (the ones with am/pm/evening) where you can label as you describe - You just change the am/pm labels to High priority, low priority, etc...

Jennifer, NJ (US)

That's too bad. I spent about 90 minutes overall on the site struggling to design my planner, and I guess I wasn't able to figure out what you're describing. Perhaps the answer then is to make the site easier to use? I consider myself very literate with the web, computers, smart phones, etc., and I really did struggle with figuring this out.

Super Duper Planner!

A.M., TX (US) Model #32147

I won't be using mine till October but i looked over my planner and i can't wait to be using mine, daily!


Love my new planner

Cydney Bacon , WA (US) Model #32118

I am pleased with my planner. Love being able to personalize my layout, font, and colors. The web site could be a little more user friendly. I would like to be able to zoom in to view things. A little disappointed in the cover. The corner finish craftmanship was not as nice as I ezpected. I would like a thicker paper.


Can't ask for a better agenda!

A.A., ON (CA) Model #22270

Finally an agenda that is customized to what you need. Wish I had this sooner!! Will certainly be getting this one year after year...


love my customized Adendio

J.C., PA (US) Model #32036

I am so thankful I found this product! It is exactly what I was looking for!


Great Planner!

Katherine, AL (US) Model #32148

My planner is great! It was a lot of fun to customize and the finished product looks and feels awesome!


Just love it.

Christina, OH (US) Model #32109

Okay...I am not the best planner type person. Mostly because I never needed to take notes, and all other planners were something that I had to adjust to. I am so glad to be able to customize a planner to me! I love my planner so far, and once school starts again, I am sure it will be indispensable.


If only I could get myself to actually *do* the things I write down as goals....

K.P., MA (US) Model #32342

Organized exactly the way I wanted, minus a section for budgeting or contacts (but that's why I got the extra lined/dot pages!), and is an amazingly helpful tool. Very well-made! Love the colors, printing, paper, cover... I just need to get my own brain together in order to actually accomplish my weekly/monthly goals and the like...


It only took me 30 years to find the right planner!

R.R., TX (US) Model #22234

I have made daily lists, had countless Daytimers, Day Runners, Blue Sky Dabney Lee planners, and Day Designers along with many others. I've used spiral bound, ring bound, personal, compact, letter size, and now A5. I'm very technology integrated in all ways but am tied to my paper planners. I tried designing my own and printing them. Of course, I have had to tweak them all a bit. I could and have spent hours at office supply stores and online looking for just the right planner. I think this is it for me. I love the way I can make changes to fit my needs. I don't have it 100% right but it's real close!


Great Planner!

Ronna J., CA (US) Model #32068

The planner is wonderful, excellent quality, everything is as advertised. The price is ridiculously cheap for the suburb quality and customization - I would not have balked if it cost twice as much. I am a bit of a planner junkie, and this is literally the most amazing planner I've ever had. That being said, I am unfortunately not using it as much as I'd like. I went with the small size because I wanted it to be super portable while I commute on the train and I wasn't sure how heavy a larger one would be. But, it's too small. I can't really use it. Not Agendio's fault at all - totally on me for thinking I could write smaller. My biggest "request for change", and the reason for four stars instead of five, would be to make a six month version. That way users can keep their recurring events on there, but update them more frequently. I would also like to have a ton of blank notes pages (with the current amount I still have to carry a different note book around with me). I would even be willing to pay the same amount for a six month book that has as many blank (lined) pages as customized pages. I will order a replacement for the one I have soon, because it is that great. But honestly, a six month option would send me over the moon with love for Agendio and probably create a life long customer. I have already referred several folks to Agendio, and I will tell anyone who asks that they should check it out!


So refreshing to have a custom AND professional planner

Bob M., FL (US) Model #32020

The Agendio planner is the first planner I have ever owned that I have faithfully used. I really appreciated the ability to customize the design within the many options. When I received it, it felt like a professional planner, such as I might get from Barnes & Noble or any other source. But even more, I liked the nice features not available in any other planner... perforated corners to tear off each week and the little metal page marks--which I kept for the next year.


Great planner

Clint F., CO (US) Model #32042

The planner is fantastic. There are a couple small things that I would change, but even with those issues, it's better than any other planner I could find. The cost is a bit steep though.


Personalization at its best. Love it.

S.V., CA (US) Model #32117

For someone who knows very specifically what they want and need in a planner, this is perfect. The ability to personalize it down to the smallest details is fantastic! It had an incredibly fast order process/print time, and the quality is fantastic. Definitely wouldn't remove anything, just add a few more extras for more customization.


Planner Peace at Last!

Heather D., PA (US) Model #32108

I love my planner. I should, as I was able to have EVERYTHING exactly the way I wanted it. From the layout, the color, fonts, Events, Activities, the customization is wonderful. I had so much fun deciding how I wanted my planner to look and the website made it easy. The quality of the planner (printing, paper, cover) is excellent. And the fact that I had my planner in hand less than a week after I ordered it was amazing (seriously, I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and had it on Saturday). I've finally found planner peace at last! I'll see you guys in 2017/2018 and I look forward to it!


Awesome custom planner!

Shelby M., UT (US) Model #22252

No one else offers a customized planner like Agendio--trust me, I've looked. Not just dates, but fonts, color, division of pages, lines, and more! It's perfect and the only planner company I'll use going forward. The only downside is I had to purchase an outside planner (binder) to hold the pages since they only offered a hardback version which I didn't want. But that's no big deal. I absolutely love my planner and can't believe I never looked into customized planners before. Agendio has my business for life.


I love it!

Anita C., TX (US) Model #32324

I love the ability to customize my planner! I'm going to use my planner during the school year to track reports, meetings, and trainings.


Perfect Planner For Me

K.J., KS (US) Model #32103

Love it! The customization is the best part


Fantastic Planner Done Your Way

Marie H., HI (US) Model #32091

Trying to figure out how to organize my life by paper or by digital calendar has been a challenge either way. I love the portability of a digital calendar but hated the idea that I had to carry a separate pouch/folder to hold on to notes, cards, mail, etc. Then I would go back to a paper planner. But I could never find the perfect one. One would have too many miscellaneous inserts (time zone chart, list annual goals, etc.) that I would never use but made the planner too thick to carry. And if it was too big to carry I would have to switch to carrying a few months at a time (binder type). There are too many planner websites that offer to customize but its limited to putting my name on the front to color pages to start month. Nothing really to customize the weekly pages. Until I stumbled upon Agendio. Where has Agendio been all these years! It's literally the perfect planner! It's exactly what I wanted. I choose a column weekly design. I was able to add special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Titled the note section for work, school and family. Selected the color and font! There is no other planner like it. It is perfect. Perfect for me. And I think that's what is great about Agendio. They offer a customized planner for you. They are not asking you to change the way you organize your life. They are offering to create a planner designed the way you organize your life. Thank you Agendio for giving me the perfect planner that fits me!


Love the customization!

Bethany, IL (US) Model #32134

So far I am loving my Agendio! It is much slimmer and lighter than I'm used to which has taken some getting used to but it is exactly what I ordered and what I needed! The quality is great so far and I look forward to using it more throughout the year and seeing what tweaks I need to make. I love the customized options that are available -- makes it so much more functional and easy to get what I need from a planner. Loving it!


Love my new Agendio!

A.W., NC (US) Model #32144

I've been using my Agendio for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. I'm preparing to open an online shop, and I needed an agenda that could act as both a regular planner and a business planner--all while helping me stay motivated and focused on my goals. The customization options were perfect for what I was looking for, and I have never been so organized or inspired.


Great planner, hoping for more options

Amanda, NY (US) Model #32316

My planner arrived promptly and is exactly what I ordered. The pages are high quality, the binding secure, and the cover material and style are professional and high quality. I'm hoping Agendio continues to expand its customization options, however. I would love to see things like cover personalization, better control of where notes pages can be put (e.g. after each month, select a number of notes pages), and an option of including one wider column for writing names to keep track of data using the grid pages. Overall I'm very satisfied with my planner. Agendio offers the best customization options out there that I've been able to find, and I'll definitely be returning to see what updates/additions they make to their products next year.


I love my planner!

Meagen, MA (US) Model #32097

I am constantly searching for the perfect planner -- I'm particular about the layout and design. Being able to completely customize the Agendio planner with exactly what I wanted was amazing. I will definitely be buying again next year.


Love, love, love!

Diana T., OK (US) Model #32127

As a teacher my needs are very specific. The ability to customize sections means I can have a lesson plan book and calendar with note sections for meetings in one book rather than having two on my desk. I've shown my Agendio to many colleagues and they love it too. I'm already designing one for next year!


Rethink what can be customized.

Emily Nosbush, IN (US) Model #32160

I was a bit disappointed with my planner. I really wish my month view was at the beginning of each month instead of all of them at the beginning. For the price I paid, I didn't feel like I could customize the right things. I would prefer a more detailed timeline in my planner rather than all the extra list space above and below and less space on the right side for notes to allow for wider columns. I like the texture of the cover, and the time range that it allows. All in all, it's a decent planner, but for the price, I would like to be able to customize more of the basic layout. Also, the lines on the planner can be erased very easily. I like most of the features, but the ones I discussed are the most important to me.


My new planner...

Eric C., QC (CA) Model #32054

I'm really happy with the final product! Next year, I will do some modifications to better suits my needs but for now, it does the job! If you can add a ''1 day / page'' model someday, I'll buy it for sure and recommand it to my business partners because this is what they use. Thanks!



C.C., MI (US) Model #22170

This is the second Agendio planner refill I have ordered and I am so pleased. The options for customization are wonderful. I would like the option to enlarge the events such as birthdays on each square ( old eyes) and maybe some different fonts in different sections, but all in all it is really working like no other and I have tried them all. I appreciate the quick shipping... when you want it, you want it now! Thanks so much Cindy Cusack


More than pleased!

Anna, CO (US) Model #32045

I could not be happier with my planner. I stumbled upon Agendio during a late-night search for yet another new planning option. The amount of money I've spent on planners over the years is, quite honestly, obscene! But finally I found one that had all the options I could possibly need, namely because I designed it. I'm now able to keep track of my home life, kids' happenings, work and so much more on one spread (workout routine, dinner plans, mileage and more). Everything about it works for me. It arrived incredibly fast, too. This is the only planner I'll ever order again.


Best planner purchase I've had

A.W., FL (US) Model #32109

As a full-time college student, who works, is a VP in her sorority, and is involved in several other organizations on campus, not only do I need a planner, but I need a planner that will help keep me focused and prioritized. When I was looking for a planner I kept finding awesome planners, but there were 1 or 2 things that were holding me back. I stumbled upon Agendio and was immediately in awe! I created several models and finally decided on one, ordered it, and I seriously couldn't be happier. The complete customization is what sold it for me, as well as the amazing customer service (I e-mailed them a lot), and especially the price. Big name planners are $60 before shipping and handling, and don't have any room for customization. I've been showing everyone my planner and raving about this company, because there is truly only the greatest things to say.


I'm Impressed

J.B., CA (US) Model #22298

Great quality at a great price. The design process was easy.....and addicting. I'm already looking forward to designing my planner for next year.


Great product

D.P., AL (US) Model #22313

It took me a little while to figure out how to use the web interface to design my planner, and I still could have done a little better. But overall, I love the product and look forward to tweaking my design next year. It took about 10 days from start to finish. The paper quality is really smooth, nice for using a fountain pen. No bleed through and ink dries fast. Highly recommend for those who want something more than standard planners.


Love it!

Claire, IL (US) Model #32117

I've never been someone who has been good at keeping track of my stuff. (I have a graveyard of half-filled elementary school planners laying somewhere in my parents' basement.) But I'm starting graduate school, so I thought I'd get a planner to try to actually keep my life together between school and work. I really like my Agendio because I got to choose what I need in it. I love that I have a section just for assignments, because it's nice to see them as an easy list. I also love how you can choose how the page looks/is organized. There are a lot of places online to make a personalized planner, but Agendio forgoes the 'INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND STICKERS!!' nonsense and actually lets you make a planner that has what you need! Even the layout of the pages themselves are up to you. I will say, there are a few features on other planners that I'd like to see in future versions of Agendio (like meal planners and address book pages), but if that stuff is really important to you, you could probably just make your pages to look like those. I will just say that you really need to double check your planner before you check out. I accidentally made one mistake and now have to live with it, a shining reminder of my own incompetence every time I open to a monthly overview. (Luckily, however, it was a small mistake.) I'd definitely recommend Agendio, and assuming I can stick with it and not get disorganized again, I'll definitely be ordering another!


I love it!

S.W., GA (US) Model #32058

It is so cute and just how I created it! I will definitely get another one next year! I will use it every year of college and possibly even in my professional life! The only down side is that it is slightly expensive, but when considering all the personalization that happens, it works out.


Perfect planner refill

C.A., ON (CA) Model #22287

I am particular about how my planner pages are laid out and have never been able to find something that completely fits my purpose. I couldn't believe it when I found Agendio and when it actually turned out to be easy to design and reasonably priced. I love it and will definitely order it every year. Love the customization options and that I could begin at any time of the year (so didn't have to wait until January to get better organized). Wonderful idea!



A.L., NY (US) Model #12225

So beyond happy I finally found a site where I can customize my planner refills to the way I want it! Even happier that the Filofax A5 size fits my Louis Vuitton GM Agenda! I will definitely be purchasing from you again and recommending you to everyone looking to get a planner layout to their desired layout! Thank you!!!!!!


Beautiful, high quality, just what I needed!

Geneviève, QC (CA) Model #32011

I'm an SEO expert, my job is highly versatile and I have a lot to remember. I had been looking for a planner, for a while now, that let me plan my week the way I wanted to! Enough with the color coded post-its already! Agendio let me plan my agenda that way I needed it and the quality of the product is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to anybody and I will for sure get one for next year.



Rebecca L., VT (US) Model #32047

While I was hesitant to spend this amount of money on a planner, it's just what I always needed. This is going to keep me motivated and organized throughout my school year. I was able to add all the things this teacher needs to plan for all of my classes.


Completely fits my needs

S.V., IL (US) Model #22204

I've had varying amounts of success with planners in the past, but typically would end up defeated and disorganized repeatedly because they didn't quite meet my needs. I'm a highly visual person who gets stuck on small details, being able to customize my planner to the degree allowed by Agendio is insanely helpful. In addition, the quality of the paper and printing is wonderful. So satisfied!


I cannot get over this planner!

Katheryne, VA (US) Model #32055

My Agendio arrived today, and I could not be happier with it! The binding is beautiful, the size is absolutely perfect, the printing is terrific quality... I could go on. So I will! The design process was fun and intuitive, and had just enough options to make the design feel truly personalized. The shipping was lightning-fast, too. I don't think I could go back to using a stock planner after this. WELL worth the price (a fully custom planner under $50?? What planet am I on?)... Agendio has made a customer for life :)


Best Planner Ever!!!

Michelle L., FL (US) Model #32055

I absolutely love my Agendio planner! I will definitely be reordering every year! I got the journal size since that is what I typically use. I can say I love my planner so much next year I will probably go larger so I can enjoy it more! I never really move into a planner totally. Thanks to Agendio I have realized I have never had one that I truly loved and that truly fit my needs! I had mixed emotions on the cover until it arrived. I love the feel, the binding and the color of the cover. It actually matches the color of my other items I use to keep me straight. Considering I could lay it out exactly how I needed for it to fit my life makes it perfect! I love the ability to be able to customize every little detail to include but not limit myself to items, boxes, floaters, etc. I love the color layout I chose (turquoise and purple). The colors are true to what I saw on screen. I love the page marker and the elastic closure! I love my pocket folder in the back. This is a great location for me and most others place it in the front. For me the page marker is beautiful and awesome. It is one less post-it note page marker I have to lose because it will no longer stick. My Agendio Planner is beautiful in every way and Agendio has done an excellent job putting everything together.


Love it!

Anna Perez, TX (US) Model #32112

I have carried a planner since i was 12. Recently i found the whole new "planner community" is a " thing". I joined several groups. Researched planners and did not find one that fit my needs. Yes they are all pretty and cute, but none functional to me. So i google searched and came across Agendio. SOLD. Customized my own and placed order in same night. I am now sharing my planner with all my communities i joined to spread word of how wonderful Agendio is. Hoping it helps. I love my planner and will be purchasing another when this one is used up. Thank you!!


Best Planner Ever

Grace , CA (US) Model #32109

I'm no planner expert, but this agenda is dope. It's amazing to me that I have to use a 100% customized agenda in order to have one as simple as I wanted. I made it very minimalistic and I could not be more pleased. It's going to be perfect when I use it for my first year of college next week. I'd totally recommend it.



A.D., WI (US) Model #32160

This planner was a big disappointment. It was really expensive for what it is. I got it because it offers the writing room that I was looking for, but after having an Inkwell Press (beautiful!!) and a Plum Paper in years past, this planner feels cheap. My biggest complaint is the cover and binding. I hate the material of the cover, and it doesn't fold back on itself. More importantly, the paper hangs outside of the cover because the binding is not secure to the cover. When I stand the planner up on a shelf, the paper hangs out the edge. This is causing wear and tear on the edges of the paper. Just a really really poor binding system. If I had paid $20 I may not have cared so much. But I feel like I wasted so much money on a planner that I am stuck with for a year. My recommendation is to design your inserts, but then put them in a different binding system!! I wish I had done that.


Agendio Support

Hi Amanda, I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment - At least you like your pages. The reason we created this binding system is that it allows you to have a full cover around your wires, which looks nicer from the outside than seeing the wires, while on the inside you have the lay-flat properties of wire-O. The problems you describe make me think that your binding may have gotten damaged, so maybe we can do something about that. Please feel free to send me some pictures at and I will see what I can do.

Wishing for a few changes but some things I love!

Amy, NY (US) Model #32089

I love the binding and that I was able to set up categories on my weekly pages with my own labels. I really really wish that monthly dividers were and option. I made my own but the don't look nearly as cute as if they have come built in. I also would have liked the month at a glance pages to be before each month's weekly pages as opposed to a separate section in the front. I was surprised by this, maybe I missed the option to arrange it this way when I was setting it up?


Great planner! Exactly as expected

Nicole, WV (US) Model #32065

I really like this planner! It's got space for everything I need and is organized the way my brain is (because I designed it!) It is definitely very high quality and the leather cover is beautiful. The only reasons I'm giving it four stars is because the planner doesn't actually lie quite flat because of the spiral. If the spiral was a little smaller it would be perfect because it wouldn't interfere with you writing on the opposite page. These are super minor things for an overall great planner!


Exactly as I designed it!

Douglas E., OH (US) Model #32129

Great planner, high quality materials! I was using a Franklin Covey two-pages-per-day planner, and this is actually much more practical.


Everyone is jealous!

M.V., NY (US) Model #32164

I made my planner so I could try to mesh my school planner with my regular life planner. It’s working so far! It’s not perfect, but I’m already thinking of the changes I can make for next year.


LOVE IT, never going back to a pre-designed planner!

Zoie W., AL (US) Model #32129

I have always lived my life via my planner. As this is my senior year in college, I have more going on now than ever, and being able to design my own planner was just what I needed to be able to organize my hectic days, weeks, months, etc. The cover is good quality and I have had no problems with the pages, be it quality or ripping or anything of the sort. I highly recommend agendio to anyone I know!!


Love the customization!

Susan, NY (US) Model #32047

This is a fantastic planner. Agendio allows you to customize every single aspect of the book, from font to layout. So many options! With other planners, even the "customized" ones, you need to adjust your style to the layouts that they provide. But not with Agendio. I created a planner with the layout and design that I needed. If you juggle many things every single day like I do, a planner that can be individualized to this degree is critical. I'd be lost without it.


Doesn't fit into binding! :(

Kelsea L., CA (US) Model #32140

I have used my Agendio less than 5 times since receiving it and it's already falling out of the binding. I am very upset because other than that it's 100% awesome :( wish I was able to have them send me one that's not falling apart


Perfect Planner Does Exist

Michelle L., FL (US) Model #32055

Since this is my first Agendio planner I am still figuring out how to tailor it for next year. I'm a busy mom of two girls so staying organized is a must! I love the cover & so far everything just wipes right off with a damp cloth without messing up the cover. I love the feel of the cover & the elastic band to keep it closed. The binding is spiral but it holds up really well. I haven't had any problems opening or closing it. The interior is perfect but that's because Agendio lets you design your planner. They have so many more options than other companies I looked into, which was a lot. I got the small journal size which is perfect if you don't want a big bulky planner to carry around. It's about the size of a mini binder & not as thick. Perfect to tuck in a purse or tote bag. The pages turn easy & don't seem to hang up on the binding, even when opening & closing. I love the page marker so I always know where I am. Overall, it's the best planner I have ever used & I love it more than any other planner I have ever had (which has been a lot). With my layout I have space & the perfect place for everything that needs organizing in my life, all consolidated into one binder. The price seemed a bit high at first, but I wouldn't pay less! You truly get what you pay for & this is well worth every penny spent on it! Agendio truly gives you a planner designed for your needs, with options for any schedule, that will hold up & is also beautiful in its own way! Can't wait to reorder!



K.H., OH (US) Model #32059

Love this planner!! I love how I was able to design my own planner! I put everything I needed in it. I would definitely order this planner again! The only changes I would like to make would be to add tabs and put the month layout before each week instead of all at the beginning (not sure if that is an option already or not), but other than that, I love it.


So fun

E.S., ON (CA) Model #32148

The whole process was so enjoyable, but the finished product really wowed me. The feel is so luxurious, the paper is thick and smooth. Totally worth the splurge to get just the right tool I need.



Vanessa R., SC (US) Model #22186

My college freshman daughter found your service online and ordered a study planner for herself. I was so impressed by the specific tailoring and design to fit my individual needs that I ordered one on the same day. So when we received our orders it was PERFECT. The quality is beyond what I expected and when my daughter received hers we both agreed that our items were so nice that we didn't want to write in them - BUT WE DID. It is really great! FYI we viewed some YouTube videos prior to ordering and there satisfaction and description of the product was spot-on. Thank you.


Great planner!

T.P., CA (US) Model #32065

I like this planner because it allows me to customize my content. I use it, among other things, to keep track of our monthly expenses. I will order this again next year but with a different font and headings. The only thing I don't like is the spiral binding which makes it hard to write when it gets close to the right margin


Good but some issues

Alexis, MO (US) Model #32050

I really love how my Agendio is set up. I liked the ability to prefill it with important events that would be coming in affect throughout the year. I have consistent scheduled items that I would have liked to be able to prefill on the time slots but that was not an option. The only other issue I have had is that the string on the outside that keeps the Agendio closed keeps coming out of the back and I have to reinsert it. For an extra dollar amount I would have expected it to be sturdier.


My Planner

Sydney Baranovitz, GA (US) Model #32127

I created my first agendio and have been using it for about a month or so. I have somewhat happy with it, but there are definitely things in it I wish I would have known I could've customized. There are definitely things I am not happy with


Great Paper Quality

Todd, NJ (US) Model #22273

My planner starts in November, so I haven't been using it daily yet, however, I have gone through and added future events to it already. So far, the paper seems to be good quality and with my fountain pen, so far, not much bleed through. I love having certain events and items preprinted. just looking through it, it is so much more neater and easier to read, then with all my own handwriting in it. Looking forward to November when I get to really get my hands dirty with it.


Perfect answer for the planer design needed

Patrick S., TN (US) Model #22295

I have this pattern design in use and have received a 2nd one for my personal activity use. The first was for my business position needs that I needed the design offering that Agendio offers. It is exactly what I needed that other companies did not have or could not provide. The layout is exact to the plan design, and the paper stock is very good with the fountain pens I like to use-no bleed so far. I will probably order a compact size for my personal activity use, and I would suggest this company for the design you want to choose.



Lauren , PA (US) Model #32162

This planner is the best, I can customize how I want which is all I have been dreaming of for years. It allows me to keep track of what I need to do daily and weekly and for everyone in my family. I have not stopped telling everyone about them.


love this thing

Q.K., MT (US) Model #32018

I loved being able to make my planner the way i wanted it. learned a couple of things about how i can change it to make it even better. the only thing i am disappointed is the elastic band that held it shut snapped after 8 months but i was able to use another brands bands to hold it shut



Susie Reece, AR (US) Model #32022

I love this new customized calendar! It turned out exactly like what I saw when I was making it online. The only things I would improve or suggest would be to have a customizable cover- maybe even using personal images, and the second would be page placement. I'm particular to having my month overview precede my weeks of the month. This one had all the months at the front and all the weeks after. Other than that, this will definitely be the only calendar I ever purchase again. You got me for life.


First time I have fully used a daytimer!!

R.M., AB (CA) Model #32147

Was easy to set up the way that works best for me. Love the color options to make it more fun to use.


Quite pleased with my planner!

Jessica, MA (US) Model #32162

LOVE my new Agendio planner! This was the first time that I have used this company and I was not left disappointed. I have received so many compliments on my planner , and it has just about everything that I could ask for in a planner. If I had to give come constructive criticism, I wish that there was a way to offer the times in 15 or 30 minute increments instead of by the hour. While there is a dotted line indicative of the 30 minute mark in between hours, it would make it easier to read and follow the schedule with the numbers actually written. I would also choose wider spacing between the lines the next time I build a custom planner (I just write really big). Again, these two things are just me being knit-picky. Overall my experience has been great. Website is easy to use. LOVE the ability to customize EVERY element of the planner. Shipped and received quite quickly. Quality is solid. If you are someone like me that is VERY picky about planners and elements you would like to find in the planner, I would definitely recommend this site to create your own :)


Almost perfect

Maria, CA (US) Model #22362

I absolutely love the ability Agendio has given me to customize my planner. The possibilities are amazing!! The only issue I've had is the fact that it all runs together. My planner style is to use monthly dividers so that I can flip quickly from one to another. Agendio, please, please add this as an option ASAP! A month on two pages would also be nice. If there's a way to divide the months, please let me know. I would gladly order a second set.


Ara C., CA (US)

I believe they have an option to add monthly tabs! I think it's $10 more.

Customization Works Wonders

Karen, PA (US) Model #32059

I am so excited that I found Agendio. I was having trouble finding a planner that fit all of my needs and would help me stay organized for both short and long term. The fact that I could create my own planner with the perfect layout and sections made Agendio worth the price. It's a perfect size with lots of room for writing. Even the little details, like picking colors and fonts, make it unique and more "me."


Just enough to write what I want

G.W., AZ (US) Model #32125

This is my 2nd Agendio this year. The first one I went crazy with all the personalization and it ended up too structured for me. This time after searching the 100s of planners on the market I decided to customize a more open planner with Agendio. What I love about Agendio is the lightweight, nice cover and ability to put as much or as little headings, titles, sections and slots as you want.



B.T., WI (US) Model #32134

I travel in my job from building to building and need to take notes during meetings, keep a running to do list, and have a monthly overview of my deadlines. Finding one book/agenda to do all that instead of having different things in different places was difficult until I found Agendio. I loved making my own book and having it look exactly how I want it to look.


Loving my new planner

V.C., (UK) Model #32045

I'm looking forward to an organised and planned year!! Love the look and personalisation!! Thanks


Wrong size refill

M.M., NC (US) Model #22353

Not agendio's fault, but I saw separated six holes and jumped. Turns out there is a miniature size.


What I was looking for!

L.W., OK (US) Model #32004

I have been searching for the perfect planner and this is the only place I found I could customize everything to my needs. The functionality is great and the final product was perfect. I suggested a few updates and hope to see them when I renew next year. Definitely worth the price and the time to have the perfect planner!



Jennifer S., NH (US) Model #32143

it is absolutely perfect - it has everything I need and I love it!


Good but not 100% right

H.M., (UK) Model #32131

I'm loving my agendio but there were a few things not quite right. Mainly it was the events that I put in. It would only put in a few and when they were put in they were in a bad location for me. I expected them to be on the lines but they were in the bottom corner of the day. This was a problem for me as I had purposefully placed a colon next to some of the events so I could add information about the events. Ex) staff meeting: then I could handwrite the agendas for staff meetings as and when I had them. Also was disappointed to go through the whole process of creating my agendio to then find international shipping costs were extremely expensive. Wish I'd have know before I started.


I'm in love with it!

Abbi L., AB (CA) Model #32096

I live very much by the pay period so it's very refreshing to be able to choose my own start dates of the week as well as the layout of the pages. I also love the ability to enter in all the important dates that happen in a year, like all the birthdates! As someone who never remembers peoples birthday, that was a huge heck yeah! I've never been able to stick with a planner before because I found them hard to use based on how my schedule works. I've been able to use this one everyday easily; I don't dread it anymore because it's finally something that works well for me. It may have seemed expensive at first, but it was certainly worth it and I already have next years made up :)


Almost Perfect

Laura V., MI (US) Model #32063

The set-up was time consuming, but it was due to a learning curve. I also had an issue with adding activities - it wouldn't take. I ended up ordering without activities, so just wrote them in. Love the look/feel and option for pocket insert. Next time I would: 1. order the mid-size vs. small 2. use 1/4" lines vs. 3/16". 3. Get the paper clip instead of the plastic band accessory This product would be PERFECT if: 1. It had a pen holder/loop 2. You could specify if activities & events should be printed on Monthly only, Weekly only or Both (similar to the moon cycle) 3. Include more writing paper/blanks - I want to use this as my meeting book/planner/note-taking device. 4. Have the ability to add one's own pages (disc binding perhaps?). 5. Have your events (i.e. birthdays) noted on the next year's calendar. (Example, my October 2016 birthdays did not appear on the October 2017 calendar). The SITE would be easier to use if: 1. You could change sizes during the creation of your journal, so you don't have to "start over" and end up with multiple versions of your book 2. Show you more than ONE monthly layout and ONE weekly layout to review - it should show the entire book layout, page by page so you can see EXACTLY what will print on each page. 3. They identify this is made in Canada (got charged fee for international purchase) 4. Clearly define length of production prior to set-up. Had I knows, I would have started my calendar the following month.


Video Review!

Jasmine S., CA (US) Model #32059



Jessica, CO (US) Model #32050

I am the pickiest with planners. I have never found the right one until now!! I am so happy being able to customize how I want this. THANK YOU!! I couldn't be more pleased.



R.D., LA (US) Model #32055

What a terrific concept! A customized planner to fit your life. I will not entertain any other option, but Agendio!!



C.P., NY (US) Model #32093

I had made several attempts to find a good planner, make my own planner and print customizable planners that worked for me. I actually didn't know that a company like this existed. A friend suggested that I start a company like this but then I thought to myself "Someone else had to have thought of this". Thankfully Agendio did! I have more than enough on my plate and this planner just helps me stay sane. I needed a space to break down my day by morning, afternoon and evening. I needed places to check off and note my workouts. I wanted a space where I could check off daily accountabilities like reading the news, my bible, praying, staying on top of social media and listing my achievements for the week. This lets me do all of that. I'm so thankful for you guys. Keep doing your thing! I've told all my friends and co-workers about you! PS. Since i'm in NY it came much earlier than expected.


Best Planner Ever!!

Rebecca C., GA (US) Model #32030

I am so happy with my planner. I have always been extremely picky with my planners, and the fact that I could customize every aspect made me so happy! I will definitely continue to order my planners from Agendio. It is definitely worth the price :)


I love my Agendio Planner.

A.C., TX (US) Model #32324

I'm just jealous of the new changes coming in November! I can say that if I hadn't already ordered for the year, I'd be ordering one now. Thank you so much for coming up with this wonderful planning system! As someone on the go all the time for work, I needed something I could take with me and I could customize to my needs. I use my Agendio in addition to several electronic calendars and a couple paper calendars. Again, thank you for having something functional, customizable, and pretty!


Perfect, changed my life

Margaret, TN (US) Model #32074

I never use planners despite everyone saying I should. I finally decided to take control and design my own planner that worked specifically for me. Having the options to form a schedule that works for my brain has changed my life for the better.



Jennifer S., NH (US) Model #32143

you guys basically rock



T.C., IN (US) Model #32133

I am a planner fan, and am always searching for the perfect one! This is the closest I have come! I can customize, which I love!


Great product & great company!

J.B., MT (US) Model #32045

I always wait a few months before reviewing something like a planner. It takes a bit to get the feel for whether they meet your needs and for how well they'll hold up to heavy use. Nearly three months into my first Agendio now and LOVING it for many reasons. The paper is fabulously smooth to write on, doesn't smear easily, and doesn't have ghosting when using normal ball-point pens. The overall product quality is equally excellent. Three months of being repeatedly shoved into various bags and left out on busy countertops, and it still looks brand new. My favorite thing about this planner, though, is how I was able to make it exactly what I want and need. Customization of the pages was time consuming but very easy and SO fantastically detailed! Definitely worth the price tag. It printed and shipped quickly, also a plus. Regarding the company itself, I had email correspondence with Agendio over questions and an issue. They were friendly, prompt, and very helpful. Definitely a company I'd be happy to do business with in the future and a planner I'll be reordering. :)


I like it but I wish I had more options at the time of placing the order

Heysha R., GA (US) Model #32317

I had a very good experience designing my agenda. It is exactly as described. The only thing is that I wish I had more at the time. I sent an email with questions ( I wanted to know if it was possible to put note pages after each month on the monthly design for bills, notes, and grocery list) I didn't get a prompt response so I went ahead and ordered it because I needed it as soon as possible. After I placed my order, I received an email saying that I should wait until November. Right after I started getting all these email about the new features like tabs and different color covers. I was very disappointed with this since for example, tabs would've been really helpful to have. Other than that, I am very pleased with the quality of this product, although my September 2017 page were wrinkled (I guess this must've happened during printing).



Jennifer S., NC (US) Model #32144

Finally a planner that is designed to fit into MY life instead of the other way around. This planner is exactly as you see on the website - designed by you to be used by you. The colors are bright and the paper is thick enough to not bleed through with felt tip pens. It's not heavy at all - yes, I've actually had planners that were heavy! Do yourself a favor and get a couple of pocket pages and a page marker - well worth the investment.


Overall, it's great. Would be perfect with just a few tweaks...

Jody S., IA (US) Model #32159

While I loved how much I could customize it, there are a few things I wish I could've changed. The font size for events and activities is super-tiny, like barely noticeable. I'd love to see options to change the size on that. I'd love to have the best of both worlds with the cover and spiral - a cover that is hard (not floppy) yet a spiral so that I can flip it around and write in it when it's on my lap or take up less room at a conference table. I can't wait to order my next one with some of the new features I've heard about - tabs for months, larger pockets to actually hold an 8.5x11 piece of paper without folding it and more! Thank you!


Absolutely love it!

Christina , WI (US) Model #32012

I struggled finding a blog planner that met my needs. Agendio let me completely customize my planner to create a system that works for me.


Quite expensive for the quality and wait time

Ashley, CA (US) Model #32137

The planner took almost a month to arrive. I thought it would automatically come with monthly spreads, though it doesn't. Quite a bummer. Nothing too fancy. Some of the font is too small to read. Paper weight is especially thin. Thought the cover had some flex to it, but it doesn't. Unless you have a substantial amount of customization, buy a planner from Target at $15 for the same quality.


Great idea, execution still needs work

S.L., MO (US) Model #32013

This is my second time ordering an Agendio. I came back after my first to take advantage of the daily pages and new binding, two features I really wanted with the first one. I think the process of designing an Agendio is great. I think the Agendio itself is a 4-star product, barring some issues I had with the binding coming loose after very minimal use. What I don't think is so great is how long this is taking. My order sat in "Pre Production" for three weeks before moving to In Production. I'm pretty sure that I won't get it before the holidays due to shipping delays for Xmas now. I ordered on Nov 11. It's crazy that a product, even a highly personalized product like this, should be hung up in the "Pre Production" stage that long. There will be a month at least of wasted daily pages at the start of my journal by the time I receive it. Not only does that make my journal less useful to me, it also wastes paper and money. While the idea of this company and product is excellent, I will have major doubts about coming back unless I hear that there have been big changes in the speed of review -- again, this is NOT about the speed of production. Please do not reply telling me that these take time to make. This is about the speed of the "Pre Production" phase, which should not take 3 weeks on top of the weeks it takes to produce and ship the product.


Stephanie L., MO (US)

Update: I contacted Agendio today regarding this issue, as it had been over a month since the order was placed. Dan emailed me back right away, explaining the delay very frankly, and offered a satisfactory solution for future orders. I'm really pleased with the customer service, and understanding what's going on "behind the scenes" makes it a lot easier to wait out the delay. While this is still a disappointing situation for everyone involved, I do think I will be back in the future, simply because this is still a great product when all is said and done, and the customer service is better than most other companies out there.

Planner Review

Tressa Ducas, TX (US) Model #32134

Hello, I have finally received my planner after waiting, what seemed like, an eternity. It was really only an extra week or so, but the wait seemed excruciating. While I am in love with my new planner, I do have some issues with it. One seems to be an overlook on my part, but the other two are not. First, the font on the cover is wrong. I believe it was supposed to be Courgette, but I could be wrong. I do however know that it was not supposed to be the plain font that was printed. Second, in the floaters on each month, for the months before and after, they both contain the previous month. This seems to be my fault but maybe it should have raised a red flag when it was being produced. I just wish I would have been contacted and questioned about this error. Third, and lastly, there are ink droplets on a lot of the pages. Most of them seem to be on the notes pages, so it is not that big of a deal, I just wanted it to be made aware of. Again, all in all, I am very happy with my planner and can't wait to really put it into action. The likely hood of me reordering a planner for next year is great. I just may order it a little earlier in the year to try and avoid the surplus of orders that I am sure your company has around this time of year. Thank You, Tressa Ducas


I'm super happy with my Agendio purchase!

Sarah Stanton, CA (US) Model #32447

I bought my planner as a Christmas gift to myself because I couldn't find a planner anywhere that was exactly what I wanted. I loved how Agendio allowed me to customize every single aspect of my planner, and when I received my planner, it was high-quality and exactly what I had ordered. I looked at a lot of build-your-own planner sites and this is the best one.


I a beyond thrilled with my agendio

Amy King, NC (US) Model #32046

I have been researching planners and lurking in Facebook groups and nothing seemed like the perfect fit for me. I needed to combine elements of several to get MY planner. Now I have it and it allows me to combine work, life, etc all in one massive planner. May not be what the masses want but it is exactly what I wanted. So thank you.


I love my Agendio

Takiyah A., NC (US) Model #32032

I was just tweeting my love for my Agendio this morning. I've tried a TON of planners but the customization of the Agendio makes it top notch. The weekly and monthly views I need are here and the beauty of the "spanning pagelets" is a game changer. I do wish the Agendio was prettier but the new cover options are great -- this means my next order will be even better! The quality, custom options and personalization make the Agendio an excellent planner for anyone looking for quality, style and ease of use.


Fantastic Buy!

Becky C., TX (US) Model #32421

I have been searching for a planner that I could customize for my work in manufacturing and I just found this site by accident really. I received my planner today and I am beyond excited and pleased with the quality, the details and the overall appearance of my new planner. It was easy to go in and customize this planner to fit my needs. I ordered on the 19th of December and received my planner on January 6th, well worth the wait as they definately paid attention to all the details that I had requested. I will definately be ordering from Agendio again! Thank you!


High Quality Customized Planner

Tandy Elisala, AZ (US) Model #32011

LOVED this customizable planner. Because it's customizable, there is a chance for error when printing. That happened and it delayed my planner by a few weeks. However, the wait was worth it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner.


First try in 2017

Vincent B., (FR) Model #32088

I simply love this planner !


love its purpose but falling apart and some design flaws

Toni, TX (US) Model #32320

I am giving two stars because of two reasons. 1. My biggest disappointment with this product is that the whole thing is falling apart. The binded portion with all the pages has unattached from the leather covering and I have only had my calendar for a few months. It is difficult to reattach it and it never stays. My calendar pretty much sits on a counter top opened to the current week, so it's not ever mishandled or moved from place to place. 2. When I designed my calendar I did not see any option to have the month layout precede the week layout, which I would prefer (it is an option now as my husband just customized and received his this way). Being that all my months are clustered together and all my weeks are clustered together I have to constantly flip back and forth. This layout doesn't make much sense but there was not any other option when I customized. Perhaps the construction of the calendar has improved since I ordered. When my husband recently customized and ordered, there was a better option (spiral bound soft back). I really do like and am overall pleased with the options for actually customizing the layout and content on each particular page of the calendar.


Agendio Support

Hi Toni, You mention not being able to place your monthlies with your weeklies. What a shame you didn't see that option - It's been an option since day 1, on the info page at the beginning of the builder. The other issue you mention puzzles me - I haven't heard of that happening before. I'll contact you sepearately so I can find out more details.

Toni, TX (US)

Agendio did contact me regarding the binding unattaching from the leather covering. After multiple tries of trouble shooting over email, including sending picture after picture of the problem and then trying to trouble shoot again with the given long list of instructions to follow to try and fix the product on my own, I have given up. I would follow instructions and then email customer service and tell them I am not successful, and they would follow up with another set of instructions. I'm fed up. I will never order from Agendio again, not will order for my husband. I tried to have patience. I am to the point of chunking the whole thing and going to wal mart or amazon. Poor product and poor customer service, nice people just continued to give me the run around.

Agendio Support

Hi Toni, I emailed you with instructions about a month ago but I didn't hear back from you. I'll contact you again by email and we'll find a solution.


ANNE M., NJ (US) Model #32143

I was having so much trouble finding a planner with the monthly and weekly layouts I wanted, which I thought were quite basic. I love that Agendio let me choose the perfect combination of pages, sections and headers. Even better, I love that my custom dates and headers are saved so I can reorder the same planner or tweak it a little for next year.



Lisa, NV (US) Model #32130

The customization process was very thorough and user-friendly, definitely the most options for custom planners compared to other companies. The detail available was perfect for creating the exact planner that I have wanted. Production and shipping went quickly - I received my planner approximately a week and half after ordering. Absolutely happy with my design and purchase. I will be a return customer.


Ab Fab!

SANDRA DAVIS, FL (US) Model #32450

I ordered three of the planners. each one for a different reason. one for my daily stuff one to plan ahead (monthly/weekly) and another strictly for bills and budget. Great quality and the spiral binding lets the binder lay flat for easy writing. They are Absolutely fabulous!!!


Good planner BUT....

Kristin Reagan, IN (US) Model #32088

I ordered and paid for tear-off corners but I did not receive a planner with tear-off corners. Also I requested that the budget and expenses pages be throughout the planner with the month spreads, yet they were all in the front of the book. I love Agendio - this is my third planner - but sadly I am regretting this purchase, The weekly layout worked perfectly for me until I started a new job and a lot more detail was needed to be written down. I'm disappointed with this hundred-dollar purchase.


Agendio Support

Hi Kristin, I emailed you a detailed answer a few days ago. You should have also received an attachment showing where you made your mistake on the extra pages. Please let me know about the detachable corners. Dan

Wish I Knew About Agendio Sooner!

Marie B., FL (US) Model #12481

I've been a gadget geek ever since the Palm Pilot in 1996 and since then I've used numerous smartphones, tablets and too too many apps. Always believing the next device or app would definitely help me manage my time more efficiently and enable me to be more productive and organized. I couldn't have been more wrong and it took me about 20 years to realize this. While using digital calendars and apps, I was still always jotting notes to myself on paper because it was often quicker than waking my device, opening an app and typing. Also, I had to use multiple apps to try to organize all the info I wanted to manage. Over the years I tried using a paper planner here and there but I still ran into the problem of how to organize the info. When I learned about Agendio I knew I found my planner solution. No other company that produces customized planners has a product this AWESOME! I did some research to see other people's customizations and defined categories of things I needed to track daily, weekly and monthly. I also made a list of activities and events I'd want printed in my planner. Then I played around on the Agendio site trying out different layouts, fonts and colors. I'd take a screenshot of a layout and try it for a couple days, tweak it and make the changes on Agendio and try out the new layout a couple days, etc. I'm a very detailed oriented person so it took me a couple weeks to get the perfect layout. I am THRILLED with my Agendio planner and will reorder next year!



Timothy Bodah, FL (US) Model #32039

The planner that I received is not a planner I thought I purchased or designed . I certainly take full responsibility as I ordered it and hit send . The planner I received is virtually useless no better than a Calendar without weekly/daily pages in between each month . Is there anyway this can be fixed from on my side or can someone help me work through it so that I can have the planner that I anticipated . Again I take full responsibility he however moving forward I need a functional planner . Can someone please contact me through email or otherwise thank you


Agendio Support

Hi Timothy, I sent you an email. When you have a moment, just reply to my email and let me know what you need and we'll take it from there.. Dan support

Timothy Bodah, FL (US)

I have replied by email several times once to apologize for the curt review and to inquire about a resolution to my issue. The emails I have received have been marketing ads or link that go to an expired page with a silly quip. Unsure how to move forward and would like to say this has been increasingly frustrating.

Agendio Support

Hi Tim, I've emailed you a few times starting on February 20, but I have not received a reply. As I wrote previously, you can't add more pages to your existing wrap planner. Also, at this time, there is no option to purchase a combination Monthly/Weekly/Daily. Does this help?


Courtney, TN (US) Model #32004

Love this planner!


Thank you so much! ...

M.T., MD (US) Model #12507

Last night I was sitting in a pile of paper, nearly in tears of frustration, trying to make some stock planner pages work for me. My husband, a wise man, said, "Honey, give it a month or two to figure out what you need to track, and then we will get an Agendio for your healthy-you stuff." -Panic and frustration gone. All because you designed a great product! -Thank you!!



Nicole B., WI (US) Model #32108

Loved it, used it all year and it never fell apart. Very Durable.


Love My Planner

Kimberly C., SD (US) Model #32447

My planner just arrived yesterday and I can tell already that it's going to be exactly what I need. I've used a Franklin Planner for 30 years, and while I've made it work for me, it was never just exactly what I wanted--and if it was, they discontinued it the next year. Thank you Agendio for seeing a need and working to make it a reality. It was fun and easy working in the builder module to create just the wording, color and design that works for me. Also, being able to preview the finished work was very helpful. I really liked the variety of fonts, colors and cover to further make it my planner my masterpiece. While I realize you are working on creating tabs some time in the future, I still think it would have been a nice option for you to provide blank "write on" type of tab for the monthly calendars in my spiral calendar. That's my biggest disappointment. Otherwise, great job, Agendio team! I will definitely order again next year.


Totally Personalized

Angelia C., LA (US) Model #32450

I love the way I was able to totally personalize my life planner!



Brittnee, TX (US) Model #32323

I wish more people knew about this planner company, especially college students. I have used multiple high brand planners that promise you organization and structure in your life. The only problem is you have to use the organization and structure that worked for the designer, not really yourself. This planner gave me creative freedom to get my college load, organizations, and life activities in order based on the way I look at things and manage my own time. There is nothing better than being able to get your life in perfect order from the way you are uniquely structured. I will be ordering a new planner after this one is complete. The only downside is you are ordering from Canada and I went through an hour of explaining to my bank that I needed to make a purchase from another country. Oh and some pens tended to bleed through such as a sharpie pen. Other than that, it arrived fairly quick and the quality is excellent. I have a few friends hooked on the product and share the brand whenever planners get brought up in conversation.


Starter Agenda

Emely P., FL (US) Model #32129

This is a great agenda to get your start with organizing yourself. Nowadays I don't know how I lived without one. This agenda is my life line! I love that you can miss a week and not get behind on anything. I got this agenda when Agendio only had 1 option for covers and although I like the leather, I didn't love it. The stretchy wrap broke off after about 6 months. I stapled it in place, even though it's not the most aesthetically pleasing it does the job.


These are the only agendas I will buy from now on

Z.G., AB (CA) Model #32058

I've been very particular about my planners for decades, and have always used moleskine because they're simple- no decorative extra stuff. But they always fall apart, the pages bleed through, and I am not a big fan of the layout. I've have my agendio for four months now- the leatherette cover is withstanding all the bags I've thrown it into, the layout is perfect, the pages don't bleed, and I finally have enough space for everything. I am a big stationary dork and I can't wait to design and order my next one- I finally found the perfect planner!


I really like it!

N.M., UT (US) Model #32323

Honestly, I bought my Agendio because I was drawn to the look and colors of the wire bound hard wrap cover. I liked the idea of customization but it was a little overwhelming. I tried to keep it simple but did spend several hours going through all the options and features before I placed my order. I've been using my planner for a few months now and I am actually really happy with it. I use my divisibles or pagelets a little bit different each week depending on what or how I'm planning. I was worried customization would limit me to the way of planning I had in mind when I set it up but somehow it doesn't prevent me from being creative or trying something new - so fun! I found that I am making use of every nook and cranny in the month and week layouts. It stays pretty well organized, though, because of the divisible and pagelet sectioning. I love this. There are a lot of planner products out there and they all seem to have one gimmick or another, but this - a customizable planner that you can ACTUALLY customize and happens to still be BEAUTIFUL and very well made - is not a gimmick at all. I'm impressed. I do wish there was a slightly larger wire ring size that came with the hard wrap cover. It would be nice to have more than 168 pages and more options and ideas for other notes or planning pages in the back. And I know others have complained but I actually LOVE that I can use my Frixions to erase some lines or text. I can't wait to build my next one!


I Love IT!!!

Cyndi Guthrie, ON (CA) Model #32088

Exactly what I wanted!!


Good but could use improvement

Z.S., QC (CA) Model #32058

A fan of weekly planners, I love that Agendio allows you to customize your own - I appreciated being able to insert personalized birthdays, holidays, heading titles. Overall the agenda arrived in great condition and is of good quality - the ink printed cleanly, colors showed up well and the paper is excellent. I also really like the spiral design. However, the bookmark elastic on mine broke after a few weeks, and I wish the cover was of a more luxurious material.


Best investment in a planner I have ever made

Samantha, TX (US) Model #32120

I had given up on planners. Since technology is so huge I didn't see the point anymore. I have checklists. I love to write and visually see what I have finished and what I have left to do. I will definitely continue to customize my planner year after year. Thanks Agendio!!


This thing is amazing!

Joseph, AR (US) Model #32004

My planner exceeded all my expectations. Quality is amazing, and this thing has helped this hot mess to get organized. I will be reordering soon, but this time I'm going with the medium size to save on space.


Best Planner I've ever owned!

Michael Greene, FL (US) Model #32471

After a decade of searching and using every planner from Franklin-Covey, Day-Timer, At-A-Glance, Hobonichi, and assorted others, I finally found the perfect planner - my Agendio - for a transactional lawyer like me. I need to see a full week's schedule, have a list of most important tasks for that week and have a daily page with a list of tasks for that day as well as a place to record hourly time entries. Being able to customize what I needed made all the difference. The paper and print quality is first rate. Now I just need to find a leather cover that fits!


Michael G., FL (US)

Just received my 2018 Agendio. I went with the medium size this time (7x9) which provides more room but is not quite as unwieldy as 8.5x11. With new added options, I was able to refine my previous format even more for my needs. No other planner provides everything I need in my practice or the convenience of including pre-printed events. The printing seems a bit improved as well. Color is more consistent and I can not use my Frixion erasable pens. Great job again at Agendio!

Michael G., FL (US)

In my previous comment, I wrote "can not" use my Frixion erasable pens. I meant "can now" use the pens. (I cant even blame Autocorrect for this one!) The paper in the planners works well with erasable pens!

10/10 would recommend!

Krysten, FL (US) Model #32162

This product lasted me an entire year and has survived rain and so many other life catastrophes. The format is perfect for me, and the design taught me what I do and don't need from a planner, which helped me make tweaks for my new planner for the next school year. The ability to customize every little thing really helped me create a planner that works in my life and I can't wait to see how much more productive my new planner makes me next year.



Elizabeth B., TX (US) Model #32031

I spent about a month editing, and re-designing my planner. (This is my first one from Agendio). It came in earlier than expected, and arrived in really nice packaging. The planner was immaculate, and exactly to my specifications. What I love most about my first Agendio planner, is the fact that it absorbs all types of inks and highlighter very quickly, with no bleed through. This prevents smudges, and keeps the whole planner looking tidy. The binding and cover are also very high quality. I have used the Passion Planner and the Hustle Stone Paper Planner, and Agendio blows both of them away in quality, and in customer service. I will only use Agendio from now on. Being able to customize a full planner, for only a little bit more than the other low-quality planners, is a win-win. I'm excited to see what is in store for future layouts and styles. The only con I have is with myself. I should have included some extra pages in the back of the planner for doodles and notes :( There's always next year!


Best Planner, EVER!

Nancy, MN (US) Model #32055

This planner has been Amazing, for so many reasons! 1. I was able to design a lot of it to fit my planning needs. 2. Customer Service is Awesome. I was even sent a handwritten note after a special request. WOW!! 3. I can't wait to make a few changes after using this planner for a year. Next year will even be better! Thank you!


If only the cover was different, Still love it though!

Stephanie, TX (US) Model #32102

I purchased this planner in December and wanted to wait to see how it worked out before writing a review. Overall I am VERY impressed with my purchase. Designing the planner was easy and I loved all the customization options. I do wish there was an additional blank page at the start of the planner. I like to have a space to tape in family pictures and put sticky pockets for cards etc. Otherwise the page layouts and use of space is great! I was expecting it to be much bulkier but was pleasantly surprised by how thin and light my planner was. The page thickness is also great! Nothing bleeds through and none of my pages have ripped out! That being said I am not impressed by the cover at all. It is really the only thing about my entire planner that I dislike! The color and pattern options were very limited and most of them didn't feel appropriate for an adult or a business setting. I have since covered my with a pattern I printed online and used matching washi tape to keep in place. About a month ago the plastic covering started to tear from the binding. It is now hanging on my a few threads and will likely be gone well before the year ends. I also added a pocket to the back of my planner which is very handy! I added a post it tab to it to help pull up the pockets easier! Overall I will be ordering again but most likely refill pages unless changes are made to the cover options!


Agendio Support

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the positive review. Since you purchased your agendio, we've added many more covers and especially more conservative covers. Please check out our new designs in the builder and let us know if you like them more. Also, please feel free to send us an image of a cover that you like and we can see if we include it when we next add covers.

I love my new Agendio Planner!

Stacey H., OH (US) Model #32389

This is my first time using Agendio and I couldn't me more happy! The cover I chose was the leather cover because I liked the bound edge, rather than the spiral on the outside (like the notebook style). The cover is soft and durable and I love the elastic band to help keep it from flopping open. The pages came just as I designed them. The quality of the paper is amazing, it is soft to the touch yet durable and easy to write on. The only thing I wish it had was tabs, which they are releasing soon. I just couldn't wait, though, to get a planner. Right now I am using a paper clip with is working just fine, I think I actually may like the paper clip better than tabs. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend an Agendio Planner to anyone who loves to stay organized!


I can not believe how wonderful these pages are!

E.L., MI (US) Model #12489

I have used many planning systems so was a bit unsure of trying one more like Agendio. However, thankfully I did, they are PERFECT! I love them and could not be more happy with them. I plan to get the monthly pages as soon as tabs are on them, can't wait


Price seems a bit too high for the quality

K.B., OR (US) Model #32436

I love that the planner was pretty much fully customizable. It's great having a planner that is set up the way I want it to be. However, the quality isn't all that amazing. The pages are pretty thin (colors from pens/markers bleed through) and the front cover (the colored paper cover that is under the clear plastic cover) has already started to rip off of the wire binding. I reinforced the front and back covers with a bit of glue, and that seems to be helping. I also had to add my own tabs because, for some reason, when I ordered the planner the tab option was unavailable. I pretty much love the planner, but I feel that the price is a bit high for the quality of the product.


Great experience

Erica, TX (US) Model #32138

I customized my first Agendio Planner last year for use this year. It has worked great for me, and I look forward to customizing my 2018 planner!


The Perfect Planner

Amy W., TX (US) Model #32454

This planner far exceeded my expectations. Being able to customize every little detail was fun for me! It turned out perfect. I could not recommend it more.


Amazing planner

J.C., MA (US) Model #32420

I am so excited to have a planner that finally fits my needs because I was able to design it myself. The one thing I would change is the font for the events I entered is too small. I wish there was an option to make it bigger.


Covers ripped off in under 3 months

Sara, ID (US) Model #32454

I really like the ability to customize the pages and will definitely order a second one when this is finished. I wouldn't recommend the elastics because they don't actually attach to the planner and so end up coming off and getting lost. I also ended up having to spend additional money on replacement covers from erin condren when the original ones ripped off 3 months in. The replacements I ordered are fully laminated and are thicker, so even though they are designed to be interchangeable (and perforated to be removed) they are staying in place much better than the originals.


Nice surprise :-)

Sue S., (AU) Model #32485

Eight months into using my daily planner has shown me that this is a very good product. I was a little concerned at the beginning as it was not hardcover but it has surprised me totally in the ease of use and stability of product. Well done guys and I am planning my next one as I write this.


Review of MM-WW-NN Planner

Melinda S., FL (US) Model #32108

It's August and I've been faithfully using this planner since the 1st of the year. I knew when I ordered that the layout was going to be what I needed and it hasn't disappointed. Changes I might make for next year include the following: -I may not get Monthly spreads. Though I like having the option of seeing the month as a whole, I mostly feel like these are wasted pages for me. It's just a preference thing, but most of my planning is done on the Weekly pages. -I'll change some of the header titles. Again, this is a preference thing - and I love that Agendio allows you to customize your headings and layout. Knowing that I'm not locked into a cookie cutter planner is a huge selling point for me. -I'll drop the extra note pages I ordered this year. I thought 2 Notes pages at the end of each Weekly layout might not be enough, so I ordered extra. The 2 Notes pages are totally sufficient for the two meetings I have weekly. I love that adding extra pages is an option, though! I gave 5 stars because even though this particular planner isn't 100% perfect for will be next year because Agendio lets you customize everything. I recommend Agendio to anyone who is looking to purchase a planner!


Great Planner

C.F., OH (US) Model #32143

The quality of the planner was what I expected, considering the cost, but I was disappointed with the amount of time it took to arrive. It took nearly 4 weeks to get my planner after I ordered it but I am thankful that Agendio reprinted it after noticing a defect.


love agendio!

Alicia, WI (US) Model #32004

I had no idea planners had an entire sub-world until I started looking for an alternate to my Franklin Covey. When I stumbled on agendio's page, I couldn't believe it: I could make my OWN layout! After using for about 9 mo, I've kept notes on changes I want to make, but I love using my planner that I customized and personalized (like adding smiley faces and custom headers, etc.). Can't wait to order next years.


Good Product

M.R., IA (US) Model #32454

I was so excited to get my planner in the mail. I've been waiting for a planner like this for ages. The process of designing it was good as were all the features available. When I received it, I was a little disappointed in the quality of the outside covers. The plastic protective cover was already all scratched up and rough around the edges. The cover with the chosen design was also scratched and scuffed. And this was coming out of the box! The inside (the pages and design I chose) were great and in the right order. I was missing my customized tabs, but that's not too big of a deal I guess. All in all, I am happy with the finished product (the outside is a bit disappointing, but am overlooking). The cost seems a little high, but I would be willing to pay again in a year for a new one, as long as the condition of the product coming from the mailbox is better.


M.R., IA (US)

P.S. It came in a bubble package, so the damage to the covers must have happened before shipping.

Exactly what I wanted!

L.C., NY (US) Model #32427

I was beyond pleased by my planner! I had been trying to find a planner that worked perfectly for my job and for my personal life and when I found that I could literally make my planner from (virtually) scratch, I was so excited! It's everything I wanted/needed it to be and more!


I'm in Love!

Deirdre S., VA (US) Model #32463

I thought I knew love. Each planner or journal I purchased promised so much and seemed like "the one." In time, however, I would recognize that I was trying too hard to make the relationship work. In each case, I found myself compromising on things that I didn't want to compromise on. Inevitably, I ended up feeling like I was trying to conform to someone else's vision, goals, passions, and perspective of the world. I would start avoiding and drifting until the relationship died. Sometimes I wondered if it was just me and that maybe I wasn't a planner person...until Agendio crossed my path. Agendio gives me unprecedented space to just be me, accepting me unconditionally, and encouraging my creativity. I've been able to explore and nurture parts of myself that were neglected with other planners. My heart and mind are at ease as Agendio has provided exactly what I've dreamed of and formatted to perfection. This is a planner I want to spend time with! We start the day setting intentions and practicing gratitudes. It keeps me organized as an entrepreneur, allowing more mental energy for planning and creating. We end the day with a celebration of successes and joys (large and small) before turning into bed at night. I believe the negative and unwanted experiences of our lives give us clarity about what we do want and Agendio has given me exactly what I have wanted and more!


I LOVE my planner

Sarah, WI (US) Model #32395

My planner keeps my life organized. Thanks Agendio!


Great Quality

Jasper, ON (CA) Model #32454

Overall I am very satisfied with my journal. The quality is amazing and I've found it very useful in organizing my day. The only thing I wish is that it could be customized even more!


I love agendas!

Tammy Pack, CA (US) Model #32447

Love my agenda, with only one issue. There are no full month calendar pages. Something I greatly miss.


I don’t even have words...

Wendy W., MO (US) Model #32421

I received my agendio planner this week and let’s just say I’m beyond impressed. It is something I look forward to seeing each morning and checking before I go to bed. There is just so much room for me to take note of things that I need to do each day. Not sure if I had more fun though setting it up online. There are so many options and ideas. Speechless. Thanks Agendio, you’ve made my life complete.


Best Planner Ever

K.C., SD (US) Model #32421

Just received my second Agendio planner. I really loved my 2017 planner, but had to make some tweaks--I went with a larger planner with the same basic layout as last year. I prefer a Monthly/Daily calendar and the MM-NN-DDDDDD model is perfect for my needs. I'm already looking forward to next fall when I can start planning for my 2019 planner.


Great quality!

Melanie H., LA (US) Model #12194

Got my refill in today, my 1st order from Agendio but it won't be the last! The print quality was better than I expected. I punched the entire thing and put it in my disc-bound covers and couldn't be happier with the planner I've built for myself for 2018. Shipping was surprisingly fast for a custom order. Here's to a productive and well-planned year!


Wow. Just wow.

Beth B., PA (US) Model #32052

My hard cover, journal-size Agendio arrived today, sooner than expected, and I am absolutely floored. This is my second Agendio but my first wire bound - last year I ordered inserts. I thought those were nice (they are!) but this hard cover wire bound is just beautiful. The pages are nice and thick, the colors are vibrant, and the cover looks so sophisticated. one needs to see my rainbow-colored tabs inside. :) My only regret is that I have to wait until January 1st to use it!



MONICA G., TX (US) Model #32385

I am obsessed, in love, head over heals, prayers answered with my Agendio planner! I literally have been searching for a company like you for the past two years! Thank you for being awesome! Also, I love all of the new features. P.S. Price is worth it!


Best Planner Yet!

Tamara M., OH (US) Model #32092

I love my new planner. I have had several different planners in the past. But, none have worked as well for me as this one. It is almost perfect. I took my time designing it. I will order the same planner next year. I may make a few tweaks to add or change things that I discover to make it work even better for me or try some features that I did not try this time around. I am loving that I can use all of my cute accessories that I had used with my previous planner. It is well made and I am so glad that it works with my Frixion erasable pen! I love my new planner!


I never knew a planner could be like this

Jo Ann C., TX (US) Model #32516

I've used a daily planner for over 25 years, and I've struggled with every single one of them. As a student, as a teacher, and as a mother, no planner has ever been able to fit my needs. I found Agendio through a last-resort web search, and my frustration has turned into love. I've recommended Agendio planners to dozens of colleagues and friends. Other planners claim to be customizable, but Agendio actually delivers on that promise. I don't mind the extra cost if what I'm getting is of this quality. Very durable covers, great paper quality, and tons of customizable features really makes this the brand to beat. I believe Agendio is one of the best-kept secrets around!


Best Planning Tool EVER!

Dannielle P., NC (US) Model #32104

I loved my planner; so much so that I just created my new one and cannot wait for it to arrive. I love that you can pick and choose what holidays to include and put recurring events and important dates. Loved everything about it; highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a customized planning solution.


Found My New Favorite Planner

LaShae, CA (US) Model #32110

First, I would like to start by saying that I am still a fan of planning out my day/week/month in paper planners. In college I was using planners I can get at Target and Walmart. When I started working full time, I discovered Erin Condren Life Planners (ECLP), which worked for me for a long time. I would switch the layouts and color schemes every year. But for some reason as of recent, the ECLP wasn't working for me. I have 3 different lives basically (career, personal, and my post-graduate degree work). The ECLP wasn't "custom" enough for me to incorporate everything. One night, I did a simple Google each "100% customization planners" and it was the 3rd one listed so I clicked on it. It was the best decision I made. To find a planner I can customize down to small details was amazing. Never knew something like this existed. I was able to pick a layout to accommodate meeting times, task lists for both work and personal needs, and make notes of when class assignments are due all on one weekly layout page. I was able to customize that each page was purple, which is my favorite color (never liked the color schemes of the ECLP so I would always pick the black and white color scheme). There are two drawbacks to the Agendio Planners that personally bothered me - one, I didn't like how long it took to receive it (3 weeks was way too long) and two, I'm not a fan of the cover selections. I am now a long-term fan of Agendio and will no longer purchase ECLPs.


Good overall, wish cover was sturdier

K.K., MS (US) Model #32064

Overall, I am pleased with this planner. The size and customization options are perfect! For the price, though, I was expecting a sturdier cover for the spiral bound planner. I know that the thin plastic laminated one it came with will be bent and scuffed up in no time. A sturdier hardback cover option with the spiral bound planner would make this just about perfect!


Love It

Niki S., VA (US) Model #32462

I was looking for something super specific when I was looking for a 2018 Planner. This has everything that I was looking for and I was very excited to get it in. It's absolutely gorgeous. The pages are thick so the pens I use don't bleed through. It's high-quality printing. Super impressed.



Lisa L., NV (US) Model #32078

This was my new years present to myself. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. I'm hooked.



Lisa L., NV (US) Model #32078

I got this in addition to a weekly / monthly for daily journaling purposes.


1st agendio

Lisa L., NV (US) Model #32078

I literally carry this with me wherever I go. So useful! I love seeing my week and day on the same page.


I wish I could customize the layouts more

M.R., VA (US) Model #32050

I really love this planner and I use it every day but I wish I could customize the layouts more. Right now you can change the way the lines look, add labels, etc. I wish I had more ability to organize the layout so that I have the same number of days on each page of the week and more space on the bottom for daily lists



Jennifer, GA (US) Model #32153

Very disappointed with the customer service. It is very difficult to order from this website. Once I received my product and determined that it could not be used, I was told that it was too bad. Unfortunate that I cannot speak to a representative.


Agendio Support

Hi Jenny, You wrote to us that you are disappointed that your planner contains extra pages. I answered that the reason your planner includes additional pages after each week is that you selected a Personal-Year planner.  Just above the button you clicked to select this kind of planner, there is this text: "Personal-Year planners are Agendio planners with all the features of a standard planner (see examples), but which also include pages after each week or month for customizable planning pages. Select from an assortment of both Planning and Extra pages, customize them, and then plan throughout the year with questions that matter to you, in a format you personalized. In addition, on the review page, you had the option to click to see a preview, at which time you would have seen that these pages are part of your planner. We delivered to you what you ordered, so that is why it would not be fair to us to reprint your planner for you. 

My Agendio

Samantha Burns, TX (US) Model #32120

Ive been creating Agendio's for a couple of years now. I went through and read the actual process and figured out that I can create my agenda with dual formats. Wow, I have been missing out. I created my fabulous Weekly/Monthly planner and absolutely love it. I won't use any other company moving forward. Im having me an Agenda Cover made for my future Agendio's. Thank you


mistake in my calendar

G.A., CA (US) Model #32447

Hopefully this will be resolved satisfactorily but I was disappointed that the calendar I ordered did not match the proof that I was asked to review when I ordered the calendar. The calendar is unusable right now because of the mistake. I wanted it to go from 8:00 to 22:00 but instead it's showing 8 - 12; 1 - 12; 1 - 7. I'm not sure what patter this is but it's really annoying. I hope that it gets resolved soon as it was a very expensive calendar.


A great planner but...

I.M., WA (US) Model #32128

For the cost, I expected it to feel a bit nicer. I did the plastic cover and ring binding because I usually have my planner folded back on itself on my desk. The whole thing feels a little flimsy, and while I like my cover design I wish I had a more durable option that I could still fold back- even a stiffer plastic!. The printing inside is lovely, the colors are rich and the font looks great, but the paper is a bit thinner than I expected- you can definitely see through it and I'll need to be careful what pen I use. Overall it's a very nice planner and I love how customizable it is. I look forward to putting the planner to use and seeing what other options Agendio adds in the future. But for $70 and $9 shipping (which is outrageous in itself), my expectations were a bit too high I think.


Love it-customized to my life.

M.G., SD (US) Model #12282

I am very particular about how my planner is set up and this was the perfect solution for me. I like to have my planners follow the academic year so that it moves along with my daughters schedule. The options that were available were of great variety and easy to edit. I loved that I could have recurring events pre-printed in the calendar. Also, that I could add school activities printed as to not miss any activities. The cost was comparable to purchasing a generic planner. This will be my planner for years to come. If looking for a great planner that can be customized to your life you just found it.


Just The Way I Wanted It

Courtney, (UK) Model #32116

This planner looks exactly like I customized it and I love it so much. As soon as I got it I started putting in all of my information. The theme is a cute pink striped design and I will 100% be buying from Agendio again next year when I need a new one.


Totally worth the cost

Alexa, OK (US) Model #32537

I searched endlessly for a planner... Turns out that Agendio ended up being the best bang for my buck. Other planners aren't as customizable as this, and they cost even more. As a professional student, I needed a planner that fits my entire life, errands, studying, family, etc. Also, the way I plan out and think is a bit...neurotic lol. The design is beautiful and easy. I am so excited to get mine in the mail!


Totally worth the cost

Alexa, OK (US) Model #32537

I searched endlessly for a planner... Turns out that Agendio ended up being the best bang for my buck. Other planners aren't as customizable as this, and they cost even more. As a professional student, I needed a planner that fits my entire life, errands, studying, family, etc. Also, the way I plan out and think is a bit...neurotic lol. The design is beautiful and easy. I am so excited to get mine in the mail!


Love this Planner

K.O., OH (US) Model #12257

I am looking forward to buy the next one.


Agendio For Life!

Leona B., OK (US) Model #32054

I have obsessed over day planners since my first Franklin Covey in the 90s, never quite finding "the one" after, literally, dozens of iterations...until now. I am in customized nirvana! Bought my first one in 2017 and even that wasn't quite it yet, so I just finished customizing another new one and am pleased with all the options, details, robust website, continual updates and product offerings. Thanks for listening to your customers to make improvements and count me in as a customer for life!!


This is a game changer!!

Dawn Simonsen, SC (US) Model #32149

My planner is my LIFE. I am rarely without out it and have used almost every brand and type on the market. However, there was always something that wasn't quite right, or parts that I never used. I wanted something that I could customize - COMPLETELY. Well Agendio is it!!! I was able to design not only a planner, but a complete organizer... all of notes, checklists, projects.... in ONE place that fits the scope of my work! After having used it for a complete academic year as an Assistant Principal, I am just as thrilled as the day it arrived and can't wait to tweak my design for next year!!


Not worth the high price

Noelle, FL (US) Model #32061

I thought this was going to be great given the fact it's 'custom' and so highly priced for a planner. Materials are cheap, big waste of money. Sticking to my $15 amazon planner.



R.G., CA (US) Model #32096

I received my planner today! Ordered it on 05.17.18, went into production on 05.20.18 and shipped on 05.29.18. Total of 12 days + 2 days of shipping = 14 days from start to finish. I ordered the leatherette cover, medium size, MM+NN+WW (monthly-notes-weekly) layout. Sooooo happy with the customization!!! Just what I have been searching for. Pure customization to fit my functional planning needs for work and personal. Over the last 2 years I have ordered almost every planner possible but to my dismay they just never worked out after 3-4 months of use. The website was easy to navigate and customize your planner. Dan was very helpful with my questions. For those who want a planner to call their own and fit their needs, I highly recommend you go with AGENDIO because you will be very happy!!!


I LOVE this product!!!

Terri A., AB (CA) Model #32425

I just received my personalized Agendio! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It couldn't have turned out more perfectly! I am going to make this my go do agenda!!! Working on a gift for my hubby! He will love this as much as I do!


Overall great product, cover not what I expected

A.H., WA (US) Model #32516

First of all, I LOVE this planner. I just got it, so I haven't really had the chance to use it, but I love the way my customization turned out!! The only reason I'm not giving all 5 stars is because the cover I ordered appeared to be black and grey online but in person its more of a brown/plum color. Still looks nice but I would have preferred the black.



C.S., NC (US) Model #32462

I wish I could do a little bit more personalization, but overall, very good experience for my first Agendio.


Major Disappointment

A.D., MI (US) Model #32096

I was SO excited for my planner. I was so consumed in all of the overwhelming options that I completely missed the most important part of a planner to me- the monthly pages before the weeks. I spent about a month building this, and spent so long (website was extremely slow) flipping through the entire planner online making sure the right dates and colors were there...that I missed the most important part. Now I am so angry that I spent $80... yes $80!!!! on a freaking planner (not even upgraded to leather or anything fancy the website has to offer) that I ultimately cannot use. The website was honestly very confusing and not extremely user-friendly. For example, it took me forever to figure out how to get to a project I was working on or to even go to the "MY account" page. I am so frustrated and disappointed. Better off with one from office max/office depot.


I am addicted!

Gina, OH (US) Model #32431

For years I've searched for a truly personalized planner that I can use for my work --- I bought a 12 mo version in january, loved it, used it every day. My work needs changed so I was able to update the layout of my agendio and ordered a new 12 mo version in may. Now, with the launch of the 6 mo planners, I can customize as I need to without wasting (recycling) half the product. You've saved my whole life/sanity


Best Day Ever!

Sandra C., MD (US) Model #32088

I have been a planner user for years and have spent days retrofitting planners to meet my needs. The best day ever was when I found out about Agendio. I am using the planner that I created to fit my needs. Best day ever! I could not wait for it to arrive. Super fast delivery. Super easy to create - though one needs to go slowly to ensure that you create what you need through the many options available. I was so eager to create my planner, but I found that by really reviewing the options - I finally created one to my specifications. It took me a couple of days of working on it, going back to review it and other options available. I am glad that I took my time. This planner is so effective for me. I have seen the difference already and it's only been in my possession for 1 week! I am elated, effective and an Agendio fan. No more retrofitting! Thank you. Thank you. I am one happy (no - elated) forever customer.


Fun with a personalized planner!

Ranveig, (NO) Model #32536

I just received my first Agendio and am loving it so far. So fun to be able to add birthdays/meetings/plans and to customize each page. Bought a 6 month one this time, so that I can figure out what I use and what I might want to change. But next time will probably be a 1-year planner!



Katherine, OH (US) Model #32151

I can finally have exactly what I want in my planner! Thank you agendio!! It's actually a personal planner and better quality than I was expecting. The inside is wire bound so it sits perfectly flat, even on my lap, and closes easily. The leather cover is a nice touch as well!! I bought the 8'' by 11'' even though Im not use to big planners and I already love it!


I love my planner

N.B., AR (US) Model #32120

I like being able to design my own planner. It lets me plan my day my way without having to make something else just work. I'm already working on the next planner that I will order for the new year.


I love my Agendio!

Jennifer I., TX (US) Model #32557

I just received my 2019 customized agendio and I love it! I chose the journal size 12-month planner and it is the perfect size for my needs. The customization options are awesome! I spent some time playing with the different layouts, colors, fonts, and sizes. In the end, I customized the perfect planner for me and I will be coming back for all my future planners. Thank you Agendio!


Planner Peace...

Samantha, TX (US) Model #32120

Well,,,, I have configured 3 planners this year alone. Nothing was working for me. I created the A5 insert unpunched. I took it to Staples and had it punched and bound after adding a few more pages of random inserts from other companies. I now have found Planner Peace for now. Agendio never disappoints.


I could not be happier!

Soraya M., CO (US) Model #32524

The agenda is PERFECT. It is exactly as I wanted, except better. The paper is of extraordinary quality, the layout is fabulous and the colors are great. There is nothing I would change about it.


Love this planner!!

Melinda S., FL (US) Model #32108

It's hard to beat complete customization! I love that from year to year I'm able to tweak my planner to be a perfect fit for my life, whatever that might look like. My favorite change I made this year was to remove the circles/boxes from my daily to-do list. Because my handwriting isn't small enough, my to-dos often take up more than one line. By removing the checkboxes and adding a line instead, I was able to write on more than one line and still tick items off my list without writing over a circle or box.


Really know yourself & Measure!

M.D., WA (US) Model #32454

I spent a month and a half gleefully designing my planner. I thought I knew what I wanted and what I would use. When I got my planner I was stunned to see that it was MUCH bigger than I thought it was going to be. The metal coil they use to hold the huge planner together was an inch an a half wide. I had failed to measure my future planner size before receiving it and it arrived exactly as I had ordered it: a medium sized planner with daily and weekly pages. It was a 12 month planner, an inch and a half thick. In my mind this planner was a journal size. My advice: do a measurement with your measuring tape so you know exactly how big this planner your getting is. I found it to be so big that I avoided using it. The layout I picked didn't work for me. I should have been more specific in the divisibles. Don't get me wrong....the pages were perfect. The perfect thickness, beautiful ink printing. Excellent quality tabs! All the activities I spent so much time adding in were included to perfection. Having the activities added took such a weight off me in different areas of my life, I am ordering a SMALL JOURNAL WEEKLY planner this year. I love this planning company. There finished product is flawless. But you need to know yourself, your life's specific planning needs, how much space you need and what size planner you will want to pick up. After 6 months the plastic cover on the front came off. Needed to be better quality. Know yourself & measure the planner!


What I need, without extras

Brittany, VA (US) Model #32134

After years of trying many many different planners, I figured out in 2018 that I need JUST monthly spreads, with a bunch of note pages at the back. I found what I wanted a few months into the year, and for the first time, used the same planner for the remainder of 2018. When that company released their 2019 planners, I went to purchase one, only to find out they were not offering monthly only, and all had weekly pages in them. I knew that would not work, and would be a waste of money for me, so I went on a hunt, and found agendio. After playing with it for a month, I finally sat down and designed & ordered my perfect planner. I LOVE IT. I did end up adding a few checklist pages on behind each month. The cover is exactly what I wanted, I love the size & weight (medium planner), the quality is great, and even though I've barely used it, I feel it will stand up to being tossed from bag to bag in 2019. My favorite part is HOW MUCH customization you can do. Some people I shared the price with told me I was crazy, but being able to customize everything - from pages, to cover, to font style & color, to adding in activities & events (I did not do, but will in 2020) - it is WORTH IT. Being a small business owner, the price is nothing if it is something I will actually use, which will increase my profit. Great job, Agendio! I have referred many to your site!


Love the layout - not so much the quality of paper

S.P., NJ (US) Model #32019

I got the journal size and spent alot of time customizing the planner. I like the size as I can throw it into my bag and go. I am disappointed with the quality of the paper inside the planner - way too thin for my liking. I will use it as it was not inexpensive but not sure I would order again.


Just opened my planner!

Janell, PA (US) Model #32541

So far, I have just flipped through my planner and everything looks the way I ordered it. I love all the colors as I chose different ones for each month. I'm excited to start using it in January! My one disappointment is that I did not have the option to have my add on folder in the front of the planner. It only comes in the back. Please change this before next year!!!! Also, please add more cover design options. This is the only thing I can think of that you are lacking compaired to some of your competition.


THIS is OVERPRICED for the quality

Stacy, NJ (US) Model #32019

I spent alot of time personalizing this planner. But that is the only aspect of this planner that I like. The pages are THIN and the print is so tiny. The cover is flimsy and I will be surprised if it holds up 6 months. I would not ever purchase again and I would not recommend this planner. This is my first and last purchase from this company


love it but....

Nicole, IL (US) Model #32529

I spent days making my own planner on Word but it still wasn't perfect (I'm not a pro). When I went to look to print it online, I found Agendio. I was SO excited. I made a planner almost identical to the one I had made on Word. I was fine spending the money on this instead. I just received it in the mail today. While looking through it though, some of my times are missing. I had 7am-8pm on the one I made (I checked my preview to make sure i didn't miss it). However, my printed version only has 11-8. The other lines are just blank. So, that's weird....but I gave it four stars because it's still amazing and I can just write in the times.



L.L., ON (CA) Model #32480

I love this new planner. I'm picky so making sure every piece of my planner is relevant to me has made me want to use it more efficiently and regularly.


I'm so happy that I found Agendio!

Rosanna Penate, OK (US) Model #32451

I am very excited about using my new planner this coming year. I'm ready for January to get here so that I can start using it! I loved being able to truly make it mine and even though the process took me a while to get it like I truly wanted it, I plan to keep using it each coming year! This is the best that I have found and for me this is the perfect planner.


Fantastic Planner

Ashley, GA (US) Model #32088

Just a quick note, my planner arrived yesterday....a day early! It is super lightweight. It’s nice having a smaller planner, but it also forces me to write smaller, neater, and abbreviate. I love the perforated page corners at the bottom of the pages and my tabs. Since I got metal spiral bounds with a leather cover and have M-F on the left side of the planner, writing Fridays tasks out can be a bit difficult since it’s so early in the year and with the leather cover I cannot fold the planner in half, but its a learning process. The paper is a nice quality, my highlighters and pens do not bleed through. I would definitely recommend this planner to anyone.


Planner - Cristian Chiru 2017


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